World of Tanks – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 49

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

It’s been a while, you’ve been patient so here’s episode 49 of the video series that makes you laugh, cry and hurl all for one low price.

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  1. Jingles you have no life…

    I LOVE IT!!! ?

  2. Well well well, good to see you thought that LTTB was as much of a ruined
    gaping asshole of a person as I did! thanks for uploading my replay jingles!

    Btw, I shot HE at the M46 because you can loop them between the tracks and
    do 300 damage since the m41 90 has 100mm of pen on its HE rounds, the more
    you know!


  3. I hate douchbags who see a guy who has carried the team and has seriously
    damaged the last tank and they killsteal before they reload and deny a
    medal for some guy.

  4. 15-0 looks like the NA server since they let the garbage South Americans
    join the server

  5. FCM 50 t. used aimbot

  6. 3 key is right above the W key.

  7. I’m fairly sure Tier III vs VII or hear this Tier IV vs IX (witch i can’t
    actually understand how it is possible)….. with screenshots….so nobody
    can say it’s trolling( I actually was the carry and best in game)…. And
    it wasn’t me, but it enraged me for seeing 2 consecutive matches where 2
    players got the short end of the stick (both were medium tanks, not light)
    very very badly…..Not that i get most of my matches vs tier IX
    :))…..that four-shot you in 7 seconds while you can just deal 300 at best
    :))…. But what frustrates me the most about the silly “pay to win” is the
    inconsistency of your shots…..Jingles, you understand, while in War
    Thunder you kill from 2 km :))… the tank shoots so poorly even with
    trained crew and upgrades……they say it shoots 0,4 m bloom……Well,
    what about 5 meters, even on a correct shot…….. Still a good game, but
    then “all’s fair in love and war”……

  8. Hey Jingles do you think it would be possible for you to do a full fledged
    ship review on the tier 6 russian destroyer the Ognevoi I’ve noticed a lot
    of other people have been struggling to make it work and I would like to
    see your opinions on the ship :)

  9. Fairy GoodMüller

    why does the M41 90 GF player load so much HE?

  10. Watch in slowmo, @ 2:52. the shot goes completely through the arty! I knew
    ghost shells were a problem and its not my tinfoil hat.

  11. Radovan Dragović

    Good one! Also horendous and disfigured one, but THX anyway!

  12. Cross-team chat will be removed?! Just because some arsehole tells the
    enemy some coördinates? I’d say that’s where the banning system is for.
    Just ban him for 2 years after giving the enemy coördinates. Problem
    solved. If more narly players like this would get banned there wouldn’t be
    any problem now would there?

  13. Filip Zg B, His name is Filip, he is from Zagreb, and i dunno what is the b
    standing for.

  14. JINGLESS!!!!!!! The Ru 251 and the black bulldog has 102 HE pen thats why
    he uses it

  15. i didnt even notice that jingles has shorter videos cause hes nerding wow
    like a madman…but that might have sth to do that IM nerding wow like a
    madman as well…

  16. The second game gave me brain cancer

  17. Game is rigged because one team wins and one team loses. Seems legit.

  18. Everyone who sees this guy (The_Proud_Canadian) needs to tell him you saw
    him on Jingles channel and let him know what a couch muffin he is.

  19. Don’t forget, YOLO is really Carpe Diem for inarticulate people.

  20. The troops will be home by Christmas. Except the TOG II crews. Expect them
    in late April, maybe May.

  21. 5:32 AMX 12t not the AMX13 75… Oh Jingles. :D

  22. If anyone wants to platoon on the Xbox one edition of world of tanks reply

  23. Jingles I would argue that what the LTTB did should be against the tos
    weighted more heavily then reporting a friendly tank’s position on the map
    reason being that both could be seen in the same light screwing your team
    over. But seeing as one is about to made impossible doing stuff like that
    should take its place for a such severe punishment.

  24. he has shoot HE because he has still over 100mm of penetration :)

  25. First of all that’s not Dave. That’s Fillip and zgb probably means Zagreb.
    So that’s Fillip from Zagreb. And second, earning a Radley Walters medal
    and having to actually pay credits is a great way to show how money-hungry
    this game actually is.

  26. That fucking LTTB… I know the fucker. I have been in two games which he
    has tossed. He called me a hacker when I was on 7 kills in my T-34-85 once,
    and killed me before I could get the RW. We lost the game because of it.
    Another time, he did the same thing he did here, but he instead killed the
    ally on cap and then got off cap. He’s about as useful in a battle as a
    knitted condom is to birth control. I encourage everyone to ignore and
    blacklist the little jackass.

  27. Yolly good to see and funny !

  28. fastest win I have seen was les then 2:30

  29. gg artillery lol

  30. That is the meanest Canadian ive ever seen

  31. I keep getting people say you don’t ever play on na servers///but I see you
    fighting on many of the same maps I do///say its not so…

  32. Hi love your vids jingles just want to give my channel a shout out Jordan
    the beast please watch my world of tank vids ?

  33. That shit FCM 50 t player used aim bot

  34. His nickname is short for Filip (Phillip) Zagreb (Croatia) 101

  35. What if Jingles is being paid by War gaming to show how bad the chat is and
    is encouraging the banning of all chat? I love Jingles, but you never

  36. Almost every NA player with high stats are arrogant players who TK at a
    whim and whine. Scorpiano, think I have it right, is the only high stat
    player who isn’t a tard.

  37. that was very uncanadian buddeh.. not representative of my great nation,
    not that i am either i can be a real bitch and real mean, but usually
    theres a direct reason from some other asshole. not a team who tried and
    just failed to win.. what a cunt. ill make sure to FF that fool a few times
    if i see him. D:<

  38. 15 – 0, ~2 min 30 is the fastest I’ve seen. And 13 to -2 in ~3 minutes.

  39. When are you gonna put out videos in 4K?

  40. Due to how WoT uses a ‘purely’ RNG based MM without team structuring
    systems where even the per-game Coefficients of RNG are themselves in turn
    randomized as to where in that “50%” spread you’ll spend most of a given

    One can well suggest things *Are* “Rigged” to some degree to artificially
    force players into a mostly ‘50%’ or less WR situation, that no matter how
    good you are and do, you WILL be put into approx 30% of games that you
    cannot and will not win by design of Team Comp / Player Comp plus your
    pre-game generated RNG coefficient of the battle such that far more than
    50% of your shots miss, bounce, ricochet or do no damage, or roll low… to
    be 1shot or burned twice or more, and etc, you get the pic. ;3

    There is no “MMR” system like seen in Fractured Space so far, where teams &
    games have been more even than not, with very few uber-quick wins and fewer
    so defeats if you’re good. A well centralized mmr team will largely face
    likewise teams, PvP or Bots.
    The games you get are largely of the desired by gamers sort of ‘stability’,
    were you are not at the demented mercy of some Russian Communist RNG/MM
    joke of fail, lol…
    (perpetuated by a lack of team-comp systems of any real kind)

  41. Also, “Actually Jingles”, lol, 15:30 ‘Fully Upgraded’ for T32 and T29 tanks
    is a relative term when it comes to the gun, as the 90mm is actually in
    some nice ways as good if BETTER as I’ve learned on the T32 due to higher
    RoF and more Ammo combined with very good Gold pen if gold is needed, and
    that where not needed the normal 170pen is fine.

    Similarly for the T29, if you have a good crew the 90mm has some nice perks
    for a 7,
    esp if you enjoy the more “heavy attack/assault” style of game, as a sort
    of superheavy medium way of play, where the 105mm gun is more iffy at heavy
    pushes in open areas.

    Though overall if one has only 1 or maybe 2 skills, the 105 is a tad nicer
    on the T29

  42. For all the videos you put out i think you should take a month or 2 off and
    play WoW

  43. he must be a fake Canadian…

  44. I’m the Cromwell on the winning team 15-0, I remembered this battle couple
    days ago…bad red team !

  45. Jingles, why don’t you make WOW videos?

  46. eh, LTTB didnt have time to cap either way. check the map again jingles, at
    32 cap points IS6 was close to crossing the ridge and getting proper view
    to shoot him

  47. Do people think it’s still 1980 and no one will find out how big their
    asshat is? I try to keep my head down as much as possible in online stuff
    because I’d be horrified to see myself in one of these videos. Let’s face
    it, I make enough honest if stupid mistakes that I probably already am =/.

    Still got nothing but love for my frozen northern neighbors!

  48. Jingles – wargamings little whore :)

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