World of Tanks – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 53

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I’m early, better think of a joke.

What did the Churchill say to the ?
Nothing, they’re tanks.

I’ll get my coat.

System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Lol, people and their quirks makes life interesting.

  2. As always,.. I look forward to your videos… this ROCKED.. woot woot KV2 way to go

  3. With how quickly that platoon turned blue, I get the feeling they are a couple of arseholes that aren’t shy of damaging team mates. Still, IS-3 acted like a dick for no reason.

  4. Request permission to create new Clan on NA server: the “Actually Jingles”.
    I await the favor of our benevolent overlord.

  5. why doesn’t war gaming input no friendly fire program like some FPSs have? like war thunder has….just saying. It has been like 13 years.

  6. Anonymous Happy person

    Well at least on Xbox there’s no friendly fire so why not on pc it would solve this whole problem and wargaming doesn’t worry about it

  7. Everybody at the same tier should be the best MM possible.

  8. if one teammate is blue, it doesn’t mean you have to shoot him. it might be an accidental mistake so don’t go into judging that he did it on purpose and kill that guy

  9. Hostile Phantasm

    i miss the kv2. stalins rolling woodstove. havent played wot in like three years, still watching jingles vids hahahaha

  10. Am I the ONLY one who gets a wry grin when I see a new video up on Jingles Channel at the end of a long day?? Absolutely love his channel! Funny part?? I DON’T play any of the games he features. I’d like to, however (cash flow deficient presently). Definitely picked up enough tips/ tricks!

  11. hero tiger P
    GJ keep doing your good job
    u are awesome

  12. Matthew Sinclair

    In WoT console friendly fire does zero damage. Why not implement this into the PC version to help curb such assholes?

  13. the second game just shows that a lot of players like losing.
    everyone below 50% is an egoistic asshole who plays for the enemy team.
    all players below 50% or actually its more like 53% are just stats whores who prefer doing dmg over wins.
    those stats whores who have low wins rates are ruining the game.

  14. That Tiger P at the beginning is why I no longer play WoT.

  15. The second game is why I play on the Xbone!

  16. 20 modules/crew damaged in the KV2 replay. Stronk tank! 😀

  17. adrien choiniere

    I my opignion, the best think WG can do to prevent asholw is to remove team damage.

  18. Hey Jingles, just wanted to say thank you. your video gave me a laugh when I need it most. My sister was the victim of a hit and run on July 4th which she didn’t survive (unforutnate right?) and I’ve had a hard time keeping a smile, you know? And your last couple of videos gave me a laugh. So I just wanted to thank you for that. Have a nice day, and I’ll see you next time! 🙂

  19. LOL is3: i have no father bot

  20. Russians and their retard mechanics.

  21. Danny Winchester

    Jingles, could you tell us the funniest navy story you know?

  22. I blame IS-3 as well. As for the O-HO, it could be carelessness, inexperience, or shit the guy/girl could’ve been drunk. People play this drunk all the time.

  23. well actually jingles, you cant turn blue in an artilery.

  24. The O-I was an idiot for taking that shot. The IS-3 was an asshole.

  25. I fucking hate bastards like guy in first part. Just kill yourself please. Have fun by taking the fun away from other people.

  26. Fuck arty!

  27. Jesus people on NA/EU are assholes, glad I mainly stick to SEA even though they play like right potatoes.

  28. Caelo de Vorago

    IS-3 is the only one to blame You have to ignore the past in this situation. It doesn’t matter what the O-ho did before, what made him blue was an accidental/careless use of HE. The IS-3 only shot him because he turned blue, which is the dumbest reason to shoot anyone in the game. JUST because a teammate turned blue doesn’t give you the right to shoot them. Unless you know the team damage was deliberate and they are showing that they will do it to you. Who knows, people could’ve trolled the O-ho in the past and made him shoot them, we don’t know and it doesn’t matter.

    The T-32 acted in defense of the O-ho actually, since he never said anything against the O-ho, only the IS-3.

    So the IS-3 decided “Oh, a blue player who isn’t causing us any problems and is probably one of our strongest teammates? Lemme waste ammo, and potentially health/death for no reason.”

    IS-3=Idiot jackass
    O-ho= Potentially careless
    T-32= Unsung hero for at least trying.

  29. when the video doesnt show up on ur feed FeelsBadMan

  30. Jingles I just wanted to let you know that if your channel featured nothing but KV-2 replays I would still be just as happy watching it.

  31. that last clip…..IMMEDIATELY to code brown and holy shit that poor enemy must have been ragin HARD after bouncing….6 or 7 shots? id be furiuos too

  32. I blame the is3. T32 and O-HO are not to blame.

  33. you guessed its tuna

    jingles why everybody is tier8??

  34. Zayletsplay WOT

    The moment i saw the notification for this video i ran to my room closed the blinders, popped some popcorn and tucked myself in. “Dis gon be gooooood”

  35. it’s the new mm tends to always happen

  36. jingles sounding like david attenborough

  37. Loved the KV2 video especially when he blatted the last KV85!

  38. I know what you mean with the anti-asshole mechanics.

    Earlier today playing ships (I know this is tanks but the same principle applies) I managed to scrape some HE across the top of a friendly BB’s mast with my forward guns – I was in scope and had no idea – I should have but I didn’t.

    Lit him on fire.

    About a half a dozen battles earlier I was in scope and put a couple rounds into a friendly ship which had slid in neatly next to me as I was firing – also in scope, my bad. Minor damage.

    So, I light the BB on fire and he burns for a few seconds and, presto, suddenly all my health is draining away and I blow up. It wasn’t reflected damage – it was the game saying, “Hey, you’re obviously a team damaging asshole-scumbag so you must die! (and turn pink)”

    No ships were killed by me and certainly no ships were purposefully targeted by me.

    Turn me pink – fine – it’s a fair cop.

    Drain out all the HP in a matter of seconds? I mean, I haven’t accidentally killed anyone (torps) in like 6 months or more.

    I get it – there has to be systems in place to take care of the losers who go out and grief other players and watch the world burn but to essentially knock a person out of the game, as opposed to just a stern warning because it’s clear I don’t make a habit of this but accidents do happen…overkill, clumsy, and ham handed.

  39. TheGamingWolf252

    KV-2 Da

  40. that tiger p was a genius

  41. Ghost Recon

  42. Plies a wold of tenk viedio

  43. 16:46 this is total balance, I don’t see any problem here *cough* “Russian Bias”

  44. I will admit to being one of the oblivious Artillery players. However, I almost always position myself on as high a ground as I can find. That way anyone trying to block my shot has to cliff dive or slide off the hill or otherwise remove themselves from the picture. What I have not figured out a solution for is the team member who decides to do a 100 yrd top speed ram after my shell has left the barrel and he and my shell arrive at the target together.

  45. Stronk tenk xD

  46. 9:22 clearly you didn’t play with “derp” guns. Where the aim circle is big as your screen and fix slash radios. So you have 2 factor that you can’t control. Where the shot going to go and the slash radios. Please drop that British shit talk and talk direct!

  47. You know what the actual most depressing thing in this episode is?

    How accurate and readable the auto-generated subtitles are…

  48. it’s the is 3 fault

  49. 4 Tonnes of Fury

    Its the IS3’s fault, the O-Ho was careless but not on purpose.

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