World of Tanks – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 60

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In a world gone mad, one gnome stands as a force for justice in face of unrelenting and merciless savagery. That gnome is The Mighty Jingles, and this is his story.

I *really* should be working in Hollywood. I got this nailed!

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Jingles strikes again!!! ?????

  2. remember when the Churchill VII had to fight a KV-1S when it had its old school IS gun ? lol God it was a nightmare

  3. Dear mr jingles when are you going to make another video for warthunders series?

  4. Can I just say that every time I see the T-92 i cant help but laugh. It is just such a disproportionately massive gun on what is basically a tractor.

  5. I never feel about playing my Lefh18B2 when there is a KV-2 on the enemy team.

  6. ‘Gold’ ammo, Jingles? Isn’t it supposed to be *SPESHUL* ammunition?

  7. Fun fact: thanks to my location and my own good luck, ‘KV-2 o’clock’ came at *exactly* 1400 hours local time when I first sat down to watch it.

  8. Kv 2 Stronk tenk

  9. so much better on mute

  10. There are even bigger weak spots on the front’s of churchill’s, the front drive wheels. Even firing directly at the front there is hull behind them.

  11. KV-2 made from STALINIUM

  12. 21:16 because we needed another reason to not drive the Skoda T40.

  13. 9:10 , couldnt the t92 have shot the ground and splashed the object?

  14. have bought and sold this devil on tracks, not once, not twice, but three times, comrade jingles.. buy to do video worthy plunder and killing.. only to get into nothing but tier 8 matches, getting killed by everything that rolls on the enemy team… ahhhh, the horror and pain of being noob for so many years…

  15. Fucking gold spamming loosers

  16. He literally could’ve durped one into the ground with HE or something at 8:55

  17. Upcoming matchmaking announcement: Four top tier tanks, five mid tier tanks, six bottom tier tanks on one team. One KV-2 on the other team.

  18. Not to correct you jingles but that’s, Mr David Fletcher MBE

  19. How… You can hear Jingle’s South African accent when he goes into Stronk Tenk Russian accent! (If you know what to listen for… which makes it even funnier!)

  20. You should feature Vladimir more often.

  21. The T92 should’ve shot the ground.

  22. Are you serious? The T110E3 was the true asshole. Strong armour and he hides…

  23. Jingles, your content always puts a smile on my faces. Cheers, sir. well done.

  24. 21:15 *KABOOOOOOOOOSH*

    Holy SHIT XD was legit what I yelped out XD

  25. The T28 has 43k battles and 1k WN8. He was playing as intended ?

  26. Lol people say world of tanks is dying XD try war thunder, sit in que for 6 minute to only get into 20 man battle instead of regular 64 lmao

  27. Kevin Gallineau II

    Bounced FOUR shots from a T28?!!! Frack RNG and frack this game. No reason for that $h!+.

  28. My KV-2 used to be my favorite tank. Not so much anymore. It just doesn’t hit like it used to, and despite the video here, it doesn’t wanna bounce anything either.

  29. Kv2 is best tier 8

  30. Well if you look at the asshole situation…
    If you don’t like arty, thats okay. But they are part of the game. So you have to deal with it. Simple as that.
    While I really hate people who shoot allies simply because they think they don’t do their job, you can kind of understand why someone would get angry if the only tank left doesn’t do anything to try and win by spotting for his arty.
    You can still argue that it wasn’t wrong, simply because the enemy tanks that were left are more mobile and have a turret, so the E3 would be in a disadvantage.
    All in all: we had 3 idiots. Although I would say the GW E100 is out of the race for the biggest asshole, simply because he only shot once. After that, he actually tried to win. The Obj did fire twice, but after that it looked like he aimed again in the direction of the enemy team. But you never know what he would have done if he wasn’t teamkilled.
    But for me, the winner of this “competition” is the E3. Not because he camped. And not because of his temper in chat (although I also hate that with a passion), but because he basically threw the chance to win the game out of the window even more by teamkilling the second arty. In a moment where the ARTY actually went scouting, trying to win the game.

    It looked like he only turned blue, which is lucky. He could have gotten an instand ban and it wouldn’t even be a bad thing in that case…

  31. KV220 is tier V. And it has a hull of T150…

  32. But Jingles the KV 220 2 is tier 5 not 6.

  33. The E3 Driver is my hero.

  34. It’s not a misfortune, Jingles. Charioteer doesn’t care for tier 10.

  35. In that second battle Team Purple should have won. I was under the impression that if you were ‘blue’ you were no longer on a team, so that’s why your former team can shoot you, with no consequences…. so why was that second game a draw? The greens were all dead, and the purples had one player left… and while there was a blue guy left, why should he count , he isn’t on any of the teams?

  36. That arty that went too far forward may not have been suicidal. Some of us arty guys do occasionally try to go forward and get flanking arty shots on the enemy from unexpected directions which confuses the hell out of the enemy. It only works if the enemy decides to all rush the other flank. If they don’t you die very early. I’ve tried it a few times but its only worked once. So great to watch the enemy scramble when they think their in cover from arty and it comes in from the side. Sorry I never figured out how to save the replay.

  37. stolen “stalinium wood” a tree that grows on the banks of the Volga!!!! AWESOME!!!

  38. Jingles, Please, Do more Tenk videos and less ship videos. Ships are nice but it does not have TOGII or KV-2.

  39. arty is always the bigger asshole

  40. T110E3 easily the biggest arsehole. I hate arty with a burning passion so take this with a grain or mound of salt, but… there not all low lifes, most arty players are just people who utilize a broken game mechanic, some of them are scum but that’s the exception not the rule.

  41. What is wrong with the churchills reticle? Is he using server reticle?
    And he did not use 1 of his 5 HE ammo against the matilda or the swedish TD 😛

  42. Yay – I heard War Thunder and the video went from good to great!

  43. Thank you for the KV2 video you gnomeship

  44. That T28 driver is just the biggest idiot in the game….

  45. Vladimir Putin is coming here (no really je is actually coming here to Belgrade as we speak, save me pls)

  46. 9:03 i mean, just look at that… i know the t92 pretty much doesnt have any gun depression but i would have tried to point my gun to the left (down) and splash the 704, and hopefully not kill myself

  47. Sry but this game is about 80% aholes. I stoped WOT. I play Warthunder now not perfekt but 100% better then this.

  48. I don’t think you can blame any of the cucks who hit the two key at the beginning of each match,WG is to blame for making damage equal for both shells

  49. You know, much as the KV-2 is glorious, I actually prefer the KV-1 with the 122mm howitzer. Yes, it doesn’t have the alpha damage, but it shoots faster, it’s more accurate, it aims faster, it has better armour (especially on the turret, which, unlike the turret of the KV-2, isn’t the size of the motherland itself), it turns faster (so it can point the armour in the right direction more easily)… And it still uses HE as it’s main ammo; one of my favourite games in the KV-1, I was facehugging an enemy KV-1, with a low wall between us, so we could only hit each others’ turrets. He had the 85mm. I had the 122mm. I won.Which brings up what I think is the most important point. Let’s say you’re driving a Cromwell. You drive around a corner and see a KV-2 with it’s gun pointing at you. It can and will one-shot you, so you slam into reverse and back around the corner again before it can shoot.Let’s say you’re driving a Cromwell. You drive around a corner and see a KV-1 with it’s gun pointing at you. He only has an 85mm gun, you can take a few hits, so you stick around long enough to get a shot off at him, then either back off or charge and try to circle-strafe him. Except he doesn’t have the 85mm, he has the 122mm. BOOM, half your health is gone. Sure, he didn’t kill you, but neither did the KV-2, and at least the KV-1 did some damage before he died.My point is, the KV-1 just doesn’t have the same fear factor as the KV-2 does. I have both, but I prefer the KV-1 because in the KV-2, enemy tanks just never give you the chance to shoot at them.

  50. Crazy idea for when someone turns blue – they become permanently spotted for the remainder of that match.

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