World of Tanks – The KV-2 Show

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

You can't keep a good tank down. Now matter how hard Wargaming tries to.

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  1. Please return to WarThunder ground forces

  2. 3:34 I believe Nicholas Moran has said that the Germans knew full-well the 88mm was good for AT work even before the Battle of France. I mean, why would they have AP ammo ready for that KV-2 if they didn’t think it would be useful?

  3. Ah yes nerf the KV2 and go sell the BZ-176 – Profit

  4. big guns never tire!

  5. HE nerf k1lled a lot of playstyles and guns. I was a “god” in my KV-2 and Panzer 4 with derp with full crew skills crew. EDIT : He may not have been perfect. But we can always count on comrade Stalin guiding our shells.

  6. What happened to DE?

  7. Someone needs to dig this Stalin guy up and perform an exorcism. He’s gettin’ to be a pain in the ass.

  8. Thanks for video.
    Been an interesting few days since YT has been recommending 7+ year old videos from you and Flamu. Been an interesting contrast looking back.
    I thought I’d seen all your videos over the years.

  9. Erm…. *actually Jingles* – that I think you’ll find was a KV1 that held off the Germans at that bridge. The one with the 76mm gun that was actually a tank not a self propelled gun.The nazis manouvered an 88mm gun around behind it to finally knock it out.

  10. The target near the end… 152mm delete button

  11. BRAKE CHECK!!!

  12. Now, that E25 got break checked. xD

  13. Jingles? Missed opportunity for a ‘brake check’ joke. Just sayin’ ^.^

  14. I’ve never seen someone break check a tank to death xD

  15. 11:28 Jingles, it’s pronounced “Panzer Selbstfahrlafette 4”.
    We do not usually put hard consonants directly after each other. Whom do you think we are ? Russians ? 😛

  16. The HE nerf is what made me stop playing WoT in the first place, the KV-2 (and a few other tanks at lower tiers) was what kept me playing the game. Before the nerf every second, roughly, game in the KV-2 was fun and every game was interesting enough to pull me back as well as one-in-ten games was utterly hilarious. After the nerf the KV-2 gameplay just stopped being interesting for me, you would have the occasional interesting game but not often enough to pull me back.

    After a depressing tier 10 game I used to be able to cheer myself up with a KV-2 game but not anymore so I uninstalled the whole thing…

  17. Wtaf how did that e25 tank a kv2 on the side

  18. Good to see that the avg IQ of WoT players has not increased….

  19. I stopped playing WoT because of the second high explosive nerf

  20. “Mother of pearl”
    “Sorry about my language”
    Made me chuckle XD

  21. Mostly because Wargaming nerfed them into the ground and they are nothing CLOSE to as much fun to play anymore.

  22. time forgotten prince

    Odd, I thought it was a KV 1, not a KV 2, that held off the German army for a day.

  23. KV2 was only tank i had fun,…. and they nerf and now i dont have tank to play or fun to have 🙁

  24. Any WOT video where an E25 is brought low gets a thumbs up from me. One of the reasons I stopped playing was because of that thing ruining mid tier battles.

  25. Akchually jingles, he Aimed at the arty right there, not a snapshot

    Wait, what’s that? 3 vans? They don’t look like a standard Kidnapping van

    *”Distant muffled Angry Russian NKVD noises”*

    Oh fuck

  26. 3:34 The germans learned about the Flak 88 being good against tanks quite some time before Barbarossa. It was against _french_ tanks during the Bltzkrieg phase of the war that they tested it out in earnest, but they’d been planning for it since the start of the weapon’s development, just after WW1. It was always intended to be a dual-purpose gun, evidenced by the fact that AP rounds for it were available and issued to units (you don’t fire AP at aircraft…well, unless you’re playing War Thunder but even there it’s a bad idea :P). In the spanish civil war the 88 got a lot of use against ground targets, but since the republican forces didn’t have much in the way of tanks it was mostly against infantry (with HE rounds) or bunkers (where the AP round turned out to be highly effective).

    They just didn’t have enough of them to mass deploy them in the AT role and still keep up AA cover during Barbarossa, which led to situations like the unkillable KV-2.

  27. Skyguy was credited with that Arti kill which the Jackson thought was his kill btw

  28. I had a hilarious moment on Redshire in the KV-2 a couple of weeks ago. We had just won the airship and was pushing through and a tank in the middle was spotted, I fired on the move at full speed while also turning the turred from D0 to D3/D4 at well over 400 meters while that tank was pulling back behind the hill, hit and one shotted him. I took a few more shots at range but without moving and hit every single in the battle and ended up with a tank sniper medal and a high caliber.

    Unfortunately for every one of those games you’ll have dozens of games where you can’t even hit the inside of the barn.

  29. Jackson: “Oh Mother of Pearl… sorry about the language.” I like this player.

  30. KV2 stronk tenk, Stalin stronk

  31. Yeah, I love the KV-2. About the only two types of battles that are NOT fun for the KV-2: The fast moving battle where the KV-2 just cannot reach a place to shoot at any enemy before the battle is over… …and the fast moving battle where all the teammates feed themselves to the enemy one at a time in steady succession and leave the KV-2 to deal with half the enemy or more by themself. When surrounded by multiple enemy, the KV-2 is a sitting duck due to the slow reload speed of that 152mm DERP Gun. Yes, he’ll probably take a tank or three with him, but the sides and rear armor are not the thickest and a small fast-moving tank with enough penetration can just circle-strafe him…

  32. Well… the other KV-2 was nerfed. Skyguy’s wasn’t.

  33. is anyone going to help that panther? or will they just let him die?
    let him die. 99.9% of battles. because fck that panther. he didn’t glue himself on the first corner. too bad for him. World of Camps 4 eva.

  34. Playing this and the KV-1 waaaaaaay back when was the first time I felt invincible in WoT.

  35. theyt can nerf H.E but they never can nerf starlin xD, i haven’t heard you say that for along time jingles

  36. Pz. Sfl. IVc = Panzerselbstfahrlafette IVc = aarmoured self-propelled artillery IVc

  37. @4:45
    I don’t think so. The old formular also halved the damage for non pens if i don’t misremember, so the damage should’ve been similar considering the thin top armor.
    The big difference is that you can’t do indirect damage anymore but only damage through the part of the armor you actually hit.
    Previously you could shoot the lowest part of the Maus mantlet and deal some 250~300dmg through the upper deck armor, that doesn’t work anymore.
    The actual damage through armor, especially considering when thin spaced armor not able to block the shell, is actually better now but requires better aim.. and hence RNG.. which sucks ballz.

    PS: I think the nerf was mostly aimed at the newer 650, 750 AP guns on those really hard to pen tanks like the 60TP as those were often just using HE instead of HEAT against other similar tanks as even with 310~320 HEAT pen you still need to hit the weakspot to do any kind of dmg where as a 900~1k dmg HE would deal 300~400dmg per shot consistently so that a 50% pen chance would result in less average dmg than just using the much cheaper HE.

  38. Thee old good time when KV-2 was the best tier 10 tank in the game

  39. Best ending ever. I can commiserate with the E25, Ive died many times from a wee bit too much throttle.

  40. Ah, the BS hidden buffs that get applied to ‘certain tanks’ : )

  41. Watch what ya say about W.G. Jingles. They might say “Hold my beer” and they nerf high explosive so much that it does next to nothing in damage against heavy armor!
    GG, and thank you for the KV2 show!

  42. didn’t expect that ending hahaha nice!

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