World of Tanks – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 56

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

It’s been a while but it’s back, and everyone still mostly sucks.

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  1. Love these videos. Saw the one guy in the arty segment say this is for jingles, did you catch that?

  2. Jingles, I almost spit out my drink when I heard the KV-2 driver’s name.

  3. Actually Jingles, it’s entirely possible the Locust is out of ammo. They don’t really carry that much ammunition.

  4. Already had to play against a Lyon division, thanks Jingles

  5. That was pretty Ugly

  6. Tier 4 scumbag platoon xx

  7. BANG Average Tanker

    Wwzed is a lady btw Jingles… apology accepted!

  8. great vid again Jingles – at 15:03 what is that cool piano background music?

  9. wow nice and on my virthday too. perfect

  10. that crap short fall of shots is why i sold mine. but i needed it back so i rebought it. still pisses me off when your shell falls way short like that.

  11. Im pretty sure the Locust used ALL his ammo keeping the Matilda tracked for that long time.

  12. Before the video, I got an advert showing a Ford Fiesta ST being driven around a salt mine 🙂

  13. In my KV-2, i’ve put a dice as an emblem, because its always up to rng, if the shot hits or not….XD.

  14. Jingles, Given that your internet situation is less than ideal right now, why not try a little Kingdome Come: Deliverance? The newest patches in the past month have fixed all of the major bugs in the campaign, and it’s now so enjoyable that I’m actually doing a second playthrough of the campaign myself!

  15. It’s actually VERY likely the Locust ran out of ammo, it only carries 40 rounds. I’ve done it before.

  16. The other day I suggested Jingles should just sing the YaaMaaaToooooo! Song himself. Screw the lawyers. Now, I’m quite impressed with his singing of a little bit of The Imperial Death March. What other tunes and ditties do we great unwashed think he should try?

  17. 713 more subs we can do it

  18. get your shit together… it’s 522

  19. The locust was betting on the matilda to be greedy and chase him, didn’t happen tho.

  20. Zeydaan The Dragon

    c’mon Jingles! out of the 600k subs at least ONE of them could play an instrument, get someone to make a cover of a song you want and then its not the copyright version

  21. Hocus Pocus Arty-Focus…..

  22. will there be a “the good, the bad and the warships soon? At least you cant get demonetised for saying “that’s a paddlin’

  23. Yeeeey this series is back! ? Thank you Mr. Jingles!

  24. Been waiting for these science before the kv was destroyed

  25. 15:44 Well that shot is on an express route to Himmelsdorf. And here’s where those “ghost shots” that semingly come out of nowhere originate from.

  26. that fv215b (183) that is me in a strv let that sink in for a moment

  27. First Jingles video I watched in months and boy was it a good one!

  28. Jingles Jingles!! i know ur up to ur neck in work n travel n giving us yt rats fresh vids….but these “why u heff to be mad” are pure gold!! and please keep doing wat ur doing ur damned good at tho we may say otherwise more often then not =) TY

  29. Trout not glue sniffers MJ.

  30. Honestly Jingles your Patreon seems to be doing well enough and your vids without the iconic music just seem….well, un-Jinglesish. Is there a point at which you will say, “yeah, Patreon’s doing the job, screw the music companies, I’m gonna make vids that bring back that Classic Jingles feeling. Cuz my salt mines minions deserve it.” Eh?

  31. I call my FV215b 183 ‘The Party Cannon’

  32. Almost 600K subs Jangles! Good job! Imma mine more salt and hopefully emerge when you get there 🙂

  33. Aye Jingles! If your big on sci fi, and building things, why not build your own spaceship in Empyrion? Its like space engineers, but more enjoyable! Love the vids!

  34. We’re all a bunch of assholes!

  35. Had a bad day at work. But get home to find a Good, Bad, and Ugly up for viewing. Joy!!

  36. President Camacho

    RE: Locust
    Are you sure a player gets cap points if they lose? Have the rules changed? I have been away from this game for quite some time.

  37. That matilda one reminded me of when i was the last alive versus 8 on a now removed map of which all bar a matilda 4 could penetrate me and i had dead tanks surrounding 3 of my sides!!!…. That match would’ve been a 8+ kill match if it wasn’t for the matilda 4’s premium ammo

  38. 5:06 I think that Zipello’s ram of the other AMX pushed it back down the slope and lifted the front of its hull slightly. This made the barrel of other AMX go just a little too high and shoot over Zipello. However it could have also just been poor marksmanship regardless, it genuinely could not have gone better for Zipello.

  39. You know Jingles, if even a significant number, say 1% of your subscribers would pledge you $1 or £1 on Patreon per month you could tell YouTube and their copyright strike software to go fly a kite ( I’d have said that differently but this is a family channel. ), play whatever music you liked and de-monetize yourself everything you upload to YouTube like you do with “Mingles with Jingles” every week.

  40. I think my favorite FV4005 match was against a FV215b 183 on Abbey when I managed to out DPM him to death. I guess he didn’t know he could shoot me in the head?

  41. Incoming copyright claim for Jingles humming

  42. When i saw the f3 i thought it might be my replay. Now it’ll never be because jingles wont want to “bore”us with two replays of the same tank.
    I can taste the blind arty hate incoming

  43. Angry Pepper shaker

    hmmm, The Mighty Jingles seems to have momentarily forgotten he basically offered free entertainment in the salt mines yesterday.

  44. 12:26 Watch jingles get his video claimed because he hummed the song xD Some choir somewhere might claim it saying they have a hummed version

  45. Crapper wot sht. Shoulda played Charlie Brown themes…

  46. Alexander Guttman

    OMG Jingles you still do these?! 😀

  47. Of course I enjoyed it. Jingles, you could talk about a cardboard box for 20 minutes and I would still watch. Just knowing your out there makes me happy 😉

  48. I cannot believe where and how I got from wiki-ing the Little John Adapter to a woman caught giving birth on Google Street View all in small, logical and conclusive steps. The internet is a wonderful distraction!

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