World of Tanks – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 55

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Source: The Mighty

It’s back! You know how it works, get the bucket on standby and press play.

System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. A 32 minute video from the master?… Christmas came early?

  2. Wg needs to make a tier 6 tog with the deathstar gun… I’d buy it

  3. Jingles the Obj268 was whining about the enemy team being stacked with good players because the 268 was using XVM.

  4. FV 4005: English tank, Scottish gun.

  5. Executing file iexplorere.exe

    Jingles is such a troll

  6. Was the Obj. 268 running XVM and talking about the players skill? Because the match maker stacks the better players on one team in each battle. If you don’t believe me load Quickybaby’s mod and see for yourself, that’s where I first noticed it watching his videos

  7. Finally, another long episode of the Good, The bad, and the ugly

  8. its not a premium, but its a clubbing machine if you feel really dirty, think ms1 but on a load of steroids

  9. Calm the calamity that is your mammories

  10. Fantastic video Jingles!!


    Craziest bullshit Kolobanov’s for enemy arty. From resetter’s perspective.

  12. >+10,000 damage is not enough to carry your team
    > 0 damage done, hides in corner the whole game, carries team to victory

    Jingles, you’re making my head hurt

  13. what do you mean fate in humanity… im just chilling here in mars with my martian homies.. and we have better salt mines here too…

  14. The1Whit3Dragon Reborn

    Anybody else read this comment section in Jingle’s voice? Just me? Back to the salt mines, I guess.

  15. My faith in humanity was reaffirmed by the early games, None, killerwatts73 is just an anomaly. BTW Killerwatts73 if you watched it great job.

  16. Thanks for that. Need some of that faith restoring from time to time. Inspiring play that last one.

  17. Possesed by a retarded child.

  18. Wow that last one softened my spirit so I didn’t have to kick the neighbor’s dog after a bad day of tanks!

  19. That first one was epic…LOL

  20. Love ya work Jingles keep it up!

  21. I wish there were more players like the SU-100 and less players like that whiny bitch in the all tier-10 game. I’ve lost so many Top Guns and Radleys and even a few Pool’s Medals because some asshole decided that because they are closer or because they are faster they should rob me of medals I do not receive very often. Sure they shouldn’t totally back off but you should at least give the guy that’s been sweating his balls off to carry the team a chance to get that last kill for a medal.

  22. Not a premium, you can choose to play the T22 or T1, you get both off the bat

  23. mahamudra mahamudraa

    i never give free medal for ,y teammates. they either earn it themselves or they can go and get some more practice untill they get one. im not a dbag who pushes or gets in their way if theyre about to deliveer the killing shot. i just dont want people who dont deserve it get it.

  24. Happy 20th video!

  25. Well done Killerwatts73….shame on the two artillery on that team.

  26. Jingles why you so faithful in us lol. Good one.

  27. OH MY GOD i got home and saw this and cried… You should have been able to hear it in England jingles even if i’m in australia

  28. None at the start, but I see two yellow bars in the video, Jingles. One at 12:00 and 24:30.
    That’s good, right?

  29. I have 3000 games in my T22 Proto. It has a 76 which overmatched everything

  30. Marshall Allshouse

    “The good, the bad, and the ugly”
    *plays like 6 replays”

  31. actually Jingles he was mad about the number of mediums on the enemy team

  32. Ivan Livio Cruz Jurich

    This was a very interesting one Jingles. Ty!

  33. Oh shit! Buffalo squad, that’s my old squad! Australia REPRESENT!

  34. XCOM when?

  35. Nice job to kilowatts

  36. the ghost of kv-2’s past possesed that obj.263

  37. I bet that St. Emil really feels like he earned that Radley’s… that he didn’t earn.


  38. Why do we play this game?

  39. 1:00 I still think they ought to add the M36B1 as a tier 6 prem US TD. It’s sort of a clone, M36 turret on an M4A3 VVSS hull, but it’s better than bleedin nothing

  40. Great vid as usual
    T22 on console is not a premium tank, its one of two choices at tier1 to start the American tech tree.

  41. I miss these vids
    I enjoy the last video su100 and the tank because I always use it in blitz for brawling and try help team like the su100 in video.
    Yes I know it’s not for brawling but you can play any tank up front if done correctly but now a days you can’t do it because team always bad lol

  42. You have to understand how the North American server works.. 30000 battles on the server, and one thing I can tell you, this game was rigged as fuck. With the server population so low, it happens more often that not. All the “good clans” and all the “uniscums” “randomly” get placed on the same team so the games end quickly to keep the games played numbers up..

  43. That 613 dmg roll in that Skorp replay

  44. WOT got retarded, not worth to play

  45. The funny thing about THAT kind of Kolobanov’s is that i have one with arty lol. LORRAINE 155 MLE. 51 – user name KomaH (EU server). And i couldn’t find my replay 🙁 (must have been long time ago), and since i’ve last checked – there were not a single replay of arty getting Kolobanov’s on wotreplays xD

  46. Clearly that Object 263 wanted to make sure he hit his shot, smart dude.

  47. Ah, Assault. The mode where you spend the last few seconds of the game yelling at your (defending) teammate to for the love of God just hide and let the clock run down and we win but they decide to poke out for another shot and die, losing the game.


  49. Hey Jingles, I would really love some feed back on my WOT videos ?

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