World of Tanks – The Gun Show

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Source: The Mighty

Another month, another new tier premium. This time, one that makes up for how terrible itÙs predecessor was. You can even get it for free. Well, some of you can.

KaJpz105 Presale:

All music licensed from and


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Blind shot by artillery at start wasn’t all luck… It is an obvious spot, plus, all those trees falling… Something must be there.

    • Yep. I always pre-aim there, and the falling trees is a clear indication.

    • spot on … trees falling easy target and para_noob just whines in chat like its not his own fault. what a tit!

    • +shuggiehamster para_noob whines in chat cuz arty is shit.
      And he is damn right.

    • Knocking over trees can be a very good thing to make better cover – but indeed – if arty has had time to load and pre-aim – and it is at obvious camping spots – you need to be very careful

  2. Respect for all jadgpanzer variants including that Hetzer’s gonna Hetz

  3. *sees what looks like an e25 with a leo gun in thumbnail*
    Ohboy, better grab popcorn before watching


  5. That toxic comment at start lol what a pleb how about u congratulate the Arty who rekted u at the start with a blind shot

    • +Joele Venturi u must be one of those plebs also who get rekted and then get salty about it typical

    • +Eddie Perez And you must be an arta player. No I don’t usually get rekt too hard by arty, but listen dude arty is there to prevent camping ok? That is the reason why when I stop camping and start moving i get hit by arty right? I was watching a stream by Circonflexes where he did almost 3k damage in arty WHILE EATING, READING AND ANSWERING CHAT. Yep. You need 500 IQ to play arty yayayaya.

    • +Joele Venturi lol i don’t play arty and it’s not the fact of playing arty and not having to do anything it’s the fact that he hit him blind and being a good sport not a little crying bitch about losing health instead of crying how about some good sport players like u ruin the game

    • its the skycunts that ruin it. I dont mind being outplayed, GG to that. Some dumbass clicker sitting basically invunrable on the other side of the map punishing me everytime i make a play is just bullshit and you know it.

    • +Emile Verwaaijen lol that’s why you keep moving and use cover if u stay still in the open or camp away without cover well u get what u deserve like I said still has nothing to do with the fact of good sportsmanship so before anybody comments get the purpose through your heads the purpose of my comment

  6. Southern Pacific Lines

    Hoping that this minor cold doesn’t become the blasted man flu 🙁 cause gnome with man flu is very sad gnome if I’m not mistaken.

  7. Sub 200 views, I’m calling this a victory

  8. *Insert obligatory War Thunder demands here*

  9. Free tank ! Absolutely worth it
    And I think it’s a good time for WG to buff Kanjpz 90 to OP level since not alot of people have it .

  10. “The eastern flank has been crushed.”
    *German tank*

  11. How could you ever pass up a chance to claim man flu? It’s not a cold, it’s a life threatening illness.

  12. did someone say.. another “the last time i was this early” joke!?

    last time i was this early, the german BBs were new!

  13. The premium tanks we needed. Not necessarily the ones we deserved though.

  14. I feel ya Jingles! I too have a bit of a cold.

  15. Thank You For Another Awesome World Of Tanks Video!

  16. Watched a WoT replay that wasn’t a Jingles video before this! Felt really dirty so thank you our Gnome overlord for putting out a WoT video!

  17. Good aiming time –> Terrible gun handling, hence the tank is really bad at snapping off shots 🙁


  19. Noo the Man Flu!!! Survive Oh Overlord!! Quick! Call for the Griefing Nanny Choirs of the Underworld!

  20. *Rams trees revealing position and get hit by arty* F*** arty for paying attention and playing this game properly

  21. Shooting from cover while the guys in a bush it is called concealment jingles moment confirmed

  22. OH noo’s….. Jingles has the man flu…………

    yip i know, triple shift in the mines, off i go then.

  23. Mr Jingles more KV2 videos please ?

  24. Wow! Really, REALLY well played, Para_Noob!
    You’ve taken the term “sneaky” to a whole new level! ?

  25. I remember when the Eye of Africa was Atlantis!

  26. james ward-gwilliam

    very lucky arty blindshot. LOL the guy knocked down more trees than brazillian loggers. Arty had a pretty good idea where he was.

  27. Good play, but this dude was kind of a dick in chat.

  28. Well outpayed

  29. Epic jingles

  30. i love it. knocked down 3 trees and then cries about arty…………….. thats so fucking poor

  31. Good arty player, way better then a guy camping in a td

  32. is it just me or is the quality a bit low from the usual…

  33. Trade in your KaJaPa 90 for a KaJaPa 105 is the world of tanks equivalent of a free gun refit on your KaJaPa 😀

  34. Have you noticed how the WZ platoon knew every time from where they were being shot? They knew exactly from which bush they were being shot at and they shot accordingly. They didn’t hit the guy because that tank’s accuracy sucks at larger distances, but I noticed the missing shots hitting the ground very near the kanone.

  35. If everyone knows arty can see falling trees, WHY continue to knock em over if you don’t have to? Go around them. That wasn’t a lucky shot at all; definitely aimed at the trees.

  36. 0:40 – the exhaust fumes coming from the engine deck looks rather cool

  37. fountleroy tinkertoy

    the graphics are crap . i didn’t pay 2k to watch blurry video from wankers .

  38. james ward-gwilliam

    also anyone else realised the link jingles shared the pre order offers have expired

  39. It’s that bloody boat game *oh wait*

  40. 7:45 cannot remember that I ever did this in a tier 9 battle in my E25 – but I am also getting old

  41. You know, watching what Para_Noob says in chat makes this video feel like taking the first sip of coffee and realizing someone forgot to put in the filter.

  42. Every video from all of you CC’s has been of this TD. To the dope tugging on your leash, Jingles, “Variety is the spice of life,” mean anything to you?

  43. I fell asleep.

  44. Hmmm bind shot??? he was knocking trees over like there was no tomorrow in one of the first spots an arty would aim at on the whole map… hardly a blindshot in the true sense Jingles old boy

  45. Jingleees E-25 has PMM!! You never see Tier 9s.
    I still lub you though! 😉

  46. Good game.

  47. Fucking Jagdtiger fuckwit = typical of the sort of useless retard who camps the back line for the entire battle hoping to snipe easy kills on the remnants of the enemy team who try to cap with 10% hp. Pricks like him are cancer to WoT.

  48. Meh, not really a good tank. Not worth the money

  49. Jingles you are my god

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