World of Tanks – The Good, The bad and The Ugly 58

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I said I'd make it worth your while. Trust your Uncle Jingles.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. This video starts with a commercial. Is You Tube paying you again. I hope so.

  2. ….not a whole lot of bad or ugly in this one, mighty gnome overlord. us miners are gonna be a tad salty in the mines about that


    The UDES only has 20mm of frontal armour


  4. Nice. Very nice

  5. Bring back “Wanker of the Week”!

  6. Jingles why you think all players have between 45 and 65 win rate in this game? i am definitely sure are people much worst and much better than that. but i think somehow wargaming control this. not taking in consideration premium tanks, gold ammo, maps selection and matchmaking. and they ask why they lose all the players.

  7. it’s always KV-2 o’clock somewhere

  8. Paul, I take it you were not in Tesco in Brighouse yesterday seeing as you’re down on the S Coast? If not then I have some news for you : you have a real life double! I kid you not, this guy was a spitting image of yourself, same glasses, same hair do, same scruffy beard, same facial features. Quite uncanny.

  9. The GW Panther could just be a really kind and intelligent adult that’s just bad at games. No it wasn’t me!

  10. Where is the Bad and the Ugly?

  11. W/ the at15a, from experience, it’s all about luck: great if there are any targets in front…

  12. @A_Headless_Chicken: Damn… 1 Base-XP short 🙁

  13. The S-tank was designed as a defensive vehicle, which is why it has no turret. It fits “tank destroyer” better than “tank”. They keep ignoring those 40mm bars across the front of the S-tank that make the armor over 80mm thick since the bars act as a discontinuous stress-creator and will make HEAT and HESH rounds totally useless as they are torn apart. AP and APDS/APCR and APFSDS will run into the bars as though they were solid 40mm plates laminated to the solid 40mm under them, making the frontal thickness roughly the same as a 70mm solid plate sloped at 75 degrees. Why do they ignore those 40mjm bars? They are just as much a part of its design as the super-long, super-high-velocity 105mm gun is.

  14. UDES only only has 20mm of armor its the STRV S1 that has 30mm of armor

  15. Cool, but wheres Cold Waters?
    Casual Saturday maybe?

  16. This headless chicken is a fucking idiot xD

  17. what a stupid TD player, why not get ass to wall and then just force the gun on the guy? Instead he does this retarddance for 3 minutes…… gg tho 😉 congrats

  18. AT-15A loading gold… lost interest completely.. and sad to watch. One of the 2 reasons why I left that game.

  19. 14:20 – 15:17 LOL!

  20. Mister Jingles. I think i speak on behalf of a certain amount of British people that prefer videos about a plucky hero that did so much, but then just as they thought they would win got blown up and a letter was sent to all the relatives of the hero in question.

    Basically what i am saying is.. Have more videos in which the hero dies a hero. A Marty.

    Not dying is basically being a show-off and we British people will not stand for that! 😀

  21. Notice the last replay the Skorpion and AMX 13 90 were both bitching at their team. Big surprise neither of them did anything meaningful in the grand scheme of things beyond their 3 kills which I would almost bet were stolen off the people that did all the work.

  22. Why is it always the potatoes who do badly in the team that rage and moan and call everyone out as noobs and bots? last game friendly 13 90 crying like a bitch does 746 damage.

  23. According to the auto-generated subtitles @13:04 the AT 15A won a “collarbone offs mammals”. OK then.

  24. Anyone here remember Wanker of the week?

  25. Webster-Merriam definition of “tank” in post-WW1 modern parlance: a fully-tracked, fully-enclosed, armored combat vehicle equipped with one or more fully-rotating turrets mounting one or more cannons and/or machine guns. Sorry Sweden, that’s not a tank.

  26. 14:30 “This is Mr Nesbitt of Harlow New Town. Mr Nesbit would you stand up please. Mr Nesbitt has learnt the value of not being seen. However he has chosen a very obvious piece of cover.”

  27. The AT15 had a rush of shit to the brain and the Stv deserved that win :)))))!!!!!! Thanks you Jingles for the videos!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. You are going to hell Jingles!

  29. 4:45 Finally I know where those park benches on the Poop deck of the _Friant_ came from!

  30. JIngles whines about premium ammo being used on the AT 15, AT 15 spams apcr on soft targets at the end.

  31. That first game was so painful to watch…

  32. T28 HTC > AT 15a and it’s free. Just sayin.

  33. I love how Jingles has mostly lost his Geordie accent, and then he says “and all of this has been for nothing” at 10:33 and oh, there it is. 🙂

  34. 9:36 The AT15A seemed like he was farming Damage Blocked against the P43 in order to get his mission done. He was smart enough to park against the wall in the beginning, so why else would he wait so long to do it again?

  35. “T-49, you had just one job and you flubbed it!”

  36. Remember 4 years back you played war thunder

    Do you still have it installed?

  37. lol that KV-2’s seventh sense…

  38. The view switching on the AT15 burning my eyes… lol

  39. jingless, 103B is a Tank

  40. Some of these videos, you can just see an invisible hand turn the difficulty down for these people.

  41. Udes has 20mm right? S1 has 30 🙂

  42. Wow, last battle is truly amazing !

  43. Angry Pepper shaker

    Trust your Uncle Jingles doesn’t quite sound right.

  44. the guy driving the shit barn could have got tracked and just went “oh well”

  45. KV2s 2nd kill blind shot at a bush the hand of Staling ignores that bush and guides the shell to the bush next to it, classic.

  46. Thank you Jingles thanks a lot !!!! it would seem that 3/4 of the arti world watched your vid and now practice the art of arti bombing , to your pleasure im sure, my life as an arti armchair beer swigging 1 handed clicker is over !! …
    have a great day.

  47. dude stop zooming your damn view mr 1st vid

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