World of Tanks || The Heavy Medium

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – M48A1. Today I’m playing the recently buffed T10 American Medium the M48A1 a vehicle that can now play like a heavy medium tank!

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World of Tanks is a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. Hope you all enjoy this look into the M48A1 in 9.20!

    French Tech Tree Showcase LIVE NOW! (Sunday 19:30)

  2. In NA 1 of 30-40 games is GB -w-

  3. STB-1 is now an obsolete and pointless japanese turd.

  4. I can highly ensure the turret is nothing but scraps, when I start firing Stalinium shells.

  5. Grand Battle: Like every other new gamemode for World of Tanks, entirely pointless if you don’t have a tier 10.

  6. I love my M48, but I can’t afford to play any of my tier X tanks

  7. Leo 1 buff now?? Plz WG??

  8. Ok so the amx 30b has more Dom. Why isn’t the leopard 1 getting any buffs? The only thing it gas going for it is .3 accuracy and that’s only good if you can stay hidden to snipe.

  9. i have played more then 50 games at tier ten and not a single grand battle and on top of that the check box is checked

  10. War gaming” we’re going to buff British medums OK. .. I didn’t no the paton needed a weak spot buff? They did this for the e5 as well yet they won’t do it for the tortoise British

  11. What happened to the mode in which you could choose another tank when your current one gets destroyed?

  12. What happened to the map that went in stages? People re spawned etc?

  13. Any tips for using the M4A3E8 the thing does like 100dmg a shot and has negative armor. I don’t understand how to use it properly

  14. I think a very decent way to balance to bonds reward and make it possible to get max they should double the ammo capacity in battle and then remove the leftovers for the normal battles, i.e. you have a tank with 50 shells 35 Ap 10 Apcr and 5 He then in grandbattles you, for free, get 70 Ap 20Apcr and 10 He and all the non used shells go back but in the garage you still only have a total of 50 not 100

  15. Now compare patton vs t110e5 1v1 frontally… Disgusting…. Med more heavy than heavy ( with giant soft cupola)

  16. my account is no more, got hack.. sad to think of all painful grinding to tier 10 tank, not to mention premium tank that i buy ???

  17. quicky baby I want to play with u bro

  18. WG’s new policy : forcing people to use gold ammo by buffing all the armor in the game.
    Well played WG, well played

  19. I’d say that based on these changes, I believe the word you are looking for is main battle tank? the way you describe it makes it seem like more of an MBT rather than a medium tank. mainly cause the way you put it, a heavy medium, is kinda how the MBT was conceived: medium tank chassis with heavy tank fire power and mobility and armor somewhere in between.

  20. Quicky baby? More like whiny baby complains about premium tanks being op but when a medium gets the benefits of medium and heavy oh it’s fine

  21. Hi baby. Now we can call it M48A5 Patton!

  22. another Cent AX.. kk gg

  23. This is blitz stuff, get ready to meds Pen nerf

  24. Well on the NA server, Barley anyone is getting this mode! Since the patch drop I’ve played nothing but tier ten and out of 160+ games I’ve only gotten the Grand Battle once 🙁

  25. And WG has made the m48 op again.I did not even play the grand battles before,I am on NA.Don’t know why it doesn’t let me play grand battles

  26. did he jsut say the m48 is the most played tank? oO

  27. Wait, did they buff the M60 aswell? If not, I really dont want to keep playing it, since its just a worse M48 now.

  28. Why can’t the crew use the fire extinguisher on the turret?

  29. cant wait to get the T 64 in the future(perhaps) or the obj 120

  30. QB. You could have achieved the same result in a TD as you camped behind a rock for most of it. Not a fan of this tank.

  31. How you compare e50m with this new tank?

  32. Hi can you help me how to correct this? Why when I sign-in to WoT my WoWP IGN will appear? Now its like I’m starting all over at tier 1. I just bought a new PC and installed a new WoT in the PC. I can’t seem to log-in to the IGN i wanted.

  33. Qb, I have got lots of feedback for every topic in wot, how can I share my opinions with WG?

  34. So WG tried to help T8 MM by adding this mode in the game (which sucks out T10s from the queue)… And honestly the mode is utter garbage, mostly thanks to the crap map design. Cos of camping TDs 3/4 of the map are kill zones and rest is just a tunnel fight like abbey. Plus 5 arty in this mode, really? Its like shooting fish in the barrel… I tried my CGC in this game mode… managed to get like 11k combined (dmg+stun/track assist) without really trying… And honestly i feel like CGC is probably the weakest arty since 9.18…
    What happened to the Frontline? That actually looked like a really funny game mode… This is just lame way how to try get “new” content in the game…

    Funny fact – disable GBs and play ur T10 TDs…. my friend managed to get streak of 20 games being top in 3-5-7 MM…. with bloody jgpzE100… you can guess his avg score in those games…

  35. its good now

  36. Did anyone watch lemming rush response to this video?

  37. My crew is set on fire from a fuel leak and screaming in agony. ”quick grab that fire extinguisher” WG ”nope, that’s just a display”

  38. Hey quickybaby…watch my replay of is-7 in the new map of 30 vs 30 i did 8600 assist

  39. Meanwhile the Leopard is crying in a corner :/

  40. what ever let me know when they fix IS-6

  41. quick baby please make a video of your most top 10 enjoy full tank to play in

  42. SEA server still doesnt have 9:20….

  43. Anyone knows that Brits are the only one’s who didnt get the planned buff ?

  44. I’ll never turn down buffs to my favorite tank, even if it still isn’t what it once was.

  45. Players: Make M48 Patton great again
    WarGayming: KAY!!!!!

  46. ridiculous

  47. M48A1 needed touret buff – literally tumor to be removed and some mantlet upgrade .. this is probably to much – time will show.
    I have a feeling WG balancing lately means buff everything … lets make users happy. This is hardly balancing and will surely not solve subject of increased number of games ending after 3 min with score 1:15 🙂
    Also some time passed from tier X LT’s introduction … any thoughts? I will personally not buy any new X LT with 0.42 accuracy ever for sure.

  48. So retarded that T 10 MTs have better view range than T 10 LTs. That said your spot on about the need for more / better maps.

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