World of Tanks – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 51

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Gotta be honest, there’s nothing particularly bad or ugly about this episode, but I guarantee a couple of “WTF did I just watch?” moments or your money back!

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System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Jonah Frederick (xXxTheSharpShooterzxXx)

    Hmm jingles u have over 500k subs and with that you eat donations. Free do
    thru the Turd on tracks

  2. If you have to drive the VK45.02A just understand your going for medium
    tanks, you are not a heavy, you try to take those heavy spots you will die
    100 times over period, the VK45.02B on the other hand is a god at this time
    among heavy tanks, it’s armor is also the reason maus feels so shit right
    now xD and why the VK.b is getting a slight nerf and the maus a buff soon.

  3. this video should have a PG rating that elc was clearly BALLS DEEP

  4. shawn lee (RX78CV01)

    VK45.02A is good in it’s own way,it is not any normal heavy,having decent
    mobility but sacrifice of armor (altough it still have tiger II turret
    armor) makes it good when packed with mediums,sadly i sold it not long ago
    to proceed my way to it 2 bigger brother,and shit happens to 1 of them…

  5. Was that a vicinity locker mod in the opening clip?

  6. anyone else notice the ally SU-85 drowned in the second replay?

  7. The new turret gives the 30 mm 2 more shots

  8. 45.02A can’t be that bad can it?

  9. there nurfin the lower plate next patch shame really its not that op

  10. Pepe Carlos DeCarlo

    Jingles just get it. I’m a get mine tonight.

  11. MrNardKing “MrNardKing”

    “Proper physics”

  12. That Luchs game killed my soul.

  13. Jingles! How about over 9200 damaged blocked (excluding any HE or track
    shots) in mere 75 seconds in a KV – 5?
    Of course, it resulted in my death..
    Here is the file.
    8:15 – 6:55 is where the action happens!

  14. Jingles, you could just save up a large amount of free XP to get that tank

  15. Jingles you have to play escort with the 4502A, its the only way. Also poke
    corner fight because your turret is 3′ away from the front bumper lol.

  16. Jingles you gave away the VK’s weakspots :(

  17. play the preceding tank as a fat old medium not a heavy, its turret is
    bouncy enough to be a bad medium and its got the mobility to chase mediums
    with relatively good success. You are not a heavy in that thing you are a
    medium who ate too many burgers

  18. “as flat as a witch’s tit” jingles jokes are so original

  19. who else remembers that kv4 replay where the driver blocked 14K damage

  20. aiming is for le noobs.

  21. grind out the 4502a it’s worth it. Besides it’s a glorified medium tank
    with an okay turret.

  22. The vk4502 is NOT a piece of shit. It is fast for a heavy. Sure, the gun
    lacks some penetration, but it has the same turret as the Tiger II. Mainly,
    you need to exploit the speed. Think of it as a support heavy.

  23. This tank luchs like to be pretty good in tier 4

  24. can i get my money back? :)

  25. not the whole MG ball is weakspot, but lower part of it, where MG is
    mounted is a weak spot. Small but still penetrable.

  26. Jingles why do you say the VK – A Is a bad tank. I have it or more like had
    it, I unlocked the VK-B a about a week ago. but the VK- A was a good tank.
    It has great mobility and I did pretty good at side scraping with it. I
    earned an Ace Tanker medal with it. I haven’t sold it yet because I’m
    waiting until it’s time to get the Maus so I can sell it for about
    1,000,000 credits and make the grind easier but when it comes time I’m
    gonna miss it. it was a great tank.

  27. “As flat as a witch’s tit.” And where did you get that one, Jingles?

  28. Ahh the God Tank 🙂 love mine but the VKpoop well the guys on here are
    totally correct and giving you very very good advice … FREE XP IT . I
    ground through it and it took a year ! I was on the verge of giving up ..
    if it wasnt for my friends platooning with me and keeping me sane ….
    still I now I have MAUS too and holy moly its Awesome JPE100 gold shells
    pinging off just gives me that satisfied feeling :)

  29. Invisible walls for the win! :)

  30. i disagree, VK 45.02A is a decent heavymedium tank 🙂 I had like 8 or 10
    Ace tankers in it during grind to 45.02B

  31. I had to grind through the tier 8 and this when it was shit to get the
    Maus, this was bloody awful before the buff, so you can feel our pain!

  32. Too bad the Luchs driver was an idiot.

  33. Naw, my replay didn’t make it, but that’s how most of us feel, isn’t it. I
    shall return to the salt mines

  34. It’s not that I particularly like the 45.02 A, but I do recall doing better
    in it than a lot of more popular tanks, like the IS, the Hellcat, the
    Borsig and the SU-152. Just checking, and it’s also better than my Hetzer
    which I only keep to derp people at tier 4. I certainly liked it more than
    the AMX 50 100, and just about every British tank I ever played. I think I
    also only carried 5 rounds of APCR back when I played it, and never seemed
    to have problems.
    That said, there’s stuff like the Japanese heavies now. On the other hand,
    it can easily outmaneuver whatever it can’t penetrate.
    I recall Foch liking it, though I haven’t watched his stuff for a while.

    But seriously, it’s rather nice as long as you don’t go front on against
    enemy heavies.

    Also, brace for incoming 45.02 A replays.

    Also, Jingles finally stopped just calling them both the VK 45.02 P.

  35. pay shekels to some chinese company to grind for ya/………:P

  36. the vk 4502 a is a great tank, just gotta play it like a medium. i loved my
    vk A! its amazing at bullying enemy mediums.

  37. DAMMIT JINGLES XD now everyone knows the VK45.02B’s weak points now there
    goes my tier 9 stet pedder stats

  38. To be honest, when I was grinding through the VK 4502 A, I didn’t have that
    much of a problem. For me, I quickly recognized to play it like a big,
    German centurion (ish), and using that gun from long range, or play it like
    a medium instead of a heavy. But whatever frustration I might have had with
    it (don’t remember anymore), it is totally worth all of the pain and
    suffering for the VK 4502 B (I sometimes like to call it the VK Bastard,
    for obvious reasons). From the front, this tank is as good as, if not
    better, than the Maus, and i have and play both. I regularly, without fear,
    drive headfirst into a group of tier 10 tank destroyers and heavies, and i
    beat them, or if not, severely cripple them. Because the armor is so good,
    you can, regularly, bounce tier 10 tank destroyer shots from point blank
    range. Jingles, get the VK 4502 B, you will love it. I have over 500 games
    in my VK 4502 B, and that tank is quite literally, a tier 9 seal clubber.
    Until you get shot in the back, in which case instant damaged ammo rack.
    But still, this tank fears no other tank in the game when it has its front
    pointing towards them, unless its artillery with HE. i have more than once
    completely humiliated full health E-75s without a scratch, E-100s spamming
    HEAT, and other tier 10 heavies with the VK B. Just get it Jingles.

  39. “luchs like he going hunting…” hehe luchs, looks.. hehehe, luchs

    I’ll see myself out back to the salt mines

  40. The 45.02 A is a massive shitty medium tank pretending to be a heavy.

    Sadly the B has had all it’s secrets made public, and whenever I go into a
    battle, the front of the turret face, commanders cupola, and front
    weakspots are abused heavily by Russian mediums firing gold like their
    pockets have no bottoms.

    However, there is nothing more satisfying, when you angle just right, and
    hear a JPE 100 fire his Heat and it just glances off the side of the hull,
    or seeing a deathstar line up their shot only to have it bounce off the
    front. But then some little punk in a high tier Russian Medium pokes out
    around a corner and fires highly accurate snap shots at your commanders
    cupola, or arty takes advantage of your slow movement and kills your will
    to live.

  41. Not played much with my vk 45 02 p…but after the buff it seems a lot
    better. And with the new tech thats coming i wont be able to get the
    maus,so no reason to play it any more. I went this tech line just for the
    maus. Im a big guy and i like big tanks,among other big things :)

  42. Lack of situational awareness of >many< tanks in Clip 2? The Panther was AFK, the T1 saw him coming, but acted poorly. There was not THAT high number of tanks not paying attention I would say.

  43. Just free XP it Mr.J… Because your spot on, the VK A is the worst shitbox
    of a tank in the game, it is just terrible! I almost killed my self trying
    to grind it.. i drove some 20-30 games and it was done. Sold it. NEVER EVER
    i touch that peace of shit ever again. I had Free XP so .. Shoe is somewhat
    nice, but too situational, way too situational. IF the enemys stay in front
    of you, IF they are slow too, IF the battle goes slow, IF the map and the
    location of the fight favours it.. Then you sometimes have a decent game.
    All the other times meds rape you, people with brains rape you, not
    suitable maps and fat games leaves you just driving forward all the time
    and being late everywhere.

  44. 6:51 Luchs like he’s going hunting


  45. Tier VI – VIII in this maus line suck so much

  46. “flatter then a witches tit” Where the heck did that come from?! X’D

  47. These intros lately have been just brilliant!!!

  48. I noticed that SU-85 suicide at the end of the MT-25 replay. Like, why on

  49. Pinned by The Mighty Jingles

  50. I think a lot of Witches were upset at this video.

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