World of Tanks -The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 47

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Welcome to the newbie edition of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. The episode where I get stuck writing the description because believe it or not, this shit’s harder than it looks!

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  1. I loved my Hetzer and Matilda when I had them. Both are insanely fun to
    drive around, especially when you bounce rounds from nearly everything that
    shoots at you xD

  2. Sealclubbing with a leffy, hard to think of anything more cancerous.

  3. Btw Jingles VX is NOT fifteen 🙂 It would be XV

  4. Christian Walter (Haminus)

    Yes i miss my Hetzer and i stopped play WoT.

  5. Rainbow Assassin

    bt7 player was a bot

  6. bottleberry silverhand

    arty still have tracers

  7. Jingles, I think you’ll find that the people who are good in online gaming
    are cheaters or hackers and do not possess any actual skill

  8. Jingles you need to brush up on your Roman Numerals, 15 would be XV not VX
    so BlackHeartVX can’t be BlackHeart15.

    Anyway I better duck back into the salt mine before the foreman notices I’m

  9. Hetzer gonna hetz

  10. arty is not accurate, so why all the whining about it,

  11. no need for the coffee tables to have been crushed

  12. Jingles, 400+ games is no longer a newbie. 100 games is a newbie, sub 200
    games in some cases can be considered a newbie. But a person with 400+
    games is NOT a newbie.

  13. realy great seeing new players performing that well. :)

  14. A small loan of 400 games

  15. So that’s why I can’t find the tracers anymore! I just thought I had gotten
    crap at estimating artillery positions!

  16. Jingles story telling and history lessons are the best, Keep em up Jingles!

  17. Gun accuracy is what made scouts less of a threat to arty. Speed and
    agility allowed scouts to avoid a lot of fire a couple years back. It’s
    infinitely more difficult to penetrate behind the enemy front like than it
    used to be.

  18. Thanx jingles , have tirpitz now got my first torp and broadside kill ,
    thanx for al your tips jingles :)

  19. Seal clubbing in the LeFag…. figures lol

  20. It feels like the Matilda forgot to buy any ammunition before starting the
    match xD

  21. I run no mods on NA server and when playing arty can see tracer when
    countering or know where they might be.

  22. Jingles u noob one of them has a mussel break the other one doesn’t! Lol

  23. how does having four HUNDRED played games make this shit excusable? you
    dont have to have played ONE game to know that going in one after the other
    is stupid, for instance.

  24. Jingles, what is your gmail so I can send you awesome amx elc 1300 basic
    exp rep..

  25. Salute to that Hetzer driver, Herr Jingles. Really miss mine, though more
    bcoz of that 105 Short Derp.
    And to him, I laugh on his behalf: Hezhezhez…

  26. They can be rerolls, smurfs as QB calls them. They know suspiciously a lot
    how to play.

  27. Tier 4 german tanks are adorable <3 Luchs and Hetzer

  28. i think the hetzer have brighter future than 70-80% of the players dat have
    tier 10. lol no offense intended, but its true

  29. I like this theme, you should do this every so often. I have around 7k
    games myself, I think I started figuring things out at around 3k-4k games.
    By then you have to dig your stats out of the hole you dug yourself in, but
    it’s not too bad. The first and last replays showcase players that have
    serious potential, they are already figuring things out and have good
    instincts. Props to them.

  30. Lately, after 9.15 came out, I have trouble aiming my only artillery (tier
    IV Birh gun, I’m almost at 1300 games total and at 74 games on Birch) – I
    see light up markers on minimap, I see traces of tanks shooting, but no
    tanks, friendly or foe, sometimes for several seconds, so now I’m learning
    to shoot by minimap and looking at damaged obstacles, sometimes I even hit
    Same in tank – I see traces coming in on me from nowhere, from a pretty
    close distance around the corner, but tank (or several tanks) only appears
    after a second or even more. Sure my PC is quite old, but it wasn’t this
    bad in 9.14, so I believe it’s either the new graphics engine or the
    developers have tweaked visibility/stealth beyond reasonable limits.

  31. Dirk may have been grinding a new line of tanks…bit harsh mate

  32. You lost me with the artillery bitch.

  33. it took me 2.5k

  34. Hetz me baby…one more time !

  35. **When you send Jingles a replay of you in an M41 HMC at about 7k career
    battles, getting a top gun, out maneuvering and shotgunning a StuG IIIG,
    and having the top experience earning battle of your life, and he goes with
    some asshole in a leFH 18B2 doing nothing particularly outstanding for a
    leFH 18B2**

    Just a little, tiny, itty-bitty bit salty.

  36. anyone else having issues with WoT? The last couple times i’ve tried to
    play it crashes on the map loading screen

  37. these new player videos are refreshing, nice getting a look at how the mind
    work of player still learning stuff

  38. Jacqueline Bacon

    I have a little challenge for you Jingles. An episode of all female
    players. While I am sure you have in the past shown a replay or dozen by
    women. Player names may have obscured the fact and you generally call them
    guys if you aren’t sure of gender.

  39. How many hetzers can hetz the hetz hetzing the hetz knowomg the hetzer must
    hetz it’s hetzetiion?

  40. I didn’t start improving until about the 12,000 match mark. I’ve got xvm
    cammo for years. ?

  41. Jingles! there are still artillery tracers. I killed all 3 enemy artillery
    in my s51 and they weren’t ever spotted. and then the M53/55 started
    shouting hacker. *sigh*

  42. Hoyschel Silversteinberg

    1:51 They were also grouped up in preparation for an attack on Germany, had
    they been prepared defensively instead of offensively they wouldn’t have
    suffered the catastrophic losses that they did when Germany Pre-Emptively
    invaded. Look up “Who Started World War II ? by Viktor Suvorov (full
    version)” on YouTube.

    Also the BT-7 was made purposefully to utilize the German Autobahn. Looking
    at the Soviet Union back then having a tank that could achieve those speeds
    was totally pointless as the Soviet Union didn’t even have the roads needed
    for this tank to attain its top speed.

    Also the Soviets had more BT-7’s than Germany had Armoured Fighting
    Vehicles at that stage of the war.

  43. Quick clarification, Jingles: most of the support and resupply units in
    soviet formations were attached to corps/armies rather than brigades or
    divisions to try and cut down on the number of supply vehicles needed (ie,
    the high command would allocate transport units to brigades/divisions
    needing them most). So the ratio of supply trucks to active tanks was much
    lower in Soviet vs German units. In the early days, the Luftwaffe had air
    superiority and Soviet units were unprepared for the large offensives.
    Resupply units became quickly wiped out in air raids, and tanks ran out of
    spares + fuel during the first weeks of fierce, highly fluid engagements.
    This goes a long way in explaining how one can lose ten thousand tanks in a
    few weeks.

  44. 7:34 jingles, why have u done this 2 us, r u even the real jingles!?

  45. Brandon Schroeder

    The sad thing is that I am a console player but on my account on the PC I
    had I think I have 567 games and I swear I could have made this video lol
    it’s a pitty that I have never made it into a video but one day I hope I

  46. woke up this morning and I was on jingles video!!! made my week!!!! sorry
    fro driving arty! lol

  47. Jacke e-is-silent

    Jingles, you can see artillery tracer or other tracers. I believe the rules
    are you have to be aiming within something like 10 to 20 degrees of the
    direction of the tank firing the round and you only see the tracer within
    your visibility range or in artillery overhead view, standard or the Battle
    Assistance angled view. I was playing artillery and almost got killed a
    counter battery shot and had to call it out to other friendly arty so
    they’d know to relocated after firing.

  48. The first guy in the video can get a Radley Walters in 400 games and I’m
    sitting here with 4k battles and 7 kills max :p

  49. It Hetz been a good episode!

  50. The Crazy Pineapple

    “D2 is a very wel armoured for its tier tank”
    What? I think you confused “armoured” with “slow”. This thing has just
    enough armour to be driving 15 kmph downhill, and yet it can be penetrated
    by 40mm penetration guns randomly firing at the hull simply because the
    placing and shaping of said armour is SO BAD. It very well might be the
    very worst tank in World Of Tanks. It is so appallingly bad, it makes AMX
    40 amazing. I still remember the horror of driving the damn thing. And I’m
    the kind of guy that takes ARL V39 and gets a top gun.

    You can’t play by its strengths because it doesn’t have any. It’s
    ridiculously slow, it has penetration so low that tier 1 tanks can be a
    problem for it, and its armour is basically a chunky garbage can with
    attached weights pretending to be armour plating.

  51. yes i’ve been waiting for a BT-7 replay! This tank is my stomp tank. i
    don’t know why, but i love it. about 2000 battles played and a 59% win
    rate. i have spent a lot of time, crew skills and money on this one tank.

  52. there ARE ARTY TRACERS FFS plz go and check ^-^

  53. That freaking comment at 20:30, my sides are now in heaven

  54. 7:35 I can’t stop laughing?

  55. Hey Jingles I think this is a better Replay for the LeFFffH ;)pls watch
    this its not mine but its been posted at the German Facebook side for WoT excuse
    my english i understand everything but i can not write like in german ;)

  56. jingles have you seen the girls und panzer movie, its great

  57. At 155 games in over a year I must be “Sub Newb” lots of noob mistakes. 215
    game in Wows in the same time though! sigh… I play too many things to
    spend that much time in one game. Also as someone who does use Arty I favor
    tracer. Needs to be some kind of balance beside ones own crappy shooting!

  58. He should have Pak’d the Howitzer

  59. i still see arty tracers in my arty and i love doing counterbattery.
    although i feel kinda bad sometimes

  60. Smurf

  61. Brush the Hetzer has a permanent slot in my garage

  62. For some Ive been unsubscribed from brilliant channels like Jingles’…
    Anyone know why?

  63. Jingles! You’re almost at 500,000 subscribers! What are you going to do?

  64. That Hetzer viewrange though :)

  65. Patrick Hutchison

    Congratulations on half a Million subscribers Jingles. Best story teller

  66. So close to half a million now jingles, as in jingles pronounced like the
    Spanish for English, Inglès

  67. any one else go through the medium 2 and 3

  68. I wonder if I am considered a “noob” I have 4,100 games on world of tanks
    Xbox and about over 400 something games on PC however I have a Sherman 3
    (V) SU-85B (IV) and a KV-1 (V) am I a noob ? I’d like to send some replays
    soon hopefully they can be featured

  69. hey how can you get into the sandbox servers i dint get that part

  70. 10:15 There is no artillery tracer.
    BULLSHIT. Traces are still in the game, but artillery tracers no longer are
    3 times the size of tank ones. If you are prepared to send 3 minutes
    looking, you will find the enemy artillery if you know the usuall
    positions. But it just doesn’t pay the artillery players enough to be worth
    the effort
    22:51 The newbie behavior of the Cruiser II is actually taking the wrong
    gun. You always take the howitzer on it…
    28:00 I bet the SU -5 is out of ammo…

  71. “Disappointingly, there seem to be a shortage of hetzees for the Hetzer to

    Possibly the single best sentence you have ever spoken Jingles.

  72. Who cares of low tiers penatration or armor they are all bad tanks xD wtf
    jingles (bad damage. But ut has a good rate of fire to make up for it ) is
    this a e25 XD wtf jingles again !!!

  73. As far as I know the “soviets ramming enemy tanks” things was because when
    the driver died he wasn’t pressing on the clutch anymore and… well.

  74. Give that man a Jagdtiger.

  75. Did you ever go back and try blitz

  76. the thing about newbies is that they actually think deeper into their
    actions than more experienced players, a player with more battle would be
    running around trying to get as much damage as they can, without thinking
    for their team or their survivability. experienced players only do this
    when they are about to die, and when they realize they will die, who is
    first to blame? their team

  77. mitchell mccormack

    I was here 5 minutes after he uploaded the video and it had already got

  78. How dare that hezter driver no use the 10,5 cm gun my first game I had the
    derp gun and got a Radley Walters medal

  79. put more of such vids. this one was really great

  80. It always surprises me how much credit you give these player… the Matilda
    (on the Hetzer’s team) was clearly a bot. On almost any other video you
    upload, someone on the team or the enemy team is a bot… you can clearly
    see it in the behavior – moving only when the cap starts, staying at the
    back, not firing back, and so on…

  81. actually Jingles its 6 men

  82. D “Doom” Wilson

    Balance 2.0 ….great they are nerfing Germans again

  83. the gun on the BT7 sounds like a stapler or something

  84. I once saw a maus with 5,000 battles and a 41% win rate.

  85. Tier 10 battle, 1 vs 6 and enemy coming at the lone tank one at a time. The
    one though going through each of the 6’s minds………..”Its up to me to
    carry this game, no one else can”!!!!!!!! Great video btw. :-)

  86. anybody else think jingles microphone was a bit off today?

  87. Arty tracers are still in the game. I just played a few days ago and
    countered two lefi’s because of the tracers.

  88. Assholes are gonna be assholes regardless of you putting them on youtube or
    not Jingles, So bring back Wanker of the Week ^^

  89. mark andrew woolass

    jingles sound like Ronnie barker’s Arkwright when say Lefh18b2 :)

  90. Whoa, that was a Panzer IV Hydro at 8:57…heard those things were rare,
    like, REALLY rare.

  91. That BT-7 has some really good habits. He is going to be a very decent
    player at higher tiers if he keeps playing.

  92. How do you switch to the second view on artillery? On the second reply?

  93. hetzer is love hetzer is life

  94. Well jangles the little secret santa, WG was talking about changing
    artillerity into what bert is. Less alpha more RoF better accuracy and
    worse aiming time. But they have to lower the module damage if they make
    this change. Because no one would like to be killed by a vampire arty that
    slowly sucks your health while keeping you tracked

  95. I don’t think that Gets was a newbie, One Small repair kit, one large
    repair kit, and one large medkit is typical newbie consumables?

  96. the guy in the bt7 isn’t a newbie….he’s someone who;’s created a second
    or third account to start over-ish. there’s been a LOT of this lately.
    experienced players not wanting to look like noob hunters creating new
    accounts so they don’t get trolled.

  97. Why get spanked in artillery when you can shotgun

  98. Jingles do cruiser 2 howitzer

  99. Epic newbies…. Damn that Hetzor :)

  100. 22. June was the start of operation Barbarossa AND my birthday. ^^

  101. Yea that arty mod should be illegal . It just gives too much of advantage .

  102. Also, they tended to ram because the throttle a “tractor” style where no
    pressure on the throttle meant wide open. Some of those heroic “ramming”
    tanks had dead drivers.

  103. Jingles keep these up plz I love the banter

  104. 7:26 Tier 5 is seal clubbing now?

  105. ErikandAlexander Harris

    I remember my first hetzer derp gun match 14 kills hetzer gonna hetz

  106. onemanpaintballarmy

    Hey jingles, I wouldn’t exactly call it hetzing without the howitzer..

  107. im an arty party player and proud of it! nothing makes me belly laugh
    harder then ppl screaming and raging after my arty drops an large shell
    right on there head that was clearly their fault but because they just lost
    99% of their hitpoints they feel entitled to rip on me…cry away salty cry
    away! next shell incoming ^_^

  108. DaAwesomeMinecraft

    I do love me an in depth, analytical, well written and thought-out video
    description. Not like this one.

  109. lol jingles think the first guy is a noob… there is no way that’s
    possible… someone who only has 400 games doesn’t know how to use
    concealment that well especially in that specific spot… also wouldn’t
    know to shoot at lower glacis… and most other stuff the guy did…. also
    it could be he just didn’t notice arty… he might not be a pro but he’s
    definitely not new to the game

  110. leFH1882 could sound something like “le FH 1882” IMO, that’s how I would
    imagine it these days. But you can still call it the lefurfefurfurfurfurfur
    if you wish.

  111. Patriotic American

    that tier 5 French arty is op, it has like a 6 second reload and can damn
    near hit you anywhere, almost as op as the tier 10 French arty, people say
    its got the huge reload and it’s low Alfa damage, so what it’s got a clip
    of ammo hits me for 400 a pop every few seconds. if you use a repair kit
    and it smacks you again at some point your done

  112. I have 7.4K games on Xbox, but I think I am a fairly good player.

  113. Hetzer´s gonna Hetz. Hetzen means “to rush” or “to hound” in english. The
    word you were looking for was “Ambushing” aka” Agressive Waiting”.
    Funny video nonetheless – thx 4 uploading!

  114. Blaze 125 (blaz3r125)

    Jingles you N00B one 75mm has a muzzle-break and the other doesn’t :3

  115. “the people that are good.. They make their own luck.” That’s deep dude.

  116. where do I send jingles videos

  117. Totally random, but do you remember Schrader? XD
    Jingles talking about noobs reminded me about him haha

  118. I haven’t got my stug yet so i have the hezer and i use the derp gun… And
    i love it. The only guilt i have from the derp gun is that i derped a luchs
    on full heath and killed him.

  119. i guess that were good games from newbies, but nevertheless it hurt my
    brain watching the enemies. :-P

  120. Games and Coffee

    Oi! this isn’t the video title we were promised!

  121. WoT is for scrubs

  122. jingles you can see artilery tracers now you noob i used it lasdt week to
    counterbattery you noob !!! or newby i dono considering i’ve played wot for
    less than you i’ll stick with noob

  123. Grof od Banoštor

    That feeling when you see a player with 56kgames played and less than 600

  124. Jingles, is the leferfefrefrerferfer inspired by that guy from south park
    on crutches?

  125. Well, you could argue from the point and the fact that this Matilda on the
    team we saw, here in the last replay was a noob, but I feel like I have to
    ask this question, Jingles, before you with other people judges so fast.
    Do you know everything about this player’s connection? How strong it is?
    Can you tell, out of a gameplay alone, that this one, didn’t got kicked off
    from the server, and have desperately tried to get back in to the battle
    again? And in the process, he might have been this unlucky, I have
    experienced to be in my SU-85, tier 5 soviet tankdestroyer. First, you get
    told perhaps, that the application, or if you’re lucky STILL having Windows
    7, the programme is already running, when it’s not. You log in once again.
    Next hurdle. logging on to the right server out of two. Just when logged
    and loading a battle, you got kicked from the server. Getting back in, -you
    get logged on to the WRONG of the two servers, so you have to interrupt the
    process choose another, wait for it to log in, load the game, -and all this
    time, you have used logging back in to a battle you just got kicked from,
    the team has fallen apart around you.
    How can you tell, that this I just described here, didn’t happen, by just
    the look of his gameplay alone? Of course, there are noobs out there, and
    players on even higher tiers still not understanding the gamemechanics, but
    I can’t tell so surely. I have had battles, where I didn’t get to fire any
    shells at all in a battle, because I got destroyed, before I got back in.
    And this announcement about the application was already running when it
    wasn’t appeared, twice, three times in a row. Again with the server-logging
    process. Maybe, he was just unlucky. Everyone can have bad games, right?
    -Sorry, Jingles, and others out there to point this out, but I feel like I
    have to. Seeing a fact, from other angles and perspectives. Have been there
    several times.

  126. only 4/5 tanks from each team in the valley on that Lakeville game? i had a
    team where over 2/3th of my team went to the valley on encounter….
    unsurprisingly we lost that game :D

  127. hey jingles i sent you a reply i had a monster game got 11 kills please
    check it out

  128. Hey jingles are u doing anything special for when you reach 500,000

  129. Jingles, as an addendum thingy. The t34 controls acted in such a way that
    when the driver took their foot of the accelerator the tank lurched forward
    at speed. This is also where many of the stories of Soviet tanks ‘ramming’
    or advancing on the Germans even when damaged/on fire etc. It can be read
    about in a chapter in the book Blood Red Snow, which is a German Soldiers
    diary from the Eastern Front.

  130. Maru-san Is My Waifu

    If they use the sandbox like I wish they would, maybe they’ll make 2
    different types of random battles.
    One with arty in the game and one without.
    I wonder how many would be playing ?

  131. Jingles, are you at Tankfest on both Saturday and Sunday? I’ve booked a
    weekend ticket. Do they do different things on each day or are both days
    the same?

  132. Still pissed at the removal off the WF-E100. I understand Quickybaby’s
    logic of why…cuz the tech tree grind doesn’t make much sense. But that
    logic could/should also apply to the FV215b 183 tech tree grind. Players
    grind up the tech tree playing SLOW,TURRETLESS tank destroyers with fast
    fire rates & low alpha damage, but u end up with the “DEATH STAR” …..A
    “T.D.” with good mobility , a turret with low rate of fire but can one-shot
    almost everything. WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!???????

  133. wait since when are there no arty tracers, ive only stopped playing like 4
    weeks ago?

  134. Christian Morales

    Hey Jingles! Nice game the last one. But did you call him “Black Heart
    fifteen”? It would be just V-X, since fifteen in Roman numerals is XV, not

  135. Do you even Hetz, bro?

  136. I started getting better around 3,000 battles…you telling me I am doing
    better than average jingles?

  137. 6:04 This makes me wonder how many Soviet tankers set fire to their
    crippled machines and then said “The Germans did it!”

  138. φ Wehrmachts Fury

    I have 4,529 battles and only in the past 200 have my battle results been
    increasing quite well.

  139. That moment when you see your name in the replay, and realize its one of
    your worst ones ever. 😛 Still, I remember this match. Whole time I was
    thinking, Damn! Artillery is doing some serious work.

  140. I call the LeFH the Le Fuck You

  141. Uh, Jingles, it says all of the, “Why You Heff To Be Mad” videos were

  142. Matthew Chenault

    You should really do more low tier game replays more often.

  143. So people playing low tiers are called seal clubbers if they have had an X
    amount of battles!?….. I get bored playing the same tier over and over
    and want to play different no matter what my skill level is.

  144. I am sure that Su-5 ran out of ammo at that time. It’s very good arty piece
    but has pathetic ammo capacity.

  145. Great to see some game play from newer players!

  146. Jingles, if you have a copy of Hearts of Iron 4 and you like the game..just
    do it!


    Jingles!! I sent you a tier SEVEN Lefefefefe match and a Radley Walters to
    boot and you featured this one instead? Me sad… :(

  148. An Artillery Seal clubber aint anywhere near as bad as the next twat in the
    Panzer IIJ or the droves of assholes in the TD T18.

  149. uuuhm… arty DOES still have a tracer, it’s just harder to see.. but don’t
    move after firing and you’ll be killed every now and then by the enemy arty

  150. Why complaining about artillery as an unfair, invisible superhigh
    damagedealer, BUTT so in love with annoying Torprdodestroyers in WoWs?!

  151. 7:35 just made my day :)

  152. XD the moment the LEFH18B2 showed up in the vid my PC went like: protect
    your PC against malicious software and paused the vid

  153. Jingles really is enjoying talking about the difference between noobies and

  154. i bought tier 1 tanks back because i have a lot of german tanks

  155. The BT-7 and T-26 did quite alright against the Japanese at Khalkin Gol.

  156. dragonkingofthestars

    wait: tanks did ram each other in world war 2?

  157. if the lef put him arty view over the area the birch gun was firing he
    would know the direction the birch was in. He could’ve been on the other
    side of the map and it would’ve ended in defeat.

  158. I still routinely get killed quickly by light tanks when playing artillery.

  159. Arty doesn’t have tracers anymore eh? I hit 3 of them the other day in my
    arty after looking at their tracers.

  160. Thehagengnome HD

    That at-2 shot was so dirty.. Damn that is just filthy.

  161. Just another 1,200 subs mr Jangles!

  162. jingles, are you on 9gag?

  163. well on console arty is balance. if anything I would say arty is
    under-power (even on PC) for the fact of win %… the top 100 win % in the
    last 30 days 6 are arty and most of them are in the lower half of the 100.

  164. We Were Soldiers is one of my favourite movies…

  165. Jingles when you go talk to wargaming can you please mention the ridiculous
    repair costs of tanks.

  166. Czech CURRY Soon okc bandwagon

    500 000 special soon Jingles ?

  167. I like the We were soldiers reference

  168. The Bi(r)tchgun

  169. Jingles you old git! There IS tracers that arties use to counterbattery
    folks, also if you crank the volume up you can hear the shots go out and
    find them that way.

  170. Christian Brooks

    jingles to 500,000!

  171. Does the EU server not have the tracers? NA certainly does; I’ve been
    instinctively moving after every shot since beta, but the only arty I’ve
    seen actually counter-artillery in the past year was accused of hacking. I
    guess that goes to show how often artillery actually counter battery.

  172. A Matilda sitting at the cap circle or right around that area is not
    uncommon at least on the NA server.

  173. I am sick and tired about that artillery whining. “Oh it is so unfair,
    because I cannot immediately shoot back, boooohooo.” Sounds like a 8 year
    old. If you understand WoT as the tactical game it is and not as some tit
    for tat twitch shooter, artillery is legitimate, useful and sometimes

  174. 12:38 How do you get that angle on artillery?

  175. I barely see anyone in the Matilda, it’s so damn slow, when I get to the
    action it’s moved somewhere else.

  176. hows the gold digger? hhahahaha

  177. Matilda is only OP when its top tier. Its armour doesnt mean much at tier 5

  178. 1400 games played and he has large first aid and large repair kit lol

  179. It is nice when a team throws away a five to one numerical advantage by
    fighting like movie henchman. That kind of thinking is how Kolobanov’s
    Medals get minted. That’s how I ended up with mine in an M10 Wolverine :)

  180. FINALLY Someone not using that bloody 105 on the Hetzer.

    When I played WoT I exclusively used the 75s. The 105 just feels…

  181. what I find happens on the na servers is that a lot of guys playing are in
    their 40s and 50s and just started playing games which is what I attribute
    their stupidity to

  182. Unfair ?? Have they got any idea how long it takes to reload and aim ?
    Besides of that, they are far from accurate….It’s quite hard to be a
    skillful arty player

  183. The last two episodes had way too much Good and by far not enough Bad or
    Ugly. While still very entertaining there isn’t as much hilarity when
    people are all just doing well.

  184. jingles question how do you get your game to update to 9.15 when you cant
    connect to the update service?

  185. Honestly the leF has enough armor to withstand a few shots from tanks and
    the 8 second reload means you can shotgun stupidly effectively.

  186. Leffy is best arty.

  187. WG must fix MM -1 and +1tier battles not -2+2 battles starting from tier 5
    not 4 tier 4 tanks will never see tanks of tier 5 only tier 4 and 3

  188. Okay Jingles, if you make that stupid joke over and over again i have
    important information for you: Hetzing is called hetzen (spoken as hetzn)
    in German and means chasing after something. Sitting in a spot and hiding
    is not hetzing. The more you know

  189. Tigerman7warfighter

    jingles I do play arty and the tracers are still there arty just doesn’t
    counter battery anymore or t least way less I do it maybe every 20 games or
    when the missions make me.

  190. there are no tracers now ??

  191. Ok, sorry, as artillery player (sometimes), I gotta say, Artillery is not
    needing nerfs. Its a very frustrating job as you’re mostly put in maps
    where there’s so much cover you’re lucky to hit someone once.
    Comparing it with invisible tanks, is ludicrous. Whats the comparison
    between an arty, which will fire once every 30 seconds (most have even
    longer reloads) and a medium, which will fire every 2 seconds. Im not even
    inputting the aiming time here and the ridiculously low accuracy of arty
    Most people who complain about arty are the ones who’ve never played as
    Jingles admits in this video, lower than 4% of his games are played in it.

  192. I am fairly new to wot, and I have one thousand games played. I have a 55%
    win rate and I have 2 marks of excellence on my favorite tank, the tier 7
    IS. My highest tier tank is the tier 8 IS3. Is this good?

  193. TheHalomaster256

    I miss the Bad and the Ugly

  194. jingles what will u do when u reach 500k subs? ?

  195. Justin Marciniec

    Hey that would be the BT-7’s 420th game….

    Stalin 420 smoke it

  196. Jingles you noob, one has a muzzle break and one doest :/

  197. *Never underestimate the Christie suspension!* plays Kantele :P

  198. First clip doesnt smell of reroll at all.

    Same with second, has an artillery that is not available anymore.

    Edit 2
    Not buy any of these as proper new players.

  199. Hey Jingles I was just watching one of your videos “World of Warships – Big
    Guns” The yamato has 18.1 inch guns yet it has a faster reload than the
    Wyoming at tier 4 with 14 inch guns!

  200. It took me around 5k-6k games to get reasonably well at WoT.

  201. Ivhanne Castillo

    those ‘newbs’ plays a bit better than me, its ok

  202. would you consider doing a wot console replay?

  203. Hey Jingles, about that one at a time theory of yours. I don’t really think
    that it’s the tought process in the average players mind. It’s pure greed!
    The Nash theorema would be excellent to aply here. Simply putted, coming
    together= less dmg= less exp for an individual. Cheat and attack alone,
    means all the possible dammage is exclusivly for you. People do not think
    as a team but in as individuals. Obviously I know you putted it as a joke,
    but I wanted to point it out. ;)

  204. Little Bunz (The Earl Of Flannel)

    t-2 light, T-2 Light , T-2 LIGHT, T-2 MOTHERFUCKING LIGHT. Jingles you
    noob, it was the M2-Light

  205. The numbers for these series seem to jump everywhere!

  206. I like how the guy in the second replay named his arty, I particularly
    named mine as ” Clickmobile ” =P

  207. ENTERTAINMENT studios

    Come one, just 2 thousand more people and Jingles gets to 500k!! WOOO!

  208. – Where the hetz might the Hetzer be hetzing?
    – I hetz not hetzing clue!
    – Hetzees hetz to be hetzing disappointing…
    – He-tz, he-tz, he-tz…

  209. They shouldn’t put tier 3 in tier 5 games, that is more unbalanced than a
    tier 7 in a tier 9 game

  210. Yorick de schaetzen

    my best game was in a pz 3 A where i got 11 kills and won 1v3, it never
    recorded…. :(

  211. I have played 2100 games And got 3 tier 7’s 🙂 And Some tier 6 i think i do
    alright :)

  212. FrothyBumSqueeze

    Rat is your mum

  213. bitch to me about arty when your rendered a ineffective XP pinata on three
    quarters of the maps.

  214. BT7 = Smurf/ Alt Account

  215. I'mNotGiving MyName

    What do you mean no more artillery tracers?
    I’m fairly certain they are still there.

  216. how do u get that view in arty mode ?

  217. glad your showing low tier tanks and not always tier 8-10

  218. Thedeadsaluteyou

    Hetzer gonna Hetz

  219. guys pls help me, I changed the graphics on wot to a higher setting then
    when I pressed battle it would just freeze up at the map loading screen, so
    I changed back to where it was and its still not working pls help I don’t
    know what to do.

  220. thing is the leffy is overpowered….. the reload is way to good……

  221. Looks like the SU-5 in the last clip ran out of ammo, the ammo capacity is
    that little buggers biggest flaw.

  222. Tom “wilco8” wilcox

    Jingles new favourite word is “spanking”

  223. What does that make me if I don’t suicide in arty?

  224. lanzlazo Mul1iSh0t


  225. People are always going to whine about something. If it isn’t arty it’s the
    cammo mechanic and hidden TDs that are too strong. If they remove that too
    then people complain about lights being too weak. Then it’s mediums that
    are too good. Heavies that are impenetrable. The complaints will never end!
    Being hit by arty can be annoying but it’s far more annoying being the arty
    player in the long run. What you don’t see is the many misses arty gets
    (except for this OP leFH18B2). If you want to ruin your stats then arty is
    the class to do it, so many matches I’ve been through where you fully aim
    your shot but every single shot goes nowhere near where I aim. It’s an
    incredibly frustrating experience sometimes.

  226. jingles the your help is needed at the yogscasts.

  227. hetzer gotta hetz

  228. Just checked the replay info with the Hetzer myself…

    The SU-5 wasn’t firing because he had already spent all his ammo. The 152mm
    Mortar NM. Mod 1931 only allows for a 12 shell capacity.

    Which means an arty that was without any remaining ammo did more damage to
    the Hetzer than anyone else on the enemy team. He went into that fight
    knowing he was never going to win it. As an arty player who looks down on
    intentional suicide, he has my salute.

  229. Fyi that hetzer is a reroll btw

  230. Ah, yes, the cheaty arty mod. Hetz of to the Hetzer tho.

  231. No one said…….”Just because you are on top of the food chain makes you
    the smartest”. W.o.T is not between the Red team and the Green team. The
    real battle is between intelligent and stupid people.

  232. The Soviets were also not above padlocking tank crews inside their vehicles
    for the duration of a battle.

  233. insert .username

    Actually, Jingles….
    what BlackHeart was doing has exactly NOT been hetzing =)

  234. Wasn’t that hit at 13:36 a direct hit? There is no splash on the ground
    altough for every other shell the enemy arties fired there are marks on the
    ground. The birch gun is a great tank, I love it to bits, but the gun’s
    caliber is not that high (87 mm) and it’s easy to score only critical hits
    with it.

  235. There still is artillery tracer and it is certainly possible to

  236. Shoutout to Blackheart, that replay was a treat to watch.

  237. There are tracers from artillery for a second when the shell is fired if
    you watch for it

  238. Hetz of a video, Jingly. Mucho gracias!

  239. Perhaps the EU server is different Jingles, but on the SEA server (with the
    latest update) you can most definitely see the tracers from enemy
    artillery. That is how I managed to nail 2 spg’s only a few hours ago in my
    leFH :-)

  240. I predict a bright future for *Galactic Arachnid* in WoT. A good style of
    play and a name full of win :-)

  241. Could you do more of these in the future? I would have loved to send in the
    5 kills 800 damage game I had in my Chinese Chi-Ha a while back but I
    thought you really only focused on high-tier games, which I will probably
    just never have the time to get to on PC…

  242. Never thought I would think this, but I’m getting bored of the world of
    tanks content…. All hail Xcom videos!!!!!

  243. Current WoT maps are so much better suited for low tiers as you don´t get
    immediatly spotted.

  244. Exceptionally good video this time!

  245. I just uploaded a world of warships (ramming speed)

  246. i had a 12 kills game in the kv-1 ehrn i onlu had 300 games….
    that was sooooo many years ago when the kv-1 was newly released, back to
    the times of unbalanced heavies and useless light tanks. xD

  247. On the topic of “how long it takes for a person to understand even on the
    most basic level, game mechanics.”

    Players in the bloody boat game.

  248. Actually Jingles….VX does not add up to fiften, its 10-5 so it would be
    BlackheartV but its the wrong way to do it….Fiften would be XV

    Oh ok, fine…back to the salt mines for me….

  249. My first hetzer got me my first top gun.

  250. Miroslav Tordaji

    what do you mean : ” there is no artillery tracer “…..tracers can be seen
    and it is possible to counter artillery…..only problem is: when I kill
    enemy arty by counter fire……HE calls ME a noob 🙁 ……….btw love
    your videos, keep up the good work

  251. Whatyamightcallit

    i used to play arty a ton when i played WoT, and TBH, if there is any tank
    type that is 90% RNG, it’s arty. Not damage wise, but accuracy wise, i’ve
    had shorts where I had 90% of my aiming circle on a tank, guess where my
    shot landed. And that happens way to often on arty. And now take into
    account that higher tier arty takes on average, about 30-40 seconds to
    reload. So if you miss that the first shot you can do in a minute, by the
    time you’ve reloaded every tank has gone behind rocks, or even have reach
    an other side of the map. Then the ridiculous aiming time you have…. By
    the time you can actually land a shot, half of the game has passed, or
    you’ve been rushed by 3 light tanks and a heavy tank.

  252. Jungles, when you brought up set major Plumley you forgot to mention that
    he jumped in Korea as well.

  253. The Phantom Knight

    Think the SU-5 had the 152mm and had fired off all 12 of the shots you get
    with that gun.

  254. They go after the enemy one at a time because that’s what the game rewards.
    Apart from the overall victory bonus & assisted damage, there is no reason
    whatsoever to help anyone else get damage or kills on the enemy. WoT is not
    a team game and never has been – it’s a team based game, there are two
    teams, but there’s no reward for team play.

  255. Arty… The thing i hate the most in wot

  256. I am disappointed in the number of subs to Jingles not leaving likes for
    his videos, but everyone LOVES to count off as “I am number X viewer”.
    Really people, if you love, really love Jingles as you say you do, HIT THE
    LIKE BUTTON! please!

  257. I’m really glad you’ll be talking to WG about rebalancing. I just came back
    to the game after about two years away, and boy has it changed. Lots more
    tanks, but *much* less variety. Pretty much everything feels like a medium,
    and everyone’s running around at speed playing Call of Duty instead of the
    armoured tactical games that used to happen (especially at higher tiers). I
    think WG have lost something. The maps favour medium brawling now, and
    nothing much else happens. I just don’t feel the game has the variety it
    used to have. A player of mostly mediums might not notice, but I was a
    scout, and I knew every inch and every bush of every map. Anyway, I hope
    you’ll raise lots of great points with WG and help to make things better.
    My requests: reduce premium ammo to make armour more significant, tracers
    and lights to counter arty (yes!), and most of all, real variety of tactics
    and tanks, not the medium mediocrity that has been creeping in, and was the
    reason I quit. Thanks for all the great videos!

  258. Jingles, are you doing something for 500,000 subs?

  259. Jingles hetzen actually means that:

  260. 🙂 Hehe just noticed Jingles who said no water marks on my channel put
    water mark :)

  261. So…how op was that matilda….not the tank just the driver :-p

  262. 500k giveaway!

  263. These things are not “noobie” or “noob” things. It’s just basic “logic” its
    just common sense to not to do something like this..

  264. 419 games and tier 3 is one of his highest tiers. I guess I went up the
    tech tree too fast cause when I had 420 games I had tier 6 tanks. Which
    reminds me, Jingles how many games do you think you should have under your
    belt before you reach tier 10? And how many for the other tiers?

  265. I love your videos Bo-Jingles, but I get second-hand embarrassment every
    time you do that “la fer fer fer fer fer” shit. It’s just not funny.. it’s
    corny as all hell… and beyond adolescent. Please do yourself a favor and
    just call it the lefty or something. Okay, back to the video!!! ….. Oh
    geeze… he did it again.

  266. Ah yes, I remeber my very first game of WoT. It was in the Loltraktor and I
    had 8 kills. After that I lost 10 matches. Since that day I know, if I have
    a good game, I pretty much used all of my luck for that day.

  267. filthy filthy reroll

  268. Brad Schneidermann

    Jingles, don’t know if this works for your movie clip bag but, in the movie
    “Adventures of Baron Von Munchausen” the first wager with the Grand Turk,
    the Turk has a line “mein hetz, mein hetz” just thought might apply, good
    video again.

  269. Mr.I can Do Everything

    Are you going to show us updates on the sandbox server jingles? or it is
    top secret for WG?

  270. 6:05 Also, soviet tanks rammed germans because of their throttle pedals.
    They worked in a way that if you put your leg off the pedal, the tank goes
    faster. Kinda like car clutches or some old tractors. So if driver was
    killed, he stepped off the pedal and tank went full speed into ze Germans.

  271. Hillarious

  272. actually, the ramming soviet tanks was a thing because they worked like a
    tractor or a car, you lift your foot off the clutch and the tank starts
    moving. so in a lot of cases the tank rammed something because it was
    pointed at the enemy and the driver was dead

  273. One other reason for the ramming stories is that for example a T-34’s
    transmission system if you’re not depressing the clutch, it will move
    forward by itself even if the driver dies.

  274. Make the Lef available in NA using the code from the Ferdinand model kit.
    We don’t care that you have segregated your company into regions. Vehicles
    available in one region and not others is bad business practice. We want to
    give you money, you won’t take it.

  275. Any one notice that the t67 was talking in English then when the lefh1882
    got the blind shot in the cap he started talking in Russian

  276. so if he had 419 games on his belt then wouldn’t that have been his 420th

  277. Nearly at 500K!

  278. lol artillery isn’t OP I rape them in my LTTB

  279. hetzers hetz hehe

  280. I dont understand the joke … is that cause i’m german or am I just too
    dumb to get it 😛 ?

  281. Dat Doctor Cox at the end 😀 I’m laughing my ass off :D

  282. I have 1400 games played and i am almost through to the IS-4.

  283. Twister_EF5 *Nightmare Foxy*

    I play a lot of French arty and I never suicide. In fact I’ve gotten quite
    a few shot guns by fighting like a man. Lol.

  284. I like the idea of some youtuber doing a series on the accomplishments of
    new players to wot/wow, because even noob players have awesome battles once
    in a while. Maybe do a critique on their play and give tips to help em

  285. Best way to counter arty? auto Katyusha barrage on arty grid position 5
    seconds after firing if firing in arty view (don’t want to penalise shotgun
    arty fire)

  286. 9:30 What a piece of shit map. The hill is completly useless to take
    because you get killed by camping TDs as soon as you take it and try to
    push down all the while arty rains down on you and there is nothing you can
    do about it

  287. Ah, the old pet peeve of people not knowing the difference between “newbie”
    and “n00b.” It’s a peeve probably as old as online gaming itself. Learn
    your vocabulary, whippersnappers!

  288. why can’t i have games like these. with me if there are atleast 6 tanks
    left on the enemy team they ALL start capping encounter or not

  289. Obligatory joke for likes here

  290. When did the artillery tracers go away?

  291. Joe Ayres: Musician

    Couldn’t they do something similar in WoT as AW. Bring back the tracers and
    when the arty player fires, they become visible for a few seconds for only
    other arty players. Not on the mini map though, don’t make it too easy. Or,
    when arty fires have tracers and a large dust cloud that can be spotted in
    arty view.

  292. Gary Bromiley (Maddog2uk)

    Yeah 1 st come on jingles

  293. amazing.the lefhlefhlefhlefh arty shoots every 5 seconds and tanks like the
    Churchill move very fast…..haxs…..warpack….jk

  294. REROLL!!! REROLL..!!!!

  295. Once i did 1k dmg with T18, I was such a sealclubber back then…

  296. “He’s goig for the ‘D’, too!”

    Oh Jingles – please never change.

  297. Wow I’ve been watching for tracers for like 2 months and wondering why I
    never see any….

  298. StraightUpFerret

    Seriously, they removed arty tracers!?! Wat

  299. JINGLES REMEMBER: 500.000 subs coming soon, so we want an anniversary
    livestream with Quickybaby, SirFoch, Circonflexes and PointyHairedJedi just
    like in the good old days! :D

  300. Please help me with my English, what is a peelen patalian ??? (6:35)

  301. (Im asumimg the hetzer is his hoghest tier tank) 1500 Games played????? Ive
    played less than 1k and have 33k xp on my m4a3e2 and im how do you say this

  302. last time t18 was most powerful tank tier for tier :)) no one gonna
    penetrate front armor

  303. dirty seal clubbing arty 🙂 didnt know arty were so evil

  304. Cheeseburger Freedom Man

    Non video question. Is Overwatch worth buying?

  305. Seal clubbing in a tier 5 arty? No.. its crew training!

  306. Well, arty usually takes a while to reload so unless you’re getting focused
    down by multiple arties, your tank tends to last at least a few minutes
    provided you didn’t get your engine deck penetrated or the arty isn’t
    firing AP.
    A bit of maneuvering helps too, its like dodging torpedos in WoWS.

    I think you can actually see arty tracers now, I saw one when I was going
    counter battery quite recently. The problem is that you have to spend a
    while looking for those tracers and time not spent firing shells at the
    enemy is time spent not doing damage, and sometimes, the damage that arty
    do is the thing that determines a victory or loss, especially if your
    allies can’t penetrate an enemy tank’s armor and your big HE shells are the
    only things that can harm them.

  307. jingles I love your vids but I don’t like watching noobs. it might just be
    me but I don’t.

  308. White house gaming

    Have you watched the Wot vid The Yogscast posted? :-)

  309. I think there should be Armoured Warfare style counter-battery mechanics in
    WoT, to encourage relocation and stuff

  310. World of tanks blitz/ Rosey100

    Jingles you should try blitz its changed a lot there’s 6 nations now

  311. How you know it isn’t re-roll account :)

  312. Bet you ten to one they will remove artillery and ruin the game even

  313. Wow 2070 views in 16 minutes =P good work Jingles! Keep it up!

  314. Everyone’s got to start somewhere.

  315. Harrison Rawlinson

    Been waiting for this, thanks jingles

  316. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    nice video for eating hitschlers hitschies

  317. Is this lag on video because of or you?! :(

  318. “an understandable mistake for new players to make” – That persists right
    up to Tier 10 <<

  319. necuglupiguglplus

    go jingles for 500k
    i remember when he had below 50k subs

  320. Uluç Kadıoğlu

    Quick, think of a joke!


  321. Professional gamer


  322. hi what time you play


  324. Dropping a like before I watch the video because A. Jingles and B. video

  325. That moment where you aren’t part of the notification squad but still come
    in 3 mins after the video is posted.

  326. 1.3k for half a milion subs jingles. Almost! Are you doing something for
    the 500k subscribers?

  327. *put up 3 minutes ago
    I am viewer 51, I wouldn’t even mention it but this is pretty cool since
    this usually doesn’t happen to me :T

  328. Yazid “Acid” Arif

    too early to make a joke
    World of Warplanes
    sorry, i have to do it

  329. Damnit Jingles, its midnight, i have a maths test in the morning, a physics
    and a chemistry assignment due in the afternoon…..

  330. Jingles! Have you watched Girls und Panzer der Film?

  331. 222nd yay

  332. Ohaio mina~!

  333. 199th

  334. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    1min. online and 199 views? wtf?

  335. WoT theshadow9929 (WoT theshadow9929)

    I’m early lets make a Joke: Battleship accuracy

  336. I’m early I love it!

  337. TheAverageWotBlunicum #killstealer


  338. 10th

  339. TOOGGG

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