World of Tanks – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 48

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

You know how it goes by now. Stuff to make you laugh, stuff to make you cry. Stuff to make question the existence of intelligent life on Earth.

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  1. cubanwargaming not for pros

    America F OP

  2. Jingles … If I valued my intelligence I wouldn’t be watching your videos
    to begin with

  3. Unfortunately wesley is what is becoming the typical players on the NA
    servers. I wish that WG would add player rating to MM.

  4. lol Cromwells?

    I mean, they’re not bad tanks, but they’re not exactly OP or anything

  5. Jingles. It’s made stupider because the VK was killed by his IS-2 support.
    Watch again.

  6. yay my birthday video

  7. Checked wesley001’s stats, 73k games played with a winrate of 48%… yeah
    he’s not exactly gonna change any time soon XD

  8. Yay, Warhammer reference at 16:46.
    Candy for the candy god, sugar for the sugar throne! Fear the might of
    Khandy Khorne!

  9. Lol I’m 15,001th view

  10. Jingles the enemy IS-2 was the one who killed the enemy VK 30.01 H

  11. Jingles giving Wesley advice?

  12. “Gg it was close” lmao 

  13. Wesley001 has 30% WR in his TVP T 50/51 after more than 100 battles, I
    guess this is an achievement. Doing nothing for his team and only reporting
    players seems to be the best he can do for his teams, so I wonder what he
    does in his T10 matches xD

  14. sorry for the profanity, but if that c*** in the ISU thinks the Cromwells
    are too OP maybe he should’ve bought the Cromwell B instead of the thing he
    is driving

  15. Before this video I didn’t even know you could go over 3 marks of

  16. I suppose I should be sent to the WOT gulag in northern Russia for 3
    marking my Cromwell then….

  17. Weeeee! A Warhammer reference! Do you play Warhammer, Jingles?

  18. To get a mastery badge in an e25 you need to empty all your ammo and score
    like 90% penetrations on higher tier tanks

  19. You are just as stupid jingles, the VK 30 h was killed by the IS-2

  20. Jingles, yes I have seen something as monumentally stupid as that. We like
    to call it Australian internet speeds, near on dial up. A foam cup and
    string still communicates faster.

    It just sucks all my T10s are on the NA server, they didn’t have the Asian
    server when I started playing =/ (not that it’s really much better tbh)

  21. Seriously, WHY can i never get people This stupid while driving my M4 :(

  22. Jingles, You Heretic! You and your chaos gods will be purged from

  23. Nice do you have a GBU WOWS in the tubes?

  24. HungLee (흥리리)

    Jingles’s brain suffered serious damage that he even called VK 3001.P a
    tier 7 heavy tank.

  25. Gary van der Merwe

    I was expecting wesley001 to be a newbie, but no, he has 72k games.

  26. Better to be lucky than good.

  27. “Tiny little bit OP”

  28. 6500 spotting dmg in VK 28.01 on Prokhorovka in Tier 8 match. Is that good

  29. that positioninE1 is called GWBUSH

  30. Markus “IceY” Eisenhammer

    The enemy IS2 killed the VK :)

  31. Well at leas the T29 that Wesley reported seemed to be a bot.

  32. Does anyone honestly look at the last game and think “Yeah mm and multiple
    700 alpha TD’s with high speed, good accuracy and low aim time made that a
    fair match”

  33. Is there life on Campinovka?

  34. jingles only show cases green to uni-cum players on his channel you never
    see any yellow or red its injustice time to revolt!

  35. Markus “IceY” Eisenhammer

    Wesley the Tomatoking

  36. Jingles you said a friendly saved the m4 but it was the enemy is-2 that
    killed him

  37. Ole Fardal (Propellhatt)

    After watching that ISU 122S faffing about, this sums up how I feel about

  38. That last game is a scouts dream, hardly ever happens :p you spit the
    targets and the team either does not shoot them, or shoots and misses then
    all die lol

  39. jingles any IS-4 review there?

  40. I like how you get more quiet in that scout replay. (be vewy vewy quet. We
    are scouting) :D

  41. Like 30 seconds after Jingles makes a 40K reference: Guy with “bloodravens”
    in the name pops up. Coincidence? I think not :P

  42. who else noticed that the enemy is-2 shot the enemy vk?

  43. Daniel Derpinson

    its official i will never play WOT in the weekends all the fucking idiots
    come out the coves

  44. Holy…cow. The last video O.o

  45. I don’t know how that guy in the isu122 could complain if i saw that
    matchup in mine i would have thanked the lord of matchmaking for that

  46. Self-replicating whatnot

    LMB hax. Reported!

  47. wesley did basically nothing good for the team and isn´t even last in the

  48. Powen259 shall be now known as ‘The Rooster’.

  49. Clear trolling is clear in that one.

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