World of Tanks – The Jingles Effect

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

I have a certain effect on people. Doesn’t seem to matter how good you are at a game, once I get within feet of you, you’re going to do something dumb. We call this “The Jingles Effect”.

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  1. Your the best jingles, you laughing just makes me laugh

  2. The Jingles Effect: I now exclusively refer to Japanese Heavy players as glue sniffers.

  3. *Attenborough Voice

    _Slowus_ _Doomicus_ colloquially known as the Doom Turtle, is a slow, lumbering beast that relies on its thick shell for survival. However, this creature is not one to be underestimated, as evolution has blessed it with a rather powerful bite to allow it to protect its territory. While they aren’t fond of moving, many Doom Turtles aspire to hit the lightning speed of 25 kp/h, and may attempt to do so by using local terrain features. Woe to the cocky would-be predator who finds himself below the Doom Turtle, as such a situation is to difficult for them to resist.

  4. 5:14 Mmmmmmm ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  5. shermandragonfly WOT & WOW

    I think the 1 dislike is Rita

  6. Rita – good decision to ban him from your room while gaming 😉

  7. 1 dislike? ohoh rita is butthurtXD

  8. Another good one, keep it up. Also congrats on the 600k! We will be here for another 600k to come 🙂

  9. Playing music at the beginning aaaaaaand the video is claimed

  10. Upvoted simply for the T95 Life. Awesome work Jingles

  11. I assume this is now a new meme among the WoT community.

  12. When my ‘Significant Other’ says to me …” when you finish this battle …” it doesn’t matter if I’m on full health, something will happen and I’m dead in 10-15 sec. every single time, without fail, she just has to look at me with that look of expectation and I can see my health points draining away …

  13. Congrats on 600K!

  14. Yes 63 comment

  15. Ah true love. You stumble and do silly shit when the person you like is near you. Still…its adorable

  16. Jingles, when I saw the title of this vedo, I thought you somehow made the new Jingles Parking.


    hey jingles i am surprise you can watch tat t95 video so long….well i am impress

  18. I sure do miss, Random acts of violence. 🙂 🙂

  19. Happy 600k subs 😀

  20. So… What you’re saying there, Jingles… Is that we need to ship you off to hover over the shoulder of QB, Foch, or Circon or similar for a week or so, and watch the ensuing mayhem?

  21. Damn it jingles, its 4:30 am here. Still worth it

  22. The jingles effect hit me in my t54 mod 1

  23. And now, Let us Observe this phenomenon the next time we see the Gnome Overlord live-stream a multiplayer game

  24. Been bouncing of light tanks, not able to penetrate flat hits even with the Jp E100 on vehicles with less then 80mm side armor….. Shots been out of circle 90% of the time even while aimed…. I blame you jingles. Must be like a flue or something that spreads in wot

  25. Grasshopper Kelly

    wow… 100 subscribers over night O.o America and Asia have been busy… (Oceana don’t have the Internet capacity use youtube).
    congrats on 600,000 uncle J

  26. Wow, Australians are watching a video that isn’t uploaded at 11pm ?

  27. only 1.4 Million subscribers to go! I recommend you writing BBC and asking if they got a slot for you to do a weekly 2-hour show about videogaming and other nerdy stuff so you get a few million more kid fans!

  28. Grasshopper Kelly

    8:40 reasons I’m very careful at assessing my surrounding terrain, and know the exact capabilities of my tanks traction and mass…. I’d have used cruse control and tried turning right to get into that position. (however… Rita Quinn was distracted by Uncle J so caring about flipping the tank probably was probably bumped off the priority list)

  29. wow…

  30. And you are still not afraid of taking planes to travel?
    Impressive, very impressive!

  31. Oh Rita, don’t ever change. Speaking of Jingles, how about a weekly segment in mingles of dumb stuff said/done by Rita during the last week?

  32. sturmpanzerwagen A7V

    Oh goddamn it Jingles XD

  33. When you get up at 3 am to watch a jingles video

  34. What fearsome power this Jongles Effect is… XD

  35. i remember watching that jingles effect video ages ago, it was so funny back then and it still is now

  36. Epic 😀

  37. Anyone else just instantly hit like even before they watch the video? Knowing there gonna have a good laugh or be sincerely informed about some random crap lmao

  38. Holy crap, within the first hundred comments. I don’t think this has ever happened before >.>

  39. james ward-gwilliam

    if jingles is alive after this viddeo its a miracle. R.I.P paul “jingles” charlton. he died as he lived. laughing xD also this video will likely end up demonetised becausse its cruel and unusual punishment to little tanks and no warning of it

  40. I wonder if the effect would work if our glorious gnome overlord stands five meters from Quicky Baby.


  42. Draxis Stormshadow

    LOL reminds me of my old t50-2 days

  43. So, are Rita and Jingles back together?

  44. “you suck and you know you do!!” Lmao jingles being the hilarious asshole he is XD

  45. Wow I’m early

  46. I hope you read this Jingles. In one of your Mingles with Jingles you told us the story of the Russian Second Pacific fleet, the one that had been the Baltic fleet. However I think you might have deleted it for some reason. I liked being able to share that story with others and was sad to find that you had removed it. Any chance we could get that story back sometime?

  47. Well, imho the only reason for this replay to be showed on this channel is that was a game of Rita… But I cannot find it entertaining at all. Come on Jingles, there’s plenty of funnier replays out there… Maybe your effect has a wider area than you think! 😉


  49. I saw the title and just expected for someone to bounce 5 shot off an arty

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