World of Tanks – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 50

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

It’s back! And we still suck!

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. watching the last clip was really top notch, and really makes me hate
    myself for not being capable of a fraction of that, Usually I know my way
    around and have decent matches (though lately less so due to spending less
    time and possibly the game running away from my PC specs and it becoming
    old) I Know I’ll never be as good as that, yet I Know from watching these
    kind of clips that I Should be a lot better at what I am doing which just
    frustrates me, while loving to watch them

  2. 3 against 1. 19:00 respect the patience.

  3. TBH the best thing you can do when you get a group of people trying to push
    you around and stop your movement is just sit still and do nothing the
    idiots give up eventually they have a short attention span.

  4. I have quit this game 2 years ago. Don’t miss it at all.

  5. well when you got some dickheads like those fvs, the best thing you can do
    is either push em at the front to get em killed, or what i personally like
    more, tab out of world of tanks, start your internetbrowser and watch
    youtube videos of little kitten

  6. I promised Hoover (Mt_Goat_ 1985) this recipe.
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    1 lemon
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    2) Rinse the cat/dog and pat dry, Zest the lemon. Slice the remaining lemon
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    7) Enjoy.

  7. Wargaming dont do anything about these people. they punish the good guy
    trying to have a decent game and they support the bad guy buy implementing
    systems to protect the bad guys from retaliation good guy’s. Their customer
    support is just as useless as their automated systems and their report
    system. Basicly wargaming dosen’t give a shit about rule breakers they
    support the bad guy.

  8. I sent a replay to Jingles a while ago of a Cromwell B being an asshole to
    me because I was using a TOG. He DID NOT like TOGs.

  9. Fuck I hope all those guys are perma banned. So cancerous.

  10. wow 50, shouldn’t there be cake or something??

  11. Idiots like the ones in the FV304’s are the reason I stopped playing WoT
    and started playing Armored Warfare PvE.

  12. if I were T-34/100 I would’ve purposely got myself spotted so that the
    FV304s get spotted and die, people love to kill arties so I doubt they
    would shoot me, then I would retreat into cover. I, from the bottom of my
    heart hope those three guys get banned.

  13. This game isn’t fun. Period. Why play it? Nasty players, stupid
    mechanics… bitchy fanboys that defend it because it makes them feel like
    they belong to something other their porn collections…

  14. The 34100 shouldve just flipped the berts

  15. Actually, the guy in the M46 KR at 31:40 has a tier 6 tank (hellcat), and
    has 750 games in his KR.

  16. Driver of T-34/100 is a moron. He should go to the middle of map, towards
    the enemy team. He would probably die anyways, but those retards in artys
    would get punished by the enemy team as well. But no, he insisted to move
    from left to right trying to get some miracle speed from space and escape

  17. RIP Douche Bert squad

  18. Oh boy, those three artillery units in the last review were probably the
    spawn of schrader. XD

  19. im kinda the same as mt_goat but in war thunder, i can just look at the
    enemy team and immediately be able to process what their planes can and
    cant do as well as standard speed, armament and whether they are good at
    low or high alt

  20. good god jingles… i appreciate you wanting to show us this… ill call it
    unique… way of keeping your situational awareness, but that actually made
    my eyes hurt

  21. Bartholomew Macaluso

    Huge crew skills and tank capablities enable him to make those super
    accurate snap shots. If you had those things going for you i.e. super
    accurate snap shots (just count them) you would be doing pretty well to.

  22. The E 50 M wasn’t named King his first name was Kung

  23. Jingles, any thoughts on an automated system to punish people who are
    consistently RECEIVING damage from their team? I can’t see how it would
    pick up anyone who wasn’t doing something trollish like this.

  24. It’s like that guy you showed a while ago where some player was constantly
    zooming in and out and you kept yelling at him.

  25. I have a strategy for dealing with trolls. Never used it, because
    fortunately for me that hasn’t ever happened, but if it does, I’m going to
    record the replay, make a sandwich, and wait for the battle to end.

  26. I lost my temper just watching the fv304’s annoying ironslaves(?) Man, that
    just pissed me off! I’m goona go drink my problems away… anyone wanna
    come with me?

  27. he should have just simply drove in to enemy fire .

  28. What happened to that Conqueror is why the British heavy line needs fixing.
    That tank has the most terrible heavy tank armour in the game, and even
    with a 54% win rate in the tank, I had to play so cautiously. You have to
    play it like a TD with no camo, same with the 215B, but my 215B is barely a
    40% win rate thanks to facing off against tanks like the T110E5 and the
    Grille 15, tanks that easily punch through you and elude your return fire.

  29. In the first game the team played well with such a handicap! In the last
    game he makes it look so easy … I am jealous.

  30. E 50 M is weak

  31. The system should ban players who don’t do damage to enemy’s within a
    certain time. Or just punish them.

  32. He still talks to much, pointing out obvious spots, you need to come up
    with something new

  33. this is why WoT is Pay 2 Win, when you start with a gold crew 100% you can
    start leveling their skills, people with a full skilled crew can do this
    stype of snap shots, when i do this i miss shots a mile away.. that’s why
    noobs need to stay still and aim longer, not cos we are noobs and don’t
    know how to aim, its cos we NEED to aim to fucking hit anything.

  34. GreyShot, because the salt mines would be full.

  35. The FV304 platoon is a good example why I rather watch Netflix than play.
    The fact that they are doing it is evidence that WG’s automated system does
    not work despite they insisting that it does. If there was any any
    retribution they would not have tried

  36. i would have shot these guys dead

  37. noah “latex gryphon” N

    Those fuckers in the FV304’s need to all be tortured to death IRL

  38. To do what obj 140 did , first , you have to be top squadron tank , second
    , you have to be supported by the team (that will be the day ) and then to
    have the experience , intuition and reflexes mentioned in this video .I
    don’t know if I can be that kind of player and I don’t care . If my team
    lose and I did tons of damage that gives me no satisfaction .

  39. “He knows exactly what risks he can afford.” – Bounces a shell from a JP
    E-100 from the side of the turret.

  40. spiralwhirlpool2366

    I don’t understand why WG still enables friendly fire….

  41. spiralwhirlpool2366

    Jingles, please bring justice to the world and send the vid to WG so those
    FV toon will get banned

  42. Those FVs should be banned permanently by doing that.

  43. hey Mighty Jingles are you going to play War Thunder again

  44. that last replay made dizzy as a loon please no more like that ugh!

  45. How about a perma-ban on the fv304s. That is unacceptable!

  46. mission lt15 and the minimal maps its possible on caused this

  47. For the first one arty hit every shot fucking hell, where’s the balance?

  48. wouldve just rushed the enemies with those assholes. sure i die. but they
    came along with me

    in a way it might make them do the bloody task and kill enemies for once

  49. Jingles, out of curiosity, do people ever send you Armored Warfare replays?
    Could the lack of that is why you don’t really feature any AW vids?

    (Now let’s just hope that he actually sees that comment)

  50. Is there any way to r
    send a message to those douchebags?

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