World of Tanks – The Good the Bad and the Ugly 54

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

It’s back! And this it’s way uglier than before!


  1. Medium tank horsepower per ton ratio of 7,5? yeeah thats more like a retarded maus

  2. Im just hoping that people like this scumbag Foch player see themselves in a video like this and realize that they arent right but rather just an asshole of a player that nobody wants to play with.

  3. Seemor Disillusioned

    17:45 LOL  No kidding Jingles , don’t hold back tell us what you REALLY think of this guy and players like him .  lol

  4. Syahareen Sha Rani

    I just hate Pro players just letting the enemy team to win I mean seriously if you don’t like your own team why not just uninstall the game and play something else is like watching Russia vs USA again -_-

  5. Just sat down at a coffee shop while misus shops… Saw notification immediately order 2 coffees and 2 waffles

  6. Jingles, I’m very disappointed that a warlock such as yourself doesn’t recognize the name of the Demon Prince of Gnolls.

  7. Autoloaders are totally balanced of course. Hate them almost as much as arty.

  8. Report Foch plz



  10. @The Mighty Jingles:
    Yeenoghu was the God of the Gnoll’s in Dungeons & Dragons.

  11. still much better pen than the kv5 lol

  12. #FuckFoch!

  13. i only carry 8 rounds of gold in my t69, and don’t use them that often, and i do fairly well with it.
    though another bad thing about the t69 is that it takes module and crew dmg so easily

  14. magnus bo vejlø Rasmussen

    Jingels the t 30 dont use 120 mm Gun….. 14:19 ….. He use a 105… The top gun for t 29
    17:17 do he say he use a 105 mm Gun and not the 120mm and you can se what he dont have 750 or 400 … Becouse the gun is too Long

  15. Let’s all take a moment to pay respects to Kumaku, the commander of the E-100 who gave his life valiantly fighting off Communist filth for the fatherland.

  16. Oh no not this bloody tank game again 😉

  17. Infinity representing SA Nice!

  18. Whenever i hear “You only have 180 something mm of penetration on a tier 8 medium” i remember my T44, playing with 175 mm of pen, when the gold ammo was bought only for gold, doing arround 750 dmg per battle before i got ammoracked even though i had safe stowage and wet ammorack… .And then you research T54 after hearing from some kids that spend their parents money on shooting some premium ammo, which for you, a regular player is something mythical, that it is OP, and then you must get 50000 exp with a gun that has 175 mm of pen, in a tier 9 tank, and when you get the top gun you have less penetration than a tier 6 french heavy tank. Aaaaah memories, and those OP russians

  19. NoobWarrior the Foch tosser only has less than 1700 wn8 with 50k battles. I have just under 1700 wn8 with 6k battles. Like if you have 1700 wn8 or higher or like if you don’t but you’re not a tosser like NoobWarrior.

  20. That is one sexy TD, reminds me on Cadillac Fleetwood 🙂

  21. This is why I play WoT on console (apart from the fact that I prefer console) you can’t damage teammates and there is no game chat, not that it really matters because arseholes are very rare on console anyway.

  22. the sadest game i ever played and saw 🙂 … i didn’t tought that an online game can have so many stupids into it. A war game wich is supposed to be fun,to be challenging.. it’s a fkin madhouse , a big fkin disgrace and disaster. I wish they will cancel this game or do something with premium ammo and let the good players to play into a mode made for them and let all this retards to play with bots.

  23. Jingles mate, can you press the + key about 4 times to make the map bigger in your replays? Thanks!

  24. Jingles where are the random acts of violence videos?

  25. SvenGamingNetwork

    “God that sounded creepy” … Insta-like

  26. “precious stats” LUL if that’s what he thinks….

  27. I really disliked the T69. It’s almost as if the Americans went “let’s see if we can do worse than the Type 5 Chi-Ri!”, so it has a huge, broad, easy-to-hit profile, it’s not really fast enough to properly flank, it doesn’t have the standard pen to reliably contest equal tier armor or higher, and the accuracy on the top autoloading gun is extremely trollish.
    Sure. I could get a few good games in the T69, but unlocking the T54E1 was like slipping into a bathtub of burn ointment after having played too long with Molotov cocktails.

  28. 03:25 except the gun mantlet, thats 250mm and mostly flat
    but you have to hit right next too the gun otherwise its 500+ effective

  29. Come to see the video… 28min… F*** yeah Jingles!!!

  30. T69 the surprise butsecks tank.

  31. As always, thanks Jingles. On a slightly negative note, had a south park song running through my head all they way through the video, after your early comment – ‘uncle fucker’.

  32. Is it wrong that I’m watching this while my Bitch is giving birth to puppies?

  33. the main reason why people dont have the 263 is because of the horrid grind

  34. I love what you said about that Foch driver, absolutely brilliant and true as well, i fully agree!

  35. Skandranon Banefire

    is it just me, or was jingles not working the camera during the cromwell b replay? i’d love to see what he was shooting at–oh wait, nevermind.

  36. Yessss

  37. 26:51 – Has a mini stroke and just decides to proceed with the next sentence??

  38. Ackchually Jingles, the reason that the 263 is unpopular is quite simple and has nothing to do with the tank itself. The 268 comes from the ISU-152, while the 263 comes from the SU-100M1, SU-101, and SU-122-54

  39. when i got the t69 before they buffed the 90 i used the 76 because it had 1 more mm of pen 🙂

  40. Roberto Villarey Jr.

    apparently jingles isn’t informed regarding the VK 45.02 B’s lower plate nerf or maybe i just wasn’t informed that they buffed it again

  41. Didnt know 7.5 hp/t was a standard on med tanks in wot, that is so shockingly excellent on a TD! My kv2 with the stock engine has about 9 hp/ton and it does feel like an amx cdc zooming around the map!

  42. Jingles, the T30 is using the 105mm gun, not the 120mm gun

  43. Jingles u forgot another bad thing about the T69. The 90mm gun it gets has a 2.9 second aiming time and trash dispersion values

  44. In Japan, you don’t penetrate your Onii-chan, your Onii-chan penetrates _you_ .

  45. God aweful players and constant bots ruined this game.

  46. Huuuuuuuuuge dpm 🙂

  47. Best video ever Jingles. Glad to hear you say those things. 🙂

  48. So a few days ago I played a game of WoT. It was looking to become 15-0 and because I hate landslide victories I decided to teamkill someone. Today I will watch this video to feel better about what I did.

  49. I’m not the only one who thought the T30 could have survived to carry on farming if he had bothered to put even one shot into the E75, right?

  50. Whoah! Jingles?!

    Wishing someone a slow and painful death over some shitty behavior in a computer game? That’s on a par with, well all the shitty behavior and wishing cancer on people we see in game chat day in day out isn’t it? You just lowered yourself to that level and it’s a bit disappointing. I thought Uncle Jingles was better than that (evil gnome overlording aside).

    Still I’m willing to put it down to you just having a bad day and we’ll forget it ever happened. OK?

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