World of Tanks – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 52

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It’s the return of the series that makes you laugh, cry and hurl, all for one low, low price!

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  1. Jingles is the best play-by-play man in the business.

  2. Ten SPGs in one game was fairly common before patch 8.6.

  3. Okay here’s my opinion, feel free to give it a well thought out argument… jk this is the internet just call me stupid 😛

    1. As someone who has never played an arty besides bert: arty is annoying yes, but not having arty would make wot a campfest. As much as we joke about it arty DOES do what is advertised, prevents camping.

    2. Okay when everyone lemming trains and you know your gonna get death rained on you… well instead of suiciding into water suiside into gunfire and try to take one with ya.

    3. Ahh jingles, the Matilda is only good when top tier… tell that to all the T6 mediums i’ve beaten in 1v1 duels. Tell that to my long train of dead cromwells, ahh high dpm and ridiculous penetration… seriously, that dpm is rediculous when you have a good crew and a gun rammer and stuff.

  4. So funny…thx

  5. I don’t need a reason to be an asshole. I just am. I do it for the lulz.

  6. team killing is pointless and solves nothing but i do believe that its perfectly okay to be a dick if you have a good reason.

  7. Stephanie Crosby

    Love this! Flatline is my husband, MAC is his best friend! Thank you for posting 🙂

  8. That Matilda got stupid lucky with that idiot proof battle, battles like don’t happen anymore on NA because of the seal clubbers.

  9. Jingles, why are your videos getting shorter? like, I remember your older good bad and ugly being over 30 min long

  10. Kenton Velomancer

    I am absolutely FRIGG’N FLABBERGASETD by your commentary in this and hereby nominate you for the Vin Scully award for the best sports commentator of the yer award!

  11. Hey jingles just want to say that my best friend and I downloaded the game tiger knight that you reviewed and it’s totally awesome, we have already played it for hours and it’s amazing

  12. Actually jingles, the T28 proto got a roof

  13. Honestly I agree absolutely with Jingles. Just because you had a point doesn’t mean what you do is not inheritly dick-ish. Like, sure, my reason is that you’ve been a jerk to me, but it still doesn’t mean I am completely free from blame if I take a dump on your bed.

  14. In artillery when your team lemming trains to the other side of the map, you go with them. I do not feel any sympathy for them. Never did. Never will. They should have been where the last surviving m43 was or where the bat chat was.

  15. To end on a Matilda game made me a very happy man. I love both of my Matildas. Even though after 666 games in the Matilda BP I’ll never play it again.

  16. The BAD, I agree with you so full heartedly. EXACTLY, in this game and in life as well!

  17. THANK YOU! I’ve always said “A reason isn’t an excuse.” I’m glad our Gnomish Overlord agrees.

  18. took out his own tracks and 2/3 of his own health, suprised he didn’t wreck his gun and kill a crew member.

  19. Arty need to lose their camo

  20. Jingles, you can’t convince an asshole that they’re an asshole…because, they’re an asshole

  21. I promise it’s not just you Jingles.

  22. Oh jingles. I agree but many many people are stupid.

  23. ARTY needs to go, arty is to OP and this replay just goes to show you there are no arty safe spots anymore.

  24. DarkLordofHistory

    I think I prefer the old intro, Jingles.

  25. Applause at the sentiment – yes, regardless of reason, if you’re being a dick, you’re being a dick…

  26. C’mon, Jingles, for Chrissakes; get the lovely Rita in one of your videos again one of these times. Especially when you’re talking tanks. You know you want to. Now you know we want you to too. We love Rita!

  27. good to see you again jingles

  28. Was this a win because of artillery? Really? Well at least this video will serve as an eye opener for all the whiny bi**hes out there crying for arty nerf as they click sitting at base to your maus and e100 because ur sitting in the middle of a field doing jack shyt….

  29. _Cpt_Oblivious_36 _

    Thank you Jingles for another great vid

  30. As for the asshole rant, Jingles, I am *totally* with you on that.
    I’ve been in similar situations with my arty, but I always try to win the fight. Usually I don’t carry, but I try.

  31. Ah, the M53. Probably the single most OP arty in the game, tier for tier. Small, fast, stealthy, accurate, flexible as hell, and still plenty lethal.

    My GW Tiger can only dream of the day when it’s even a tenth as good as this thing.

  32. look at that he’s clearly an aimbot user

  33. ChipotleIsLife 23

    That’s fucking unbelievable if I was the arty I would have actually attempted to win the game

  34. The second replay. THIS. Is why I hate artillery players. In the ENTIRETY of Wargamings games there is no bigger group of arrogant bitchy cockgoblets than World of Tanks artillery players. For every 1 arty player I see that’s a respectable person there’s another 50 asswipes that will moan and bitch and even teamkill when things aren’t going their way. The rest of this game simply are not as cancerous and couldn’t be if they TRIED.

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  36. xD if typhoon is as new as jingles says he is, then it’s bad news for us because he’s gonna think that these types of games actually happen to normal people

  37. Reasoning with anonymous I-Net players… rolling a heavy stone up a hill… nailing diarrhoea to the wall… all these things.

  38. Nothing more frustrating as a Arty that your team is going one side of the map. Yesterday i had 2 games in a row with like this. You have to make the best of it, but frustrating it is…

  39. Here’s that comment you wanted

    “having a reason for being an asshole doesn’t make you any less of an asshole” is one of your messages here, but this is too simple of a way to really think. Supplying a reason for being an asshole, or committing a crime in court, is an attempt at justification, not just reason for reason’s sake. And yes, whiny little bitches don’t give actual reasons, they give stupid reasons. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t genuine, just, real reasons for committing a crime, or teamkilling. Just that there’s very few, and the majority of those few are pretty extreme and rare. It does require detailed thought to think this way though. This doesn’t mean the crime wasn’t committed or no one was being a dick, just that calling them out for it wouldn’t be the right thing to do

  40. mitchell mccormack

    Now why the hell is the good the bad and the ugly 20minutes long.?

  41. Jingles should give Blitz a try again.

  42. i don’t care for cancer replays

  43. that first replay made me sad. arty is so broken

  44. Warthunder tanks plz

  45. And this is exactly the reason why artillery needs changing 😀

  46. Awesome ending to it. x’D

  47. how to spot older replays: there are not 5 defenders in every match…

  48. That 2nd game was cancer.That arty tk should be banned for life,same as all the other cocks that suicide.

  49. social3ngin33rin

    Did Jingles just say american arty has good accuracy? lolol
    Only the M12 has good accuracy. The 53/55 is quite ok. The 155mm has lower punch but “better” accuracy and reload than the 203mm. The big gun is 100% RNG .
    I wonder if they purposely platooned with different guns >_>

  50. The supper pershing platoon did go to a retarded possition..

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