World of Tanks – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 62

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Yeah, it’s been nearly two years since Episode 61. I knew it had been a long time, I didn’t think it was THAT long. This episode featuring a Googlewhack at no extra charge!

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  1. World of Tanks Europe

    Hey Jingles!

    We checked out that charming person at the end (anonymiser won’t hide you from us 😂) and you’ll be glad to know they were picked up by the automated system and received a chat ban 😀.

    Take care

  2. You should have named this video….. “The Good, the bad and the Googlewack”

  3. “Don’t know” Has Jingles been watching the Critical Drinker?

  4. that video is so boring, i´d rather go and trim my bikini zone

  5. Btw Jingles, this video was simply AWESOME all the way through! =)

  6. Funnily enough jingles, you have actually shown the raider medal before. It was on Karelia, and it was a heavy tank that got it.

  7. I love how everyone stopped shooting to let the IS-3A get the kill. 😀

  8. Yes this series is great fun

  9. Thorsten Heimbruch

    thx Jingels:)

  10. I missed this series

  11. You know what I find funny. Those who pull out stats are always the ones who want to deflect their plays. Whilst sure winrate, depending on the amount of games someone played, is a somewhat good measure to estimate someone’s capabilities it completely lacks any nuance. You do not know how often someone plays, how invested they are in the game, etc. Not to mention that I have met plenty of people with shit stats that did play good in a game meaning that it can be somewhat situational. Therefore, let what they do in the match speak for themselves and not their stats.

  12. Jingles, Acura is the North American luxury brand for Honda, not Toyota. Also, the dude is a complete assbag but most people who hide their stats do it for a reason. A ton of purples use the anonymizer. I did it before I quit WoT altogether because I was not nearly as good anymore as my purple XVM name suggested. It does help a lot, especially with arty focus.

  13. Jingles, you had a video of a Ho-Ni or some kind of Japanese premium heavy tank get the raider

  14. Hey, Jingles just an FYI there’s a work around for the anonymizer which is on the WoT support page about it…
    you can find the real nickname in the post battle screen by right clicking the profile which will then show the real Nickname…

  15. I earned the Fadins Medal in a Stug back when I played tanks. Not intentional. Just hadn’t been paying attention to how much/little ammo I had left…

  16. Damn man what did the Czech’s ever do to anybody?


  18. Actually, Jingles,

    When the hellcat came into the game, while fast, it didn’t have very good tank or turret traverse, and sported a 76 mm gun, not the 90 mm. . .

    Jingles, put down that Cricket bat; I meant no harm!

  19. What I find funny about that asshole is he complained about czech people in czech tank on czech map 😀

  20. You have showed a replay of a raider medal a few years ago.

  21. Jingles, look at games from the SA server. Tier 1-5 all over bots
    In tier 1 usually 6 out of 7 players are bots.
    They are WG bots and even specially marked.
    Good programming too.
    And they fire gold! LOL

  22. oh man!! this is even more rare than an annual war thunder video!!!

  23. Wow – two years! Nice to see this again 😀

  24. Had a game where I came across someone like that IS-2B, pushing out a low health ally as bait in front of me. I managed to wiggle my gun barrel to signal to the victim, and he stopped shooting me. I then drove out and killed the douche that was pushing him. Us unlikely allies then drove off and enjoyed the rest of our game, bother getting killed by other players.

  25. 21:17 Jingles, are you saying many Hellcats died for that information? Does that mean Hellcats are the Bothans of WoT?

  26. Another reason you may be seeing so many Excelsior’s I think is because at least at one point for a long time Wargaming had a code you could enter to get gold and a free Excelsior. Not sure if its still a thing but if I had to guess from all these bots in the first vid, this could be why.

  27. OHH MY GOD it´s back … FINALLY.

  28. 26:32 but Jingles you have seen this medal before, in an O-NI tank replay.

  29. Mr. Jingles – a few years ago, maybe more than a few.. you showcased a Type 4, japaneese heavy tank, that got the Raider medal on the Karelia map by driving along the northern route, only firing one shot that game and got a kill on it…
    I tried looking for it but I couldn’t find it.. but a Type 4 heavy not getting spotted AND getting Raider is IMPRESSIVE!

  30. here’s a “jingles answers the stupid”. Is there a medal for destroying the last tank after you have fired all your ammo?

  31. Bots, just another reason why I quit WOT. World of Aircraft Carriers is marginally better but at least you don’t have to worry about loading ammo each match.

  32. Anyone remember when jingles showed a replay where a Japanese super heavy got a raider medal?

  33. Raider the most rare medal?
    I got 5. And it was not hard at all
    How about the medal for surviving 20 battles in a row?
    I have not seen one having that one.
    By best was 18

  34. Could we get one for Warships too? If you have time ye ole might Jingles

  35. I think you once featured a replay where a KV-2 (of all things) got a raider medal

  36. No Way. Is it back for good???

  37. Welcome to the TF2 experience, now available for Wargaming titles

  38. Like many WoT camos, it’s not about making the tank hard to see, it’s disguising it. With that paint, it can’t be a AFV, it must be a party bus.

  39. well thx for the nice time of enlightenment. i now know David gormans story and all about google whack

  40. “only 5% of ammo is gold”

    jee, i wonder if thats cause autoguns exist at low tier that fire 1000-2000 rounds per match.
    vs high tier that fires…5.

  41. The Good, The bad, and The Ugly is back! man I missed these.

  42. Want a Fadin’s Medal? St. Emil. Solid tank but with only 15 rounds of ammo to use. P.S. my cousin Fighting4U got the raider in his SU-18 once many years ago.

  43. Oh hey the last good the bad and the ugly was on my birthday

  44. Actually Jingles you have seen the raider medal before!
    You featured either an O-Ho or O-Ni on karelia where they got it!

  45. A long episode of the good, bad, and the ugly.
    And on the day i reach level 44 of my life.
    Thank you for the gift most mighty of jingles.

  46. ACTUALLY Jingles, didn´t we once see an O-Ni (Godzilla) get a Raiders medal? Think it was a couple of years ago.

    But yeah, it is still really rare.

  47. Well, @the mighty jingles you could have found the real player name for Nikin78. Click on player in result screen and his real name shows up on top of his detail screen. OR, try send the muppet a message and VOILA – enter real name into and find idiots stats.

  48. I don’t think you can blame people for firing gold at a Pz. V/VI and KV-220. They’re both horrendously broken.

  49. Did you know that the original purpose of the Schürzen was to protect against soviet anti-tank rifles?

  50. I have 11 raider medals, yes 11, one of which I got in an artillery, guess which one 😀

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