World of Tanks || the Last Stand of the KV-5

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World of Tanks – . Today ballisticbadboy13 will make his last stand in the T8 Soviet the KV-5!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, vents and a toolbox.


  1. gghhuuuiiiiiiyyssss

  2. this enemy team :V

  3. No! This tank is NOT idiot proof. 252U is, so please WG don’t nerf it, sell it back, I want one lol…

  4. Cool skin

  5. the medal that everybody wants the kolavodan’s

  6. World of Tards. Much better to be lucky than intelligent. This battle is the proof.

  7. hey QB i uploaded a replay to the wot replay site, and titles the video Quickybaby – must watch
    its not an impressive replay but please check it out as i think i broke world of tanks. FV4005(me) vs Skop G. I shot him with a hesh round being 230 pen and 1750 damage. I did 4 HP of damage to him……..

    ps. sorry if my sentences make no sense. i had my wisdom teeth out today an am a little loopy.

  8. I love my KV5, im very happy to see players show the community what they are made of. You dont simply just ‘mess’ with a KV5 without getting messed up yourself first. Nice replay choice @Quickbaby and nice replay @ballisticbadboy!

  9. Raphael I Forgot The Rest

    New intro confirmed?? I have to say that it is pretty darn good!

  10. Hi QuickyBaby, i’m g073nks (gotenks from DBZ) or Geo as my clan calls me. Thank you for your review of this battle, ballistic and I have enjoyed the KV-5 for years.

  11. This kid got luck on getting into a match with a bunch of muppets on the enemy team that’s the only reason this person got lucky because every game I see KV5s in on NA they get Rekt pretty fast. So this person had one lucky game with unskilled enemy tanks against them.

  12. What I would do to make pref tanks better is to up their pen… with such a power creep in both average damage, pen, and armour, the tanks need it, so the 175mm of pen on all the 122’s should be more like 190mm or so, and any other pref tank with pen below 190 should be brought up to meet that, or go higher, because look at the FCM 50T with around 212mm of pen, does fairly well as a pref tank other then being a gigantic heavy tank with 0 armour, so there isn’t any reason for the pref tanks with less then 190mm of pen, to at least match that, or go a bit higher. after all, tanks like the 112, IS-6, T-34-3, all have to fight the completely “balanced” Type 4 Heavy where they can not pen the front of no matter how hard you try (maybe the chines 122’s with the HEAT, but only on a high roll with pen) because its not fun to have to press the 2 key 90% of the time, just to stay competitive in the battle.

  13. Slinged that APCR like a real champ in a top tier match?

  14. sovietreichtangle Official

    i got a kolobanov’s medal using a pz ll

  15. Why is the primary stat people strive for “win rate” in a team based game? You could deal 7-10k damage and still lose the game.

  16. 3:30 autoaim cheat spotted…

    • Who Cares Anyway? This one is called EXTENDED AUTOAIM, ignorant idiot, and its a cheat. Get your facts right before insulting next time.

  17. QB pls stop saying that KV-5 is idiot prof because every time I play with KV-5 I get pen from every where all tier8 and tier9 heavies can pen the KV-5 turret like butter straight to the gun mantlet and it is funny that everyone just talk about the radioman turret weak spot when this tank is full of weak spots in the front of the tank and that tier6 gun is just ridiculous for tier8.
    Kv-5 is very outdated for WoT right now.

  18. I think wg can fix the T-34-3 by increasing the hull armor a bit, giving the gun more penetration, gunhandling and improving the mobility a little bit

  19. Syahareen Sha Rani

    KV-5: You are all dead not big surprise

  20. May God bless power creep

  21. well, the guns need to be more evenly matched but not exceeded of it counter tank and tier

  22. When you’re balls drop after puberty 8:29

  23. 16k combinded :0

  24. Is APCR the main qammo? if not he has been gold spamming the way through

  25. That’s the most skillful thing I’ve ever seen. Sir Ballistic, you’re amazing!

  26. Love it. E25s…. getting spanked like kids because they ran out of skill.

  27. Should have talked about how the KV-5 intentionally sandwiched himself between the wall and the dead tank to prevent the E 25s from facehugging his side – awesome play which let him kill one of them.

  28. Why this never happends to me

  29. That was awesome! Most enjoyable vid for a while.

  30. Strahinja Živković

    hahaha LOL

  31. Strahinja Živković

    Now thats I called mastered

  32. Wait, injured crew switches off BIA?

  33. Friendly Fire Gaming

    A great game well played and as always great commentary QB! And man, yesterday’s stream…

  34. After many years of WoT, I got my first kolobanov medal… But it felt cheap because I won by cap.

  35. 3:14 Wtf was that?

  36. Does Wargaming ever ban constant AFKers anyway?

  37. Loved that game!

  38. bet the little cockroaches were pissssed.

  39. why the e25 pt is so so bad why not radio he is so lucky that 2 e25 2 100.01p is so so bad

  40. actually e25 can kill KV5 by facing huging its side, 150 pen is just enough to go through and KV5 cant depress its gun low enough to return fire.

  41. Quickybaby please stop ruin the game for everyone. Don’t tell noobs about weakspots. That something that they need to learn the hard way. You are ruining the game.

  42. the title should be kv-5 vs noobs lolz

  43. And they say EU players are dumb…

  44. Those E25 were super bots. No idea ho they got their stats. KV-5 clearly cant have enough gun depresion and these kids camp 10 metres away from him.

  45. Frédéric Guignabaudet

    To make preferential MM more relevant, I would… make MM as it was before it changed

  46. What’s the point of this video? There’s nothing to learn from it and I don’t really have much interest in yet another video commentary that shows a bunch of retard tomatoes getting rekted.

  47. Frédéric Guignabaudet

    QB says The KV-5 is an idiot proof tank. QB with what word would you describe the Patriot, Defender, Chrysler… ?

  48. Another great match brought to you by no arty presence!

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