World of Tanks – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 61

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Source: The Mighty

It’s back! The return of the video series that’ll make you laugh, cry and hurl all for the same low, low price!

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  1. First like and comment yay

  2. BellSquad

  3. Saw notification and immediately clicked

  4. Fourth!

  5. I literally just closed The Mighty Jingles tab on my browser, went to home page and this vid appeared… Not even 1 second elapsed

  6. hellloooo chheers from mallorca !!!

  7. Fuck yeah!!! GBU 61!!! FUCK YEAH!! awsome!

  8. Jingles when are Ghost recon videos coming back? I loved that series

  9. Vasilis Douklias

    Oh yes,an episode of the good,the bad and the ugly. Jingles you have no idea how much I missed this

  10. Fail AMX so much confidence and all turns to shit.

  11. The gasp I gave when I saw this in my subscription feed was everything.

  12. It’s bacccckkkkk

  13. Is Akizuki still running from your fingers Paul?

  14. My balls itch

  15. Damnnnn liking the music choices Jingles

  16. Finally! A kitten, er…um… tank video! Lol

  17. Jekub Fimbulwing

    The opening clip, Yep, saw that one coming!

  18. You rock jingles

  19. Please make a warship video on IJN Kaga.

  20. Finally! Once some replays that show the KV2 can be a bad tank as well!

  21. Who are you and what have you done with Jingles. Where the hell are our kitten videos

  22. I thought jingles turned into a cat for a moment there

  23. can you get the kv2 r anymore?

  24. I stopped playing WoT a while ago.
    My 29 10 tiers and around 50 other tanks are just sitting in garage…

  25. The UDES 14 5 gets Swedish gimmick gun depression and a 105mm gun at Tier 8?! Can you spell powercreep, children?

    • It isn’t that super of a tank. The IX and X are decent, but the VIII is just “ok.” Certainly not anything to do with powercreep.

  26. welp in order to get to the new swedish mediums you have to play the leo ….. lol

  27. Jingles on your dropping viewcount, upload more world of tanks and you’ll get an audience back

  28. what is a lansen c? new to the patch premium tank?

  29. Wessel Badenhorst

    7:35. That KV-2R just got Druped by a little Kitten. RIP

  30. lol the udes was damage farming so hard and leaving the bulldog alive hoping there’d be more tanks alive at low health that he can kill later once his team falls

  31. Descartes Shaman

    So T8 swedish medium tank 105mm gun, 360 average damage.
    Tiger 2 T8 heavy tank 105mm gun, 320 average damage.
    The power creep is soo fricking real here.

  32. Win, carried team, but without premium account still losses credits. This is what’s wrong with WoT.

  33. And ofc whenever a tank is one-shot and you need just an avg. roll or little below avg. roll to kill it you get abysmal low roll. Just put it to test and write it down, you will see at least 80% of those cases. You will either ding, ricochet, hit outside of your reticle or simply hilariously low roll (this goes especially when shooting arty) just to keep that person in game, still alive.
    P.S. Naturally that he is farming dmg, it’s 3k+ wn8 recent player.
    Nice vids Mr. Jingles, you always makes us happy! 🙂

  34. Please sir, I want some more! Thanks Mr. Jingles o7

  35. They should ban players like the t28 or set them blue permanent/3 month after a video being send in to the support. That way if he bothers anyone they can shoot him without paying for it

  36. Hands up who tryed to click on the screen to switch view on the t69 when the pantera was spoted!

  37. Epic by the KV-2!

  38. FirestreakRodimusPr

    That udes player basically sacrificed his teammates so he could farm damage and yet at the end, I imagine we’re supposed to be impressed he did the predictable win vs SPGs that are blind.

  39. “We’re not allied with Japan any more!” damn it Jingles, I didn’t need to get soda all over my keyboard and screen…

  40. i miss wanker of the week

  41. omg its schrader again

  42. that KV2 guy , has the best kills in WoT history .
    very enjoyable vid .
    Good day from Dublin
    Irishman01 EU

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