World of Tanks – THE HIGHEST DAMAGE T-62A GAME on WotReplays!

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Lemming amazing video keep posting love you

  2. grats man! hope we can platoon on NA again at some point!

  3. 8k+ damage and six kills isn’t a carry to you? Jesus christ…

  4. Still cant get over the fact how awful that 140 bot was.
    But remember, he is a really good player, everyone worse than him sucks and everyone better than him is hacking, right?

  5. For me, games are either too fast or my finger cramps up after 10 penetrations. You had 30 penetrations? Damn!

  6. That’s very nicely done. My highest 62a was 6k dmg so very impressive.

  7. C bastian will upload his 12K dmg on 62A and ya :v

  8. Congrats LR lol

  9. Really nice replay but I expected a +10k damage (not being an ignorant but I bet you can do better)
    Congratulations on being first anyways 🙂 because tier 10 at the end is a bitch and it’s difficult to at least even win games so you did it nicely!

  10. R. Giada Melchiorre

    Great video, whenever i watch your stuff i learn from it. thanks so much for doing this. Oh I wanted to remark as a TD player too I DO NOT spam lol. Only punch it 2 times. I am not sure why people have to spam the game.

  11. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    My best in my mediums was in my 121 with 9300 dmg

  12. I feel you man, my games have been utterly terrible durring these missions

  13. Install the map spam mod to kill the spam!

  14. WTF the mid is7 got 6k damage!!!

  15. Damn Lemming! I know cannabis is becoming legal here in July, but either lay off or smoke more, you seem jittery. Great game!

  16. It’s the highest dmg game uploaded probably because people don’t necessarily see 8k as worthy of an upload. Sure 8k is amazing, but honestly if there’s nothing special in the replay apart from that then I wouldn’t even bother to upload it, since 8k happens quite often after all.

  17. Nice game and excellent gameplay. I do appreciate your taking the time to explain your actions. So many commentators don’t explain what they’re doing and for new players it helps to gain some tactical insights which you do.

  18. Yes, it was a carry. Stop fishing for compliments! =P

  19. what’s with the weird ass laugh every 6 seconds in all of your content

  20. Why do you play on the eu server when ur supposed to be on the NA server ?

  21. A lot of people think that carrying your team is done endgame when your team is losing and you pull it back. The reality is that carrying your team is also (and mostly) playing well by making the right decisions and being consistent with damage and spotting, to put your team in the position to win the game, from the very beginning of the game. Its not just being the hero when all its lost, its being the leader who tries not to allow the possibility of defeat in the first place. Or to put it another way, victory is designed with the first move and accomplished with the last. This is also true of a defeat. Good game.

  22. It's not what you think

    hey cunt, you know how to cauterize a cut? I’m bleeding from a cut like crazy and I’m thinking I’ll yolo it with a youtube vid.

  23. 3:55 – OY! I’m a TD player and I don’t waste time clicking the map…

    I click enemy players
    And #wankinabush

  24. that IS7 certaintly put some work in that game aswell but i would say yeah that was a carry.

  25. its definitely a carry, just not the hardest one, i’d say you were a really good opportunist. making full use of your team mates distractions to shred ppl

  26. You should do a reaction video on QBs recent 3mark obj 140 vid

  27. I love it when that happens, LOL. I had a guy accuse me of using aim assist mods, LOL. Sometimes RNG works in your favor.

  28. Lemming keep bringing it on

  29. James The Archaic One

    Yeah, FTR – that was definitely a carry.

  30. BlackRose1mmortal

    well played

  31. I subscribed eons ago, not sure why people favor other inferior players on youtube.

  32. I feel its a carry for a couple of reasons, mainly being, you dealt with flanking tanks (140 and is 7) and allotted your team more dpm by being aggressive in a medium tank and not just working the middle

  33. Gold spam is real

  34. I said in twitch chat that 140 got so outplayed lul. And then I remember you sent the 140 link to your stream, 140 ended up saying good stream haha

  35. I had the same thought as with the conclusion about this game about my replay which Jingles recently did a video on (called “Old-School.” for the T-54) Sure, I got a Pools medal, but that game wasn’t spectacular or even risky. I could have won that game 10 out of 10 times!

  36. It wasn’t a bad game tough. But there are many ppl on EU Server who dealt more than 8k damage with T-62A . For example look Decha from [Fame] T-62A highest damage is 11450. Average damage on this tank 4k+ (~2k battles in this tank)

  37. But that maximum effort editing tho xD

  38. Rasmus Österlind

    Just me who heard the intro twice?

  39. Domagoj Lovosevic

    GREAT GAME,what equipment do yyou use on 140 and t62a?

  40. Casually makes 8k dmg, does not consider it a carry. That’s why we love LR.

  41. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    This makes it look so easy and the T-62A so good, almost made me feel bad about selling it for a second 😀

  42. AsterionG2A - SecretlyAPanda

    The clickbait, feels bad man

  43. Noticed the in game time 8 mins 34 secs, You averaged 1k damage exactly well done!

  44. CheeZeArtZ - 100% Laktosefrei

    Yesterday i saw an Object 907 who got 10700 damage and a shitton of assistance and he still lost because teams are balanced lol

  45. Krešimir Šmerda

    JpZ’s 1050 damage +25% = 1312. He could have killed you 🙂

  46. The tip of looking at the gun direction to know if the guy is reloading is amazing
    Nice replay, keep up the good work

  47. How to perform well and mark a tanks that are retarded when it comes to their mobility? Like for example JagdPz E-100, that technically has armor, but in practice it only works when you are lucky or you are playing againsst unexpierienced players. You can’t change flanks effectively and you can’t poke safely, because lack of turret. Do you have to predict everything 30 minutes in advance to be able to react in time or just don’t even try playing those kind of vechicles? I always wondered how people find them entertaining and how are they able to 3 mark them, because I just can’t see obvious solution.

  48. I would call this a “chilly“ carry. Not like lifting up a skyscraper to change the outcome, rather just casually carrying your team as a backpack walking down the game

    And the 140 / T 62A duel was a good use of advantages, slight RNG, and the fact of him panicing. I dont know. If he had Yoloed you i bet my nuts you could had easily eaten all the shots with your bouncy turret while you spam his cupolar.

  49. Good shit man

  50. Hi lemming! Great game! Don’t you remember a battle with Decha on Malinovka encounter doing over 10k, running out of ammo and losing the battle?

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