World of Tanks || The Kranvagn

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Source: QuickyBaby

. Today Tankart going to show you what the Swedish auto loading , the , is all about!

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  1. I know it will sound random, but I can’t wait for the upcoming HD models! I
    know it doesn’t make the tanks better, but I think it’s a good initiative
    from WG to update the tank models. Plus, some of them could really
    beneficiate from it (Matilda BP and Churchill III, I’m looking directly at

  2. I’m still on the lago…

  3. I find power creep as annoying as anyone; but it especially bothers me when
    the best tanks are obscure paper designs :/ Does anyone know why we don’t
    have the chieftain in game yet? I mean they had it all finished last year
    didn’t they? But decided to hold it back….

  4. content keeps getting better

  5. Was this game play or a tank review? It felt like the game play was simply
    background footage while you talked about the Kranvagn.

  6. im new to the game plz tell me what is tank Hp and how to get it thx :P

  7. QB is a class act

  8. Hey @QuickyBaby, are you considering uploading the tech tree showcases? I’m
    not always able to view them, but it would be nice to have them on youtube.

  9. It’s pronounced Kran-vog-on, kind of like wagon. And that what the original
    prototype was, it was a wagon for moving stuff basically

  10. Did anyone notice the shell stuck in the left side of the turret

  11. People talk about how OP this tank is. Well, it is pretty powerful. Yes,
    and if it’s hull down it’s really powerful. Buuuuuut, Arty is a legit
    rebalancer. Too bad people think arty is OP so they nerfed the bejesus out
    of it, so now we can’t hit the broad side of a barn, but people still rage
    when people get lucky hits on moving targets. Annnnnnnnywaaaaaaay. Arty has
    good purpose. Which it was changed to be a bit different and better, but I
    doubt that will happen anytime soon. However, Arty will always have a

  12. Молодец!

  13. I thought he said the IS7 had a 1600 damage magazine

  14. Another shitty powercreeped fake tank that only makes the game less fun and
    completely out classes the older stuff.

  15. One thing that I don’t think I’ve seen you mention is that the Emil I, Emil
    II and Kranvagn have a 2-piece turret, unlike any other heavies in the
    game. This makes it so that when the Kranvagn is aiming down, the back-top
    of the turret rises up, thus making it so you can get shots on the top of
    the turret even if he is on level ground with you. As you mentioned before,
    the Emil II only has 25 mm of armor (Yea, I know you said penetration) on
    the top of the turret, thus making it rather easy to overmatch currently.
    The times you would be in a position to get such a shot without being able
    to shoot the hull can be pretty rare though.

    Another way to describe the turret of them is the word “Swivel”.

  16. VAGEN!

  17. Yaaaaay, another super-unicum tier X replay from a tank that – as a casual
    player – I will most likely *never ever ever* get. Thanks!

    … unsubscribe

  18. Matthew dont need this (grislyregent)

    i want the crackvan on console

  19. Go watch quickybaby’s first t95 video, he looked like a scary guy to me,
    glad he changed ;-)

  20. Wow, I thought this tank was just another overpowered new tank. Buts it’s
    actually quite balanced.

  21. hey qb this invite code is dont working, QUICKYBABY4WOT

  22. Chris (christhemaus)

    Löwe review please

  23. Hey QB, just want to say that I love all of your videos. they are really
    informative and I always go to your channel first to look at Wot videos. I
    also love your streams and especially the tech tree showcases.
    During your next showcase, can u do the russian med lines and do all the 3
    lines pls ? i would really appreciate it.

  24. most likely that the right Wati


  25. 300MM Turret armor? damn thats op

  26. the detail like the tank round jammed in the corner of the turret is


  28. Too many auto loaders. This game is no longer fun.

  29. nerfs inbound

  30. RIP T57HT

  31. just to say the stb should have a hydraulic suspension too

  32. which turret do you think is stronger? is7, or kranvagen? my opionion, i
    think the is7 has better armour

  33. Anyone see the shell wedged into the armor at 8:10?

  34. 86.535, 536.425, 2103.316, 257.233.


  35. Hey QB can you help me: I have a new T150 how should I play it?

  36. Kranvagn or Brokenvagn?

  37. This video was made to be over 10 minutes, so it’s basically 2,5 mins
    longer then it had to be. (greed ?)

  38. At 8:06 looks like an AP round imbedded in the turret on the lower right.

  39. Meanwhile, IS-7: …(crying in the toilet)

  40. Hi QB, do you think you could start posting your tech tree streams as
    youtube videos as well? maybe just highlights? Unfortunately I am not
    available on Sundays so I can’t watch them :(

  41. Ummmmm, QB, the T10 auto loaders have 4 round clips, not 3 round clips

  42. TheWuerstchenwasser

    I never noticed the little details like rounds getting stuck in thick
    armour…tbh that looks pretty cool

  43. when he stopped the replay to look at the bounces on the turret I thought I
    saw a shell stuck in the armor, is that possible???? someone please reply,
    i need to know

  44. I actually did that amount of DMG on the test server without HEAT rounds.

  45. *casually bounces 5k dmg in the face* Great review/synopsis QB!

  46. Fucking autoloders broke game

  47. This tank’s turret needs serious nerfing…………

  48. Best way to nerf this powercreep is decreasing 12 degrees gun depression
    down to 8 or 7 degrees, make it play harder with ridge line.

  49. so OP I hope that I get emil To try this Monster

  50. there is one thing which kranvagn can’t bounce
    ap shells from arty
    better angle and nearly every shell pens it’s unpenetrable turret

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