World of Tanks – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 59

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Source: The Mighty

It’ good, it’s bad AND it’s ugly all for the same low, low price. But which which? You be the judge! With this much content in one video there’s bound to be something for everyone to complain about.

As if you didn’t already have enough to complain about after YouTube refused to render it in anything other than 360p the first time I uploaded it today :p

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. No idea what happened to this video the first time I uploaded it overnight but it was only available in 360p. It took a few hours to re-upload but thankfully in that time YouTube managed to unfuck itself and the video is available in all resolutions, at least for me :p

  2. YAY The Good, The Bad and The Ugly video, i love these

  3. Happy Thanksgiving fellow American viewers!

  4. About time we got another episode you redcoat!

  5. It’s fromage, vin et saucisson jingles ???

  6. Amazing but never surprising how bad most sky cancer players are at the game, the other day while playing the Hummel I had to shotgun then ram kill an E-25 and barely won.

  7. I saw circon play this match??

  8. mistercro skorpi friend his name translate to
    bone breaker

  9. 37:50 How has the borsig not have drowned yet??? :/ He’s already submerged in 4 meters of water when the waves come in…..absolutely BS

  10. That last match should be seen by every WoT player. It was just astounding O_O

  11. LT-432 got damn lucky on that RHM

  12. So some of dumb just drove around of corner I mean 15 dumb tanks**??


  14. DEBIL means retard in Serbian

  15. That poor t95 in the second replay?

  16. Please remove premium ammo thanks.

  17. Me:”You could say jingles… that MisterCro” Everyone reading this comment: “DO NOT” Me:” That he had a,” Everyone else:”No” Me:”Sixth Sense about it.” Everyone else: “SEND HIm TO THE SALT MINES!”

  18. great episode. I was on the edge of my seat during most of it lol

  19. #mrCro…good game 😡

  20. I feel bad for that 268 who did 6K+ and his team shit the bed with a guaranteed win

  21. Did anyone else notice that none of the 4 shots I think was recorded ????????????

  22. Just when I thought I was going to complete No Nut November, you go and release a 40min video… DAM YOU JINGLES!!!!

  23. I think I lost a few IQ points watching that last replay.

  24. i love jingles humor

  25. The end was the very definition of what it’s like to play this game hahaha

  26. Thank you for this, this was great!

  27. Is there really no word for debil in English? In Russian and, I presume, in most languages it is a derivative of the word debilism – a genetic trait causing slight mental deficiency. So it is a bit like imbecile in that regard. I also find it hard to not believe that debilitate and debil are not somewhat related.

  28. DEBILS!!

  29. Correct me if I am wrong but even the freaking artillery was in that corner.

  30. all these are reasons why I stopped playing this game (for now) 🙂

  31. Enemies are debils also!?

  32. Praise the lord! A 40 minute jingles video on a Friday!

  33. Some good games as always. Nope I just have no faith in fellow man in general nothing to do with what they play. People are stupid. haha.

  34. “Have you so little faith in your fellow man?” Jingles… Please… I’m from California… You have no idea…

  35. #friendlyfarmhouse

  36. Anyone else have a good, hearty chuckle at the way that Obj 268 4 suicides? Rams the dead tank husk sending it flying into the water, Obj dies, then his husk goes flying into the water as well…man that was great.

  37. Getting a thumbs up from me for 8:44 when Jingles describes a lemming train. Nailed it, absolutely nailed it. rofl

  38. Play this video in x2 speed its so funny.

  39. Personally, I much prefer getting damage and kills over capping for a win, but obviously I will cap when I deem it to be the correct course of action. But… just… that last replay. I’ve seen plenty of games where games were lost because of situations like that, but this one left me utterly speechless that they threw such an easy win.

  40. That last clip lol

  41. Be careful of what you are saying about French people, Jingles, you have some French fans here ^^

  42. Jingles, did you use 1.3 test SW for showing the replay of MrCro?

    Because of these extra mission indicators …

  43. you need to work on your croatian pronunciation, Jingles, it’d be glorious

  44. “No cap, kill all” – still the “best” strategy in this game. Why go for a safe victory if you have a chance to still screw it up? Greed FTW!!!!!

  45. DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. I absolutely like your slang 🙂 and videos for sure….

  47. 40 minute The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly?! WIN!!!

  48. 14:22 Classic World of Tanks soap physics. If your tank can flip itself, you bet your ass it will somehow gain traction on the nearest building and turn right over. Tow ropes when

  49. I know nothing about WoT… except what I have seen in your replays…. and even I could have figured out that that last game one of the team should have had the sense to stand by at the cap point… and yet they threw themselves one by one over the cliff…. remarkable.

  50. That clusterfuck of 15 halfbrain shitfucks who at highest tiers lemmingtrain on one corner is one of the reasons why i will never touch this game even if they paid me 6 figures a year to play it.

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