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Source: Sir Havoc

World of Tanks Patch 9.14 has seen some changes in physics and the introduction of a new feature.. A Hand Break!! but how can this be best used to own your enemy??
maybe you can return the favor…

●Hall of Fame Rare Medals Or Base XP over 1600
●Its Moron Time – People on your team being Dicks
●Really Funny things in game moments
●And Thug Life moments

Please title the email with one from above and put in the time stamp of what there is to see

Please send replays you would like featured to:
●Looking for a Clan~?
Must be over 16 Years Old
Must be in Teamspeak when ever in game
Must not be a pain in the arse
come to my teamspeak;
Ask for a recruitment officer 🙂

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  1. Good you’re back Pete 😉 (LtPeanut78)

  2. good to have you back and best wishes to your mum. I unsubscribed some good
    players cause they started flaming, getting rude and things like that. I
    never noticed that on your channel, pls stay as you are, you are doing a
    great job :). There is one thing I would like to ask you and your comunity:
    since 9.14 came out I have been disconnected from server several tims in
    the battle. While it takes so long to reconnect I found myself a smoking
    wreck, often enough I even didn’t make it back to battle in time. That
    might explain at least the situation of the Pershing. Am I the exception or
    does it happen to other players as well? I had no problems with 9.13 so.

  3. People unsubscribe if you don’t post for a few days?? O.o

    I’m subscribed to hundreds of channels that I found interesting, some are
    inactive but want to have a record of them and others post something once
    every year. Why unsubscribe, it costs nothing to keep it.

  4. Wotko s Vokurkou

    Looks like the Superpershing DCed more then being afk (turret is turned
    behind the tank)

  5. Tea drinking crumpet munching British dude

    Sorry to hear about your mum Sir H, hope she gets well soon.

  6. Ya im glad your back and was worried about you and how you were doing. Glad
    to hear your mom is getting better.

  7. i hope it will get better keep it up

  8. Anton Liljekvist

    Nope, it’s called “locking the tracks” xD

  9. Hope your mum makes a full recovery

    Keep doing what you’re doing. You and a couple other YouTubers really help
    me out on the Xbox version

    I think ppl are forgetting in this video he was totally bottom tier and
    also, yes he had 2 afk tanks but he had to survive until the end to reap
    that reward in a tight bottle-neck map which isn’t light friendly. And he
    didn’t just hide until the end and mop up – he was on it from the

  10. BobbyJenkins Plays

    Hope your mom gets better :)

  11. Best wishes to your mother!!!

  12. Hope you mum feels better, keep up the great videos

  13. Nice to hear that your mother is geting better, hope she makes a full
    Also I don’t think a hiatus period is something why people should unsub, if
    they like the content, RL should always have the right of way over videos
    and game.

  14. G’Day SirHavoc,

    Sorry to hear about your mum – hope she picks up soon!

    Welcome back, you were missed!

    Later, Matt

  15. Get well soon to Mum Havoc,
    loving the videos helps me learn for the peasants version of WOT (Blitz)

  16. Sorry to hear about your mother’s health problems. I am happy to hear that
    she’s survived them.

    I was wondering where you were in terms of WOT—the only game you play that
    I do—but your absence did not, at any time, prompt me to think of
    unsubscribing because your work is valuable. I wish practicing maneuvers on
    high-speed tanks could be done more easily without having to collect
    clan-mates and asking them for favors. “On-the-job” training for that kind
    of thing sucks worse than the flying slipper you mentioned.

    Glad to have you back. I hope your mother enjoys a complete recovery.

  17. Sadly the handbrake is disabled for TD’s and SPG’s for “balancing purpose”
    so the handbrake wont work for E25 :/ atleasty it doesn’t get more op.

  18. Welcome back! Hope your mother gets better, thanks for the awesome vids ☺

  19. Hey, family comes first and we don’t register ! I hope all is well,
    continue tubing when you can !

  20. Damn why can’t I have two afk’s and engine fires in my elc

  21. First of all, nice to have you back Havoc, but it would be nice if you tell
    us what’s happening when you don’t upload, if you did then I apologise. By
    the way the hand break turn is disabled for td’s and arty so no spinning
    around in an e25 :(

  22. GG, I’m sorry to hear about your mum, I know it’s scary when your mum falls
    ill as mine was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago and we sadly
    lost her, so I hope your mum gets better soon and all the best

  23. Vollmeissel3achtel

    no handbreaks for arty and tds so no use for the e25 unfortunately

  24. Great to see you back.

  25. Nah, half of his dmg was from afk dmg. but the hand braking was good.

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