World of Tanks – The King is Dead

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There are changes afoot for HE shells on the server which could mean that the King of Derp dead if they go through as they currently stand. Of course that’s probably not going to happen, but it might…

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  1. WG?=Drunk idiots

  2. I don’t like the possible HE changes. It takes all the skill out of the game, see a low health tank, spam HE. Where’s the skill in that Wargaming? Oh right, it takes no skill under the proposed system.

  3. KV-2 episode? For me?! Oh Jingles, I’ll whip the -slaves- prisoners with jobs extra well today. I don’t know if I can squeeze a quintuple load of salt out of them, but I’m damn sure gonna try.

  4. Just about the only thing you need to completely discredit the proposed HE change is this one question:

    Ok, so… What about the 183mm HESH round? Where’s the nerf there??

    • Apparently hesh is going to become it’s own type of round at a later date.

    • Acts differently to a usual HE shell, pancakes on impact, rather than explodes on impact, and the penetration has already been nerfed twice, and with a 24-26 second reload in the death star, it’s quite balanced.

  5. if they do this to the KV2; they have got their last dollar out of me. I was saving for the Christmas binge… but if they take this, they might as well shut up shop as far as I’m concerned. The KV2 was one of the main fun things in the game. They can kiss goodbye to my Christmas spend if they do this.

  6. A_Certain_Russian_Heavy_Tank

    And from this i lay down my glorious flag of my KV-2 for i believe it is time to move on as the Mighty Beast has already had it’s glory and have suffered enough sorrows as well, but with this additional depressing news, I believe it is now goodbye

  7. “you know the only good factor on the derp-based guns and the KV-2? how about we just fucking ruin them completely into obsolescence?”

  8. a Giant HE nerf, another shot at Artillery perhaps ? that is just catching all of the Derp tanks in its crosshairs ?

  9. The KV2 is dead, but what about the PREMIUM KV2? Can they or will they change it?

  10. 2:16 it was at this moment xenomorph_dragon knew, he fucked up

  11. I have to subscribe lot of YouTube channels every day and next day it shows unsubscribed
    Yes, i logged in with my account still happening

  12. as someone with 2000 games in my KV-2 on the SEA server… I do not support changing the HE in any way.

  13. the changes will break my FV4005 i play with HE to not lose lots of money 🙁

  14. When it pops up in your feed and you are like noooooo not Jingles !!! Its not ^^, such a nice chap

  15. When WG realizes they messed up with the HE changes they will compensate by releasing a new KV -2 with a 6 shot autoloader.

  16. Need to correct you on something.
    You said; “Fundamentally changes the way High-Explosive Shells work.”
    It should be; “Change High-Explosive Shells to no longer work.”

  17. Whilst I do think WG went to the extreme this the 1st iteration in the sandbox I do agree with their thinking. These big derp guns are not healthy for the game because of their inconsistency in dealing damage. I do think the idea of a derp gun can live on with a buffed AP shell that can do consistent damage that has obvious pros and cons to a standard gun.

  18. So they are nerfing HE. SO THAT’S WHY THEY PUT ON SALE THE PREMIUM KV-2 ! I am glad I didn’t buy it.

  19. Meatballs for life

    My god, this guy is like the notser of world of tanks, he just can’t help but drive into everything on the map that’s solid

  20. Just you wait. WG will figure out someway to put ‘premium’ shells and torpedos into WoWs, for the profit! They already have premium consumables…

  21. Maybe they put premium HE ammo in the game that works like the old HE

  22. The HE damage isnt getting nerfed BY a third but TO a third Jingles.

  23. Check out that Ikv 65 II camping against the rear edge of the map until the battle was all but over.

    Fucking useless parasites like him are why I quit WoT.

  24. If they do it I’m done. And I’m already barely here.

  25. Hey Jingles, I’m your ancient subscriber all the way back to T50-2 without physics I wanted to ask you if it would be possible to re upload the mingles with jingles where you talk about russo-japanese war and the voyage of the damned, it is comedy gold and there is no one that tells it like you. Have a great one 🙂

  26. 4:17 And thats a paddling… oh sorry wrong game.

  27. I think he nurf is a bad idea they alredy nurfed grate tanks so much that there realisum gole is no more.

    The whole gole of world of tanks was to be as real as posible same with world of warships and world of war planes.

    If this path keeps on going war thunder will win.



  29. We do love the KV-2, that’s true. But I do not love Hetzers with 105mm. It just rubs me the wrong way.

  30. Nobody expects to pen a tier 10 heavy with a derp gun consistently anyone who expects consistency in HE is playing the wrong game.

  31. Look at what they have done to my boy.

  32. I know people have been crying a lot about this or that… For the last 8 years… People saying the whole player base is leaving because of “this patch” the same with WoWS.
    But after playing on the sandbox server… Despite my medication, and despite me being the nerd who says, I’ll ignor everyone else crying, and developed my own opinion as to whether I like it, and typically not having a “bad” opinion…. The changes to HE have certainly “upset” my perspective on WoT. Yes, HE become FAR more consistent on the sandbox server. By just doing about 1/3 of its advertised average or previous average damage. And withought those full damage penetrations… There’s quite a few tanks I have sitting in the garage that rely on their HE shells, that I take out for a few matches every now and again, and rely don’t envoy said matches. No matter how s*** I end up doing. Yes, someone those do indeed have AP rounds, but most don’t have near enough penetration for some equal tier, or many higher tier vehicals :/ So now I’m worried I’m going to have to suffer a long 5, 11, 18 second reload many times to slowly whittle the enemy tank I’m facing down….

  33. “maximum dmg will be nerfed by around 1/3” … oh jingles … “to 1/3” would be more fitting.

  34. Impresive that wg can ruin this game even more

  35. So the only reason left for me to have WoT still take up hard drive space is looking to be removed, I guess I get a couple of Gig of space back if this nerf goes through. I am your typical casual player, or I was, then WG basically said, Gold or Russian, that’s the only way left to win so now instead of me playing a few times a week and lashing out on the occasional Premium or some Gold ammo for a laugh I only get on now to put a smile on my dial by derping tanks in my KV-2 or Type 5 (my only T10 tank)
    Serb, you fucked up if you think this is a good idea.

  36. and yet, the atry HE damage is still the same.

  37. So….. are they trying to kill the game completely? I mean…this will be a nerf to some premium tanks as well..

  38. Wargaming are killing themselves by 1000 paper cuts

  39. and…the last bit of fun is crushed under wargaming’s treads…

  40. I just thought of something else. HE, the way they work now, is a cheap alternative to using premium armor when you can’t pen a tank with your regular ammo. With HE getting the nerf of death, anyone who finds their normal ammo not good enough for a target, will have to use premium ammo if they want to damage that tank. I am sure this is a coincidence.

  41. Hmmm… Nerfing HE will basically make artillery even more useless and not worth playing.

  42. If I want predictability, I’ll paint my wall and watch it dry.

  43. 7:20 WG:i have a canning plan
    first…buy gold ammo
    second…buy gold ammo
    third…all above 🙂

  44. Jingles, your complaining about HE doing damage and thus removing skill from the game while at the same time defending KV-2’s no aim insta-kills and having a laugh.

  45. Yeah nerf HE because its balanced

  46. I won’t lose any sleep over WoT nerfing HE !

  47. You should go and check the 4th iteration there is major buff of he again 😀 😀 Long live the king 😀

  48. Well i stoped playing wot when they nerfed my sherman with dirtgun, dont even remenber the name ?

  49. Finishing off opponents on the cap….sometimes you just aren’t meant to win.

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