World of Tanks || The Last Round – 300k

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Eul87 is a prize winner in the 300k replay competition showing off some awesome skills in the T8 Soviet heavy tank the IS-3 and why sometimes you have to fight to the last round.

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  1. No offense, and quite frankly I don’t think you will even read this, but in
    response to everyone criticism the replay, well yes, there was a lot of RNG
    luck, and a TON of tomatos on the other team, but well I don’t think thats
    the problem. It was an exciting replay nonetheless and quite enjoyable. I
    honestly, and again, no offense, feel like you kind of let the replay down.
    The side tracking during the first half makes it seem less exciting and
    rather boring. I feel on video’s that just showcase one replay, such as
    contests, you should indulge in what is going on, not some tanks
    statistics. Just watching an AMX bounce nearly a whole clip off an IS-3,
    well yeah, lucky RNG, but it could at least be announced to make it seem
    more exciting. The Amx could have clipped him.

    So that’s my 2 cents, again no offense, but in all seriousness, you
    probably aren’t reading this xD

  2. red retard artillery often drive into the pigpen, either to troll or cos
    they’re, ya know, red retards. I wish WG would flatten that whole north
    east area to stop the morons and also because it is actually hard to find a
    decent spot when you are arty on the north spawn.

  3. average player, lots of luck, lots of prem …. :/

  4. wow, he super panic derped thei at the end :D

  5. Thanks for taking the time to do this QB! Was a fantastic game Eul played.
    As far as the bad apples go hopefully they don’t dissuade you from making
    videos in the future. Always are going to be idiots.

  6. don’t you mean quicky a bunch of tier seven targets or capt’n dead meats

  7. So much salt in the comment section…

  8. what a stupid idiot enemy team. no normal team would have helped his win
    this game

  9. is3 frontal hull armor is absolutely crap against anything of the same tier
    and even some lower tier tanks like the tiger 1…

  10. Not impressed at all…I mean, really…when both arties fired, he shoud’ve
    killed both of them, not just killing one of them and letting the other one
    reloading… He could’ve won it easily without that funny dance in the

    8:32 Hiding from an arty that has just fired… Hilarious…

  11. That ending was hilarious. Very well played by Eul87 overall.
    (Geeze: thanks for your help M53/M55.)

  12. damn he could have gotten a Fadin’s medal

  13. Nothing special…. anyway gg to u Eul87

  14. He had so much luck this game – still well played, he was in a few tight
    spots and he kept his cool – that and the IS saved him

  15. Yes luck played a part in this replay, yes the tiger and jtiger played
    awfully, but stuff like that is normally required to allow someone to go
    ham like Eul did. Also that ending was hilarious, though surely if he just
    rushed the gw tiger, the splash would have finished off the arty anyway,
    leaving his arty alive so winning the game. Fun replay though.

  16. IS 3 is fucking broken… One of the most OP tanks in the game

  17. kill the arty!!!!

  18. Only possible because of holy tomato soup. Not really epic. But funny at
    least !!

  19. Omg this guy isn’t good he is shit no offence bad plays just luck

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  21. Y’all are either jelly as hell or you’re bitter princesses. Shut the fuck
    up and watch the vid. “Woah is me”, “why didn’t QB pick me”, “this guy’s a
    noob”. JESUS be quiet

  22. What is special about this replay, I do not get it. Stomping retards in an
    IS-3 on a city map. World of tanks easy mode. This is just briliant he
    says, how an IS-3 gets around a jagdtiger, are you for real QB.

  23. IS-3 punching above his weight in a tier9 game and coming out the victor
    without any shells. Why doesn’t this guy get a type-59??????

  24. Pity that the enemy team couldn’t hit a barn 10ft away. Of course someone
    will do well against those terrible players. Didn’t show any skill worthy
    of a good IS3 driver.

  25. reverse sidescraping is the only way to angle an IS 3 properly ! ;)

  26. Do you accept replays for review?

  27. About your question regarding IS-3 QB, well, i’m pretty extensively
    expierienced IS-3 driver, after playing almost 9000 battles in it
    (including team battles and tank companies), and surely i can say one thing
    about it’s frontal armor – it’s pretty much non existant when you’re trying
    to fight any tank with a working gun having around 200+ penetration, on a
    level ground, short distance (kinda street, close combat city action that
    this tank is made for). But, if you’re able to go hull-down (even
    partially) it’s entirely different matter indeed. There’s no more of that
    horrible weak area on a turret roof, so enemy has to make their mind where
    they want to shoot you, and i observed they usually can’t 🙂 Some are
    trying to pen thru drivers viewport (sometimes you can pull that off, but i
    would not advise trying it – more often you only injure a driver and make
    no actual damage to the tank).

  28. I’m not impressed. I got my first Radley-Walters in a stock IS-3 in a tier
    8 match. This was also when I had less than 4k games played. I even brawled
    another IS-3 and killed him. The IS-3 is an extremely broken tank, and this
    guy fought a team of tomatoes. It should’ve been over much sooner for him,
    but RNGesus had his back the entire match. That, and his gold ammo.

  29. Felix Friedel Friedel

    The T-Shirt Ich bin ein Berliner

  30. ICH BIN EIN Kappa

  31. Gz to the winner. Is-3 is awesome =3

  32. OMG, just look at all these comments. Quicky, did you ever think that your
    videos would get this viral? Do you ever get overwhelmed by it all?Just
    have to say, keep up the good work. You are producing some of the most
    entertaining WOT videos out there(although TheFochYou is pretty awesome as
    well). Don’t let this competition get to you. I know of many clans that
    have been destroyed by those clan wars competitions for free tanks, so much
    butthurt.Peace to you.AzRoth(NA)

  33. well. it’s was the highest dmg with an IS3 in the competition.
    no skills, just getting a once in a life opponent and got a nice dmg.
    yea. he deserved that Cromwell B.

    i just hope that you won’t decide every single replay by that.

    for example. i sent in a replay where i carried the whole battle.
    being in situations like T69(80hp) vs E75(fullhp) he wasn’t a red somebody
    and i still killed him without blowing or burning.
    we were loosing from the very first moment and at the end i changed the
    whole game and we basicly won..

    so.. that’s all.

    atleast keep in mind that try to read the name of the replays and if those
    seems interesting then watch them.

  34. Wat? first comment?

  35. i thought that giveaway was dependent on skill, yet this player had just
    luck. Additionally, he did not used gold rounds for the first time against
    E-75 but from KV-4 to the last. Moreover, suicidish assault resulted with
    good rng for him. Thus, he is again lucky to attact your attention and won.
    Conseq. he was born in Christmas.

  36. Alright is3 is a beast everybody knows that, but this is insane. Great
    player and great replay.

  37. I really hope my replay will be shown. 5k damage in the E25 but I’m sure he
    won’t show it.

  38. hey QB… i realized that you got that *beep* annoying sound before the WoT
    loading screen appeared when i watched your stream and it happens to me as
    well… is it because of the client or Win10?

  39. Need some IS6 action.

  40. Arty players take heed on this video. DONT HIDE IN THE HOLE ON THIS MAP IT

  41. I have found that I can angle my upper plate around corners in such a way
    to bait shots from tier nines, only showing one side of my armor and at a
    steeper angle.. Of course it’s an auto bounce but my gun can’t come around
    the corner, so it’s just for baiting shots.

  42. His use of ammo wasn’t really good from what i’ve seen, using premium
    against lower tier tanks that he can easily pen with normal rounds and not
    loading HE immediately against the artys. But i really hate the fact the
    is3 has very little ammo compared to other tier 8 tanks

  43. welp, there goes my chances, either way, congrats to anyone who wins :)

  44. FCM 50t = Anti IS-3

  45. Worth it for the end :)

  46. Wow…dancing with a G.W Tiger, with no shells…..I wonder how fast the
    guys heart was beating.

  47. Note to self, no matter who wins comments will be always jealous.

    A player could get 15 kills in a T10 game using a T1 tank while the entire
    enemy team are super unicorns and still be accused of playing an OP
    vehicle, getting good RNG.and making mistakes thus deeming them unworthy.

    Also a lot of you also seem disappointed I can’t watch 8000+ replays. If I
    spent 4 minutes watching each I would have to sit for over 22 days without
    sleeping watching games.

    Not sure if I want the extra hassle of these competitions if you usually
    lovely guys and girls can’t be civil about “virtual” prizes.

  48. QuickyBaby you’re my hero

  49. dayum…that first shot on gw panther was such a waste…and so was the
    last on the gw tiger…and why didn’t he push? the gw tiger has something
    like 40 sec reload on the 21 cm gun and 33 on the 17 cm….ahh so annoying
    to see that kind of stuff D: anyway was a good game even though the entire
    enemy team pretty much ignored him and let him run around…also got super
    lucky with some werid bounces and that gw panther shot not oneshotting him

  50. Of course it was an IS3

  51. So many tweaks could’ve been done in this guy’s gameplay. Most obvious one
    is the part fighting the j.tiger, at least two open opportunities for him
    to track the enemy, which would save him more health and possibly keeping
    the s.pershing in the game.I say mm, enemy positions, rng, and luck was
    tremendously on his side this match. He’s considerably a good player, but
    there’s simply nothing much I can learn-or awed-from this match

  52. Auto-aiming IS-3 smashes a team of tomatoes.
    Much wow, much skill…

  53. These comments, IS-3 OP whine, IS-3 OP whine everywhere…

  54. Wtf he saw the gw Fire and he has a pretty long reload all he had to do was
    go out and shoot him. He mad me so mad

  55. oh wow, 2100 base xp just for the runner up, I was hoping my 1800 base game
    would at least get an honorable mention but I see now I need to do much
    better :(

  56. good tankin mate o7 wish i had your ping i’m trying to tank with 285
    constantly witch sux ay 07 to you

  57. great game i really enjoyed it

  58. You didn’t watch all the replays? Not a single download on my 1v5 heart
    break 16 seconds left ELC AMX game? :/

  59. it always happen to me when l am aimi g at a tank just miss

  60. lol the spg miss a good chance to kill is3 maybe he should had try to firr
    over the wreak or shoot somewhere closer

  61. Not impressed by this gameplay.
    He got RNG luck as well hitting 7 shots without full aim.

  62. is-3 is a fantastic tank

  63. no ammo hahaha so funny

  64. pff this is a nice match for the is3 but against he have only fucking noobs
    and bot guys

  65. 2 retards …

  66. Love the IS3 It is my favorite tank. I love platooning with 2 other IS3’s.
    I just go head on and brawl with it.

  67. A competence Tiger I could have ended this IS-3 player easily with it 203mm
    penetration , not like the idiot in this video …

  68. am I the only one that realized he lied when he said he fired his first
    APCR shell that wasn’t ?

  69. gold noob~

  70. i carried my team in a tiger today and an e 25 finished off the last tank
    after i died winning us the game

  71. He was not very good at the end of the game, why he don’t just rush the

  72. to be honest, yes he played a good game, but the idiots on the enemy team
    made it so much easier for him to get that much damage.

  73. lucky noob is3 player

  74. OP tank sealclubbing tomatos while being top tiers. Not really such an
    amazing game from my pov.

  75. dupa steagul de pe tanc… parea roman!

  76. This IS-3 wasn’t even good like seriously he sucked

  77. Appreciate all you do and your attitude. Now I am really curious about your
    take on the new T-22…sounds like a monster Tier X Russian med.

  78. iJinks -Clash of Clans

    I myself have played 500+ games on my IS-3 and I’ll have to say, best tier
    8 tank for sidescraping

  79. poor arty :D

  80. I’m starting to feel slightly more confident in my replay now. :D

  81. all these idiots saying he didn’t know a gw took that long to reload, that
    was not the case, he just didn’t notice that the gw shot

  82. QB, are you going to play Armored Warfare?

  83. The enemy team was an absolute tomato farm.

  84. He could kill G.W.Tiger while it was reloading…

  85. wow, people still have below 50% winrate, and below 1k rating after 10-30k
    games..glad I stopped with WoT.

  86. IS-3 is my favourite tank and its allways fun to play it. but I never had
    that good game.

  87. not a good player and green.. and using so many gold shells for nothing…
    and NOT realising that arties are missing him… what about shoting JT
    front track to track him.. what about not screwing up so much.. WoT players
    are so bad..

  88. e75 shot is no the first apcr round fire

  89. The best players on the enemy team were yellow and even then most of them
    ignored the IS-3. I really dont know why QB doesn’t factor in the skill of
    players in the replays… I’d get games like these all the time :’<

  90. i play the centurion I and i just shoot it in the lower plate no big deal

  91. Plays Russian bias (one of if not the most op tank in the game tier for
    tier), spams prem = win? Ok QB, ok mate. Bullying the shit out of retards
    as well. Not impressed at all.

  92. Look at the stats and you know why this is a “good replay” killing
    braindeads oder bots ….

  93. Warum trägst du ein T-Shirt mit Deutscher Schrift?
    Why Arena you HAVE an German T-Shirt? :D

  94. Is on your T-shirt Ich bin ein Berliner? :D

  95. omg lool what is this stange end

  96. It is always the same.
    Soviets get fantasy tank with amazing performance and gun handling, or at
    least fantasy guns (T-22, BL-9 on IS-3, …),
    while Germans tanks must remain ´historical´ or are even made worse than in
    (such as Spähpanzer SP I.C., which has 30 hp/t compared to 20,5 hp/t in

  97. ehhhhh…well i have a T32 with brothers in arms, repairs, vents and a
    rammer so what i do is try and get my tracks in the way and let my tracks
    absorb the shot while i shoot him in the lower plate then i just let my
    tracks repair and go over and put another shot into him and basically rinse
    dry and repeat, or you can try to facehug the guy but unless hes noob he’ll
    shoot ur hull, rly wished they’d give the T32 a better gun though

  98. It actually hurts, knowing that this tank won a mediocre player a massive

  99. Typical tomato is3,wining game with so much rng,he should be dead long time
    ago,he had lucky pen on Jag,he shot him at weird angle with AP and hey
    rng,same thing with arty,they missed him few times and didn’t even splashed
    him,and considering how is3 is OP now,wouldn’t really say this was anything
    special to watch,go have this game in Tiger 2,il send you 10.000 gold,but
    hey Tiger 2 don’t need armor,is3 needs it even if it has better gun at
    close to medium range and more alpha.

    P.S bring on hate comments i don’t care

  100. APCR ftw… *facepalm*

  101. Noobrain 3, NERF ASAP OR F* WG

  102. Yeah there’s no doubt he’s a good player, his map awareness was on point
    and generally played well with the exception of fucking up his last HE
    shell, not realising the GW was reloading at the end, not tracking that
    Jagdtiger as he was charging after him sooner and instead relying on RNG to
    make the JT’s shots miss, etc., but having a completely OP tank really
    helps. The amount of shots he bounced off his magic side armour that game
    was ridiculous, and in anything else (that isn’t Russian) he would have
    died so much sooner. A really strong turret, very strong hull armour after
    it was buffed for no reason, an extremely good gun, very good mobility,
    magical side armour that eats any and alls shots that go into it, etc. you
    can’t really go wrong. Even shit players can have a good game in it, but
    put a good player in a completely OP tank and you get 3-4k damage games
    very frequently, and occasionally games like this.

  103. QuickyBaby, why you always make mistakes with tanks ( numbers ) it’s KV-3
    you said KV-4, why?

  104. lol :D

  105. I have never seen such a hilarius replay! Seriously. :)

  106. Oh great. If this dude got a cromwell b with 8k dmg and 7 kills I don’t
    stand a chance :/

  107. is there any way to get out of the ‘pig pen’?

  108. Well QB.. you could atleast watch all the replays sent to you..

  109. actually at that range the gw tiger would have blow himself up even if he
    manage to hit and kill the is3, so he should have just went for it.

  110. so nice result….but let’s be honest, it’s but hard to stand out when the
    rest are so bad. This guy made some good moves but mistake after mistake
    that would have been seriously punished by any decent player. Kudos to this
    guy for the result but luck had much more to do with it then his skill.

  111. a medicore player, 800 mm stalin side armor and 200+mm at the front vs an
    enemy team consisting of 85% morons with no clue at all what they are doing.
    killing a jagdtiger on weed and taking like 10 dmg by a tier VII arty that
    usually does like 450. 12 unpredictable morons in his team vs 13
    unpredictable morons in the enemy team. this was extreme luck like every
    good game. its just that i do NOT get such retarded enemies in the SAME MM
    on the SAME MAP in a tier 8 heavy tank after dealing 5.600 dmg. because I
    got a goddamn 110 BOT in my team spamming HE.
    *sigh* RNG is a bitch.

  112. anyone been having problems where the vid just wont start playing?

  113. Top kek, submitted a similar replay (in terms of damage) at the start of
    this competition, not in the OP IS-3 tank, rather in a STOCK 110 while also
    bouncing around 7k damage (not lucky LULz bouncing) and without gold spam
    (enough for the “it faces tier 10 tanks” kinda loadout), carried the
    fucking team, made one mistake at the end and died (being 1 shot) and no
    feature, no download, no nothing, but yeah GG, nice feature. /bitter rant

  114. n00b in the tank, n00bs in the teams,top tier MM,and corridor map.
    I can’t believe this…How did he win.

  115. Kåre Skak Pedersen

    “If you like the video, please consider give it a like”

    I have noticed that 90% of the viewers here DON’T like the video and don’t
    give a like. How sad. I would guess that QB puts at least two hours of work
    into the working of a video such as this one. And only 10% of the 300K+
    viewers give it a like.

    Guys, show a little appreciation. Give the man a like – a thumbs up. I
    won’t cost you anything.

  116. As a 2nd class mastery IS-3 player I usually reverse sidescrape at corners,
    face hug oponents coming right at me and try to angle the front plate that
    the enemy’s are shooting at. For me it works ;)

  117. bravo colegu!

  118. +Quickybaby Oh you have a German T-shirt ;)

  119. that ending was totally his own fault… he could have won this so easily..
    how did he missed that the arti shot him?!

  120. In my is-3 I try to side scrap and angle to get the to shoot the side of my
    tank as much as possible a steep angle

  121. but i’d prefer my E 75 for those kind of games

  122. hey QB! im just asking if u could do a compareson/comprilation between
    russian tier 10 meds (T 62A, obj 140, obj 430) ? only to see wich is the
    best, ur favorite, the best worth playing… thx in advance, if u see this
    comment and decide to make a video

  123. He catch a real bot enemy team and a lot of luck…bullshit,i’m not

  124. I hate IS-3 frontal armor… Whatever I do there is always a weak spot…

  125. Not happy about this win, it’s an is-3 i mean come on, if chuck norris had
    a tank, it’d be this piece of armor

  126. He totally don’t deserve to be one of the winner.
    -OP tank
    -Frendly RNG
    -Too much mistakes
    -Stupids ennemies

  127. the is 3 barely has 200mm on the front

  128. your numbers were a little bit off there quickybaby, that IS is using what
    looks to me to be the D-25-t 122mm cannon so the penetration is closer to
    175mm with ap and 210-220 with APCR, hence why he used APCR on the E-75
    even though he had a direct shot on the lower glacis plate. nonetheless
    that makes this all the more impressive since the final gun would have been
    in almost every aspect more impressive than his D-25-T yet he did very well
    with it.

  129. omg best gameplay i saw !!!

  130. Nice video and nice shirt qb

  131. yeah, russian tanks are just OP: is-3, lttb, isu-152, s-51, kv-2, is 7 hull
    down and if these weren’t enough, say hi to t22sr :)) what do u guys think
    about russian tanks?

  132. As an IS-3 player, I usually reverse-sidescrape around buildings 🙂

    It’s actually not bad

  133. he really panicked at the end though haha. he should have realized he had
    time to put atleast 2 shells into the arty because it was reloading

  134. Awesome skills? Are you serious, QB??? The only think impressive is the
    damage. Enemy team was noob. For me, this did not deserve any rewards, not
    even a video.

  135. Heals constapation

  136. So the first guy who wins something plays a very OP tank … :(

  137. Ιωάννης Φραγκιαδάκης

    well most of this was luck. The 13 90 bounces, the tiger misses his shots
    at point black range (he doesnt even hit him!), a full health jagtiger
    plays like there is no tomorrow, he doesnt take the chance to kill the gw
    tiger p when it is reloading and he lost 2 shots against the artllery. In
    the last one there was no pressure! Good game but mistakes were made and
    luck was 50%+ of that replay

  138. How could he possibly be one of the winners considering the number of
    mistakes he made (he didn’t even think of blocking the sides of the
    jagtiger, not in time at least and he survived only thanks to his APCR
    since he was facing it again) and considering how bad the other team played
    (the AMX 50 100, the jagtiger etc) and that he used a lot of APCR (to rape
    a E75 and the jadtiger mostly). Honnestly, I feel like he got a great game
    because both teams played rather bad, because he had one of the strongest
    tanks in the battle and because he used APCR. Nothing that looked very
    That just my opinion. I didn’t participate in this competition, so I don’t
    really care about who wins.

  139. Oh what an idiot in the end. He could have easily put the second shot in
    the G.W.Tiger, and he should’ve autoaimed at the G.W.Panther (or stop and

  140. Hmmm, got a lot of lucky bounces off the 1390, good play on the jagtiger,
    but he really almost choked the game versus the 2 arties. Terrible clutch
    shot on the gwpanther, the reticule was nowhere close to him, and the
    gwtiger has a massive reload, there was no need to take cover, all he had
    to do was get up to him and put 2 easy shots into him. Lucky but funny
    result all in all.

  141. #prayforparis j’aime mon pays !

  142. The IS-3 was a 100% power donkey. He was completely useless at the end of
    the game.

  143. Another option for him wouldve been to facehug the arty before he fired his
    last shot. It would’ve splashed itself and while killing him, he still had
    a teammmember alive. He couldve at least made sure it hit … though he
    would’ve had to realize the guy was on rld for that ….

  144. A lot of Damage, a lot of Luck and sometimes well played — but — why the
    f…k did he play like a total Noob against the 2 Arty? I bet his intention
    was not to use the Tiger as cover….the Building was the cover but
    nevertheless he received a non-pening Shot. Saw very often enemies, that
    are to confident at the end when u are alone and then they make huge
    mistakes. Like the E75, JT, Tiger 1.
    He drove in the Line of fire of both Arty and how could he miss at this
    distance? Not necessary to Snapshot i guess 🙂
    Thank the other Full HP Noobs that he survived that long to give us this
    redicolous Finish.

  145. “if you are a IS-3 player do you angle your armor or go head on?” is that
    even a question?

  146. How about an intro change for the sake of 300k subs?

  147. wait this is only for the cromwel WHAT how good need the other replays to
    be that this is only a cromwel

  148. is-3 is amazing tank but it really shines when side scraping or reverse
    side scraping but will perform very well in t8 games when pointing pike
    nose straight to enemy. absolutely my favorite t8 tank!

  149. he failed so much!!! arty reloads 45sec

  150. at the end that was so funny. I have never seen an ending like that

  151. the GW_tiger most have reaslesd that the is3 was out of ammo -_- what a

  152. i wish my enemies were this stupid lol

    tbh i woulda just rammed the arty and made him suicide lol. . .

  153. No mention of the turret weak spot….which could of ended his game pretty
    early on if they weren’t generally baddies

  154. I huge the side of TD’s and I can destroy them.

  155. You would think, that with plethora of medals and commendations you can
    earn in WoT, Wargaming would have put one in for getting a ram kill on the
    last enemy when you’re out of ammo. But instead, all he got was a Kamikaze.
    A great end to the match, but I’d be a little disappointed.

  156. Reverse sidescrape<-------

  157. Typical US server,everything is in red shit

  158. lol gg. i bet arty couldve splashed him and killed him

  159. what did he win?

  160. I never saw so many skills in IS-3

  161. well they are retards he is playing against

  162. Marshmallow Madness

    its tier 9

  163. there So Bad !!!!!!!

  164. Really enjoyed this! Thanks for sharing! Congrats to Eul87!

  165. Normally you see a lot of “lucky game tomato” on these replay videos when
    it’s quite the opposite but this guy wow. He fucked up so badly at the end
    there even a tomato would of known the arty was reloading and circled round
    him! Horrible play

  166. this guy play so bad…. Such luck with the amx50 100 and the other one
    dont kill the is3 with the clip , to conclude if luck is in your side u
    will win

  167. That was a good replay but at the end there why the hell would you hide
    from a reloading arty and waste your last shot…… I mean seriously?

  168. That was not the first APCR round fired. He fired one into the side of the
    turret of the KV-4. The IS-3 is a really strong tank, but a pretty good
    game there.

  169. that dude… sucked.
    2:50 lucky bounces
    4:45 you’re really gonna side scrape in an is-3? against an E75???
    6:48 TRACK HIM
    6:59 DONT STOP THERE. your sicking out too much and your still reloading!!
    7:32 I THINK you can shoot over the jagtigers engine and hit the arty. But
    he doesn’t try.
    9:15 look how big the aiming circle is. you know how shitty the model of
    dead tanks are, they are full of invisible hit boxes. there was no reason
    to rush that shot.

    Any half decent player wouldn’t make these shit mistakes. Explains his
    51.49% win rate….

  170. this is just another average is 3 game I hope they nerf this tank

  171. I really think that quicky needs to put more emphasis on the black hole
    device stored inside the IS-3’s side armor. a 90mm plate on the inside
    angled inward at about 45 degrees. Then an exterior plate of 30mm that is
    angled outward at 45 degrees. It makes for a devastating +200mm effective
    side armor when FLAT. and it gets drastically thicker with even slight
    angling. This tank, is made to puppy kick lower tiers with it’s barely
    effective front armor. and to torment higher tiers with it’s ridiculous

  172. Such a massive fail xD

  173. Der mit den Spinnen tanzt

    That´s just a moron being lucky as hell.

  174. Inkv3Gaming (Quill)

    I had 3 good games that I submitted to Quicky. Had a match dealing 1.7k
    damage and getting 9 kills in the su-85b, and then another match in the
    STB-1, dealing 7.7k damage and getting 8 kills. Now I don’t know what quick
    is REALLY looking for, but both of those matches got my heart racing more
    then once.

  175. well then this was funny lol

  176. rip fadens..

  177. now I can only see World Of Tanks videos, I can not play it because my PC
    is broken and I am seeing on a PC that have it’s hard drive dead and I am
    using a external memory was a hard drive with the operative system Ubuntu
    15.04 if is a Linux distribution, and WOT don’t work on Linux, and also
    this PC can play WOT but with the graphics on the lowest possible at 10 to
    20 FPS.

  178. In my opinion it wasnt that special. The enemys were just bad. Well, he did
    play good, but not that good. The enemys were just (sorry for saying that)
    complete retards. and he did fire some premium shells before, in the butt
    of that kv-3.

  179. just goes to show if you hit the battle button enough time you’re
    eventually going to get a good game.

  180. I have seen this replay before… :s

  181. I find when going up against an is-3 head-to-head the best place to shoot
    it is its lower part of the pike on the front if you can

  182. I bet all the winning replays cone from the Over Powered Russian Tanks in
    this game….WOT loves making their russians unreasonably good

  183. gw tiger fired at the end and is3 went retard mode and disnt fo after him

  184. hä ? First he got 8200 dmg than 7800??? wtf

  185. And I thought my 16000 wn8 game in my ru251 would get me a prize…guess i
    was mistaken:(

  186. Hahaha… omg what a replay, but I think he deserves its award for the
    fight done on the most spectacular way.
    I cannot wait for new video QB.
    Regards from Serbia !

  187. when i see a German tank wins something ill be happy USA and Russian tanks
    get everything the guns the Armour i just don’t know how to feel about this
    game play

  188. Hey quicky, i uploaded two 300k replays on ur website but not a single
    download so far. Didnt u watch all the replays?
    title was 300k and in the message box i wrote down the events and the mins
    it happend. It were too high dmg and xp and close games.

  189. Looked the player up in wot labs and his only Unicum wn8 tanks is……..
    You guessed it the IS-3!!! It is easy for us to critic but there were many
    instances in the game where he could have made much better plays ex.
    Tracking the jagd tiger or killing the arty while he loaded?

  190. so underpower tank need more buff i can’t bounce JpzE100 heat shell pls

  191. Once again another idiot getting lucky >.> G.W. Tiger reloading? Gotta take
    my time and play hide and seek with him. How to throw away Fadin’s 101.

  192. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    IS-3 requires much less skill to play compared to other Tier VIII heavies,
    and encourages tactics that don’t work in other heavy tanks.

  193. QB have you watched all the replays yet?

  194. “I Believe that was his first APCR round fired” Um no that would be his 5th

  195. Not OP, at all

  196. He fired APCR also against KV-4 and 3

  197. even the is-3’s roof is very weak

  198. Only on russian tanks do tracks on the hull count as extra armor…..

  199. And if i play wot and bought 2 new tanks this weekend and never won a
    battle..ty mm

  200. ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ

    I advise that is-3 player to use autoaim against thin armored tanks like
    most artys are lol that was a miserable fail but he fought it through only
    because of that noob arty who missed as well!

  201. Noob in an OP russian tank. Sorry, Russian Tank, OP is kinda redundant.

    This tank was made for super noobs.

  202. Camon quickybaby really??
    You will say nothing about that nonstop side bounce…

    Fucking IS3

  203. Kos “kOOsmaty” n

    +QuickyBabyTV I’m sad cose u didnt even download 1 of my replays I passed
    on your site to ur 300k contest :< and u started judging others replays :<

  204. Oh well, again noobstomping in good mm with op tank as a good player…
    Cause choosing replays that are particular means this… Failbaby strikes

  205. The play against those 2 arties though…

  206. Wtf always noobs gets luck

  207. He should have just shot the ground next to the SPG with the HE round.
    Also, he could have just gone around, the SPG was still obviously

  208. That IS-3 was GOD DAMN TERRIBLE! Insane amount of luck in this game.

  209. when I’m in the IS-3 I face hug opponents. and if they point to one side of
    the pike I angle effectively, so the pike is always angled even more so.
    its quite effective

  210. ……. yeah i lost XD

  211. Κωστας Μπαλασκας

    is-7 is the best best tier 8 heavy tank for me

  212. Casey “Yescek” Raymond

    Figures the winning replay would be something so ridiculous lol

  213. That is absolutely ridiculous

  214. Well played!

  215. quicky should rename video “lucky idiot in OP IS3″… video had everything,
    retarded enemy team, lucky player and brain.exe stopped working for some
    enemy players…. dont like that kind of replays…. but thats just me…

  216. 9:17 Too be fair he totally deserves the miss. The incredibly on the move
    clutchshots he pulled of this game were soo lucky this was fucking karma

  217. over 2k exp I won’t get a tank :(

  218. I cant wait to see more ?.

  219. Love taps wins the game.

  220. I hate useless team mates like that spg

  221. plase buff is3 i you cant bounce tier 9 HTs

  222. Ba Eul87 esti roman de-al meu sunt cumva singuru roman care se
    uita??(P.S:Sunt CuCeRiToRuL2 imi pari cunoscut)

  223. Okay when this replay is the “last place” of this competition, my replay
    didn’t make it. <__<


  225. such a noob, especially the last part

  226. I have an IS-3 and I reverse side scrape so that the pike of my nose is not
    vulnerable and IS-3’s sides are so good I was to bounce shots from
    jadpanzer e100 firing HEAT which has 420 mm of pen so I think that says a

  227. 4:45 its his third APCR round of the game

  228. 9:07 he srsly didnt realize the arty is reloading -.-

  229. idk i think he should have been more aware and not as stupid with his ammo,
    he butchered those last 3 shots for no reason, the tiger fired so he
    decided to play peek a boo with a reloading arty, somebody’s a tomato at

  230. Good game play the is 3 is amasing if you can use it well.

  231. Welp since this is the first replay I don’t think I’ll win now….

  232. QB, love the 60 fps; but, my computer does not and it is all jittery. Can
    you still release at least 720p in 30 fps? I’m now forced to watch 480p :(.


  233. unu de-al nostru 😉 bravo ba

  234. IS-3 is one of the moust broken and OP tanks in the game, u coud never do
    such things that was shown in replay in tiger 2, vk.45.02a or 110.

  235. I dont know why he dont go to that G.W Tiger after he shoot (G.W. Tiger) ??

  236. that end ?

  237. soooooooo fuuuuun

  238. I don’t know if anyone else does this but my tactic for angling is when Im
    halfway behind an object and only expose the other half of the piked nose
    so the angling would still be extreme and enemies will try to shoot at it
    only bouncing off. It’s really useful when trying to draw enemy fire.

  239. and now everyone is going to start typing “The tank did that for him! it
    requires no skill” or “This replay is honestly not that impressive I do
    this every game”

  240. the ending was so lucky … he should have just rushed the gw tiger after
    the gw tiger missed his shot … i just got so aggressive because of the
    fact that he didnt rush a tank that has like 40 secs reload …

  241. almost mess up with taking two arty out
    but the most important thing is…
    the enemy team all mess up

  242. QB can you say happy birthday to me on the 17th of November

  243. indien-pamzer vs is-3. no contest

  244. Bravo coae

  245. OP IS3 against 15 tomatos that drive backwards and give their asses.

  246. VideosFuerDich WoT u. LS15


  247. IS-3 (for me) is an all-time favorite HT, worth to keep forever in the
    garage, good for team.battle in tier.VIII, and very balance tank.. it is
    fast, good pen as long as you know where to shoot, excellent side-scrapper,
    and very versatile… this tank is so dangerous in the hands of an
    experienced IS-3 player.. ;-)

  248. what i have to do to get also premium tank? i would love to get one higer
    tier.. :P

  249. This guy kinda sucks, ammo conservation sucks xD


  251. I love my IS-3 <3

  252. jonah holmes (wz-132)

    3:13 170mm of pen qb……

  253. all good man just focus on ur part

  254. this guy is so noob

  255. What a surprise, an IS-3 winner. Tank not OP at all

  256. although this was a win he messed up in a number of areas missing which
    lead to the stalemate and could’ve won the game much cleaner than the end

  257. and suddenly i dont believe that i will get anything with my 5k+ dmg 6kill
    game in my T28 Concept in a T9 battel xD

  258. is THIS guy the winner????

  259. I love the is3

  260. QB when we see u playing Armored Warfare?

  261. Best game in IS-3 i ever seen. Nice job mate!

  262. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    That ending….that just…silly ending….how you could snap your last
    round of ammo?

  263. When I play my is3 I like to reverse side scrape when I can. I am literally

  264. I don’t think anyone even watched mine…

  265. This was epic. But the M53/M55 gave me some serious headache

  266. Congratulations eul87 with ur Cromwell Berlin :D

  267. Not gonna lie, i feel like a lot of this was just the tank. I mean, look at
    some of those ridiculous side bounces from that 13 90. That being said, he
    handled that Jagtiger pretty well and that ending was pretty hilarious.

  268. Ryan “The Geepers' FGS” Griffiths

    Is-3 new “fixed” model seems almost a bit broken. They say they buffed the
    top, which they really shouldn’t, or else it will be flat out KV-1S level
    overpowered. I don’t angle the hull I move back and forth to mess with
    accuracy of opponents so they don’t hit pike nose.

  269. that ending though.

  270. 50% Luck, 50% other sorts of RNG

  271. Corentin63490 Corentin123

    how do you go see your replays

  272. I wish i had this kind of enemies when i was playing WOT (now i play only
    WOWS and i like it A LOT).
    Of course, superb play by IS-3 driver and big hura for him for his good
    Nothing from what i will just say is for diminishing his superb play.
    I only want to show you how much luck and rng really decide everytning in

    He has:
    Back of KV-4 turret, ass of KV-3, big french autoloader in reverse showing
    back to him and not shooting, small french autoloader not being able to
    flank him, couple tanks being flanked by him alone and not reacting and
    just collapsing not like i had in wot that they just all should shoot at
    him only and kill him in 1 second,
    in the end his team was 9 – 12 in score but all enemies were red or close
    to red soo … not much contest to begin with (of course only good player
    knows how to use it).
    This is like QB shown long time ago super game in tier 9 wz chinese heavy
    tank in which he was in open places, shooting long range – yes – superb
    play again but with no artillery you can … of course you still need to
    know how to use it. I know.

  273. @Quickybaby

    it seems like you are kinda obsessed with german xD

  274. IS-3 is overpowered so this doesn’t count

  275. terrible markas sadauskas

    everyone says 1st fucking retards you know there is 400 people saying there
    first pssh

  276. Nice video

  277. is3 is a great tank with bull Shit accuratcy

  278. is3 best tier 10 heavy tank

  279. Megaspasstpräsentiert

    Always it is a fucking IS-3 tanks that winns something!

  280. ยุรศักดิ์ คงขันธ์

    almost go to sleep

  281. lol is-3 in city map wins of course xD

  282. under 300 club

  283. oh no seventh

  284. none of you are first, stfu

  285. Is-3…what a surprise…not that good…but its important who is driving

  286. Almost!

  287. lol nioce

  288. third

  289. 1st like

  290. 1’st ;)))

  291. IS3… Nothing more to add

  292. first :P

  293. first :F

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