World of Tanks – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 57

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

It’s back! Just like I promised. Sort of. Also Happy Birthday to Cyril in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canadiashire. Katrina sends her love.

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  1. Where’s my last 30 seconds of WOT video……
    Bonus…… extra 4 seconds!!!

  2. …but the Marder 38t is tier 4….

  3. I’ve only started playing arty with the S51, the 183 gun on it, even with limited shells, is great to counter enemy arty just watch, fully aim and hope, and you usually get them

  4. “It’s because of things like this, that we swapped sides in 1943” – LMAO – I never laughed so hard

  5. Where’s your take on the CV rework game play release jingles?

  6. Is it just me? Counter-battery is still fairly common. I still always move between shots in arty games higher than tier 5 and it seems like arty is easier to trace in trajectory view on certain maps.

  7. Ah, counter-battery fire… My Hummel was an ungodly terror to enemy arty for ages, back before they ruined the whole concept…

  8. 3 arties counter-batteried in 5 minutes? I could barely kill 2 in that amount of time.

    Of course, that was Armored Warfare. I had tons of fun bagging scumbags in my… scumbag.

  9. Props to the t150 though
    That grind is gonna be brutal…

  10. The Arty doesn’t know how to use counter-battery.

  11. Quackybaby carries like 25-50% premium ammo loadouts…stat pooding

  12. Unfortunately, the Easy 8 battle is only an exception confirming the rule…. Nice compilation though! GG

  13. jingles admits its pay to win +1

  14. I do enjoy the shermans. Currently the stock e2 is my favorite because the turret is so damn troll vs tier 8s

  15. Is it bad that, as an arty player, I was all like:

    “No, dude, aim higher! He didn’t shoot from there!”
    *bang* *miss*
    “See! There’s another tracer! Aim up!”
    *bang* *miss*
    “Damnit man! … Finally, you aimed- Wait, stop! Too high!”
    *bang* *miss*

  16. Actually a rather bad arty player.

  17. This video just reminds me of all of the reasons I prefer world of warships

  18. Damn it! Why is the intro so loud every time?! Nearly go deaf every time I start up a Jingles video with my headphones on. >.<

  19. My prayers have been answered, a thirty minute video of WOT

  20. 10:08 ” I just wanted to finish my coffee” in the chat ??

  21. I remember Arty, those were goodish times. Now I can’t hit shit half the time. Still go around shotgunning. Heck, I even got a Raider award in my Sexton II. The pillars of salt I left in my wake. They’ll never make everyone happy, so nothing will ever get fixed. Only the wallet matters.

  22. And what the hell happened to hurk?

  23. Didn’t expect this

  24. Armored Warfare, despite its many faults, did arty much better.

    This could be, and always could have been, solved in WoT in a similar way. Any time an arty fires it reveals its position – but ONLY to enemy arty. Don’t even need to make it a full reveal, just show a “last known position” when the arty fired – would still add some ability to escape CB.

    Simply require that all matches have a 1 to 1 ratio of arty on each team (which it almost always does already), and you’ll see CB come back so fucking fast… and solve most of the problems remaining with artillery.

    Would make the game much more enjoyable and dynamic for arty players too.

  25. aCtUaLlY jInGlEs, the 14tp also has a 47mm with 75 alpha damage.

  26. They should remove arty and give us the credits and free exp problem solved. They have romoved things b4 the the wtf e100

  27. No world of warship? :p

  28. thx jingles

  29. Yeah WG started losign it with the 8.6 patch…then after all chat was disabled I was done with WOT and it seems like it got worse. the fun was gone. WOWS still has the old WOT feel.

  30. First time on a jingles video after joing the Royal Australian Navy

  31. We say something and WG completely misses the point. What else is new?

  32. Having to fight Defenders in every singe one of my tier 6 games and Obj. 268 v4 in any of tier 8 games and above is exactly why I, after 6 years, am not play WoT any more. And the game is dying, this sentiment is not held by me alone. To paraphrase Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, fuck war gaming, fuck them up their stupid asses!

  33. Like clauses everyman.

  34. arty tracer is stil visible, so you can stilll counter, this is what i do. and suiciding is the thing i never do. even ramming is an option.
    and the nerf of arty is so shit, that you do 50 dmg with your tier10 Arty against tier8 meds

  35. and where is the bad and the ugly? i only just saw the good….

  36. I hate that fuking arty

  37. Morale of the story: Everybody sucks so, when Wargaming tries to cope, they suck at fixing the problem!

    As an artillery player (when I actually bother to play this game) I love the idea of tracers and actual threats to artillery.

  38. Why so negative about SPG’s ?? I think it does take skill to play arty, up to some point…..I play a lot with the SPG and I m pretty good at it (I think)…. I usually take it one step further and play watch dog…..Quite often I can see trees falling or things being destroyed, I warn the team when this happens… I also am able to see what way a gun is pointing at….I warn the team so they can approach from the other side…I also keep an eye on the mini map because most players cant be bothered doing this and I will tell my team when danger is driving towards them.. I always mark my target and inform the team my loading time

  39. Nah….Circonflexes is a freak of nature….

  40. I mean… That’s how I play my arty…
    Is that really this rare nowadays?…

  41. Question including a potential Spoiler down below :

    27:44 Was the p43 ter firing HEAT or HE?
    That would explain what happened cause I’m pretty sure he hit something between him and the Easy 8.

  42. WTF Jingles you dissed arty most of that battle by bringing up the past and not even showing a decent replay. For an ex arty player and the reasons you stated for stopping. Arty is often team killed and some players have second account to play arty to team kill anyone but mainly the allied arty.
    Think you should get in the salt mines or play arty for a month at least

  43. Hey jingles often I was damaged more by arty than anything else

  44. You should of started it with the intro for world of warships ???

  45. Arnt Petter Andersen

    Yeah… you just hit the magic 30 minutes marker 🙂 Nice video! I love arty’s btw. And NO: I ain’t joking! My fav’s are Leffe-Leffe and M44 🙂 -tnx for another fun episode Jingles!

  46. Upvoted for the gotcha

  47. I still do it if enemy arty in their “standard” location, Got a medal for it the other day, didn’t know it existed. “For Counter Artillery Fire” “In a battle destroy all enemy spg’s(at least 2) in a SPG” You can still see them fire in top down view.

  48. Can we have some more cold waters videos? I have got the game after watching your successes and fails of epic proportions. Please don’t ever change Jingles!

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