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. Today we’re going to see what happens in a game where the majority are unicums…

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  1. IS-4 Tech Tree Showcase – LIVE NOW

  2. so many WZ

  3. Lol, and the arty had 1 HP at the end. What an awful roll someone got, and it cost Quicky his tank

  4. Justin justintheman

    holy so much unisex players

  5. Gold spam? Dislike. Skill ? Gold skill. Cancer mode.

  6. My personal opinion is that wg should have made the ranked battle for one week 24/7. In that way everyone could participated.

  7. “Skill base”
    >Press 2 to auto-pen the enemy or atleast have more than 50% chance
    gud shjt komrade, 11/10

  8. Another sh*t from WG and QB can’t see it
    The true purpose of the ranked battles is to spam gold
    Spamming gold means lots of money for WG… then u will have to buy premium tanks and premium account
    This is really Pay2Win and QB is blind as a bat…. I stated to believe that he lied us about sponsored content
    How he couldn’t realize that he has lot of power ?! Half a million is watching he’s videos but he says that he can’t do anything… face palm
    I think as long as this is profitable for f*cking WG, is for QB aswell
    I hope this game goes down as soon as possible ! Greedy peoples..

  9. .Wow the Kranvang on your team in the Odj. 140 game has 4700+ WN8!!

  10. “You have to play safe” aka meatshielding your teammates and spamming premium lol.

  11. Dhaniele Joseph Demontaño

    Ranked Battles on Asia Server is dead in my opinion. The ping is unstable causing the players to just drop the mode altogether. Only die-hards played the mode relying on luck of the ping.

  12. The letter β is pronounced “Beetah” not “Baiter” in the UK… No-one says “Baiter” other than people who;ve spent too much time listening to Americans say it.

  13. ranked ? Egoistic autism mode .

  14. Ranked is cancer.

  15. If one day I get a super premium gun rammer I will put it on my t6 E8 Sherman

  16. Skilled gamemode? You know about gold rounds right?

  17. limit the premium shell if you ask for a skill based game

  18. QB..”SKILLS”??? Cmon man this is, pure BS EMPTYING wallets of players by 2-2 spam.. so what is skill there.. who will shoot more gold?! No, no, this mode wont ever be about skills. I see it as heat sink or so, for accumulated silver, same as all so far!

  19. How to win ranked battle?

    Play arty! ???

  20. I wish they would do it like tom Clancys rb6 siege. Keep ranked in all the time and do it by class. Have a hard reset instead of opening and closing the seasons and give rewards based on what rank you are during the reset

  21. pernille kristensen

    QB never have a bad game,nice for him

  22. 9:00 high ground!

  23. I’m a Xbox one wot player and I’ve always wanted to get the t28 htc and I want to know if anyone knows how to get the tank

  24. have to agree with a lot of the comments here – if wargaming want a truly competitive gamemode, then they MUST get rid of pay-to-win modifiers like premium ammunition [the number one problem] and they MUST balance the teams in terms of skill or achievement – at the very least winrate.
    I’m fine with saying that anything goes in random battles just so long as the competitive mode is actually competitively fair, rather than just being the same thing as random battles except with far less profitability, more goldspam and narrower margins for actually being rewarded.

  25. WG should remove gold or replace the gold rounds with gold because too many players are firing gold,no fun

  26. This is a weird game mode…
    its a team play game but its rewarding selfish playing.
    That, “first top 10 got a chevron” rule is pushing people play aggressive and selfish. This game mode should reward team play.

  27. 1stTime (Yes I'm Global)

    when he had only the bc to face, i already wondered why he still had that heat round loaded. sometimes its about making smart plays, not about just spamming gold

  28. 1stTime (Yes I'm Global)

    wait, that kranvagn had 4700 wn8??? even though its reroll… like wtf????? that means he does like 4000 damage average with some tier 10’s and has plenty of 7-8k matches holy mother of god

    Edit: I just checked and he is on 4806 wn8 :O 4k damage in the bc25t, 3,8k in the t10, 3k in the t49, to name a few
    and btw: 5300 wn8 last month (338 matches)

  29. ranked battels is 90%just matchmaker- and if zou hav a tzpe 5 havy driver with 0 dmg, 0 blocked dmg and 0 support dmg – he get more ep than a arty with 2k dmg– then its time to stop . the MM makes the runds just lost ore won from the start . and as long wargaming just bringes more armor ( next patch to – all meds ) its clear, we just changed this game in “farming Money” of users. ranked battels is just the high lvl of melking the custumers

  30. I disagree…The old,I mean the first version of ranked at least gave u a reward if u were finished in the top tree in the losing team.Now u have to win.Your performance just doesnt count.Yesterday i was really pissed of.Had a game with t57,I did 7k dmg,and 3 kills.We lost the battle.The cent ax in the enemy team,who did zero dmg,got only 40xp less,then me….I give upon this mode,til its will carry on ,like that.

  31. Shoots gold at a paper tank, grab this dislike gold spammer

  32. Fofafaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  33. Can you still only play ranked at a certain time of day “night”?

  34. 1stTime (Yes I'm Global)

    just make a normal elo-system win=gaining chevrons, lose=losing chevrons

  35. can we just say that wargaming has stuffed up the ppl trying to play tier 10 by sucking out all the credits

  36. So your saying camp at the back then. Thats what happens on the Asia server already . Hence why few people play it

  37. Raphael Christofano

    No tomatoes :p

  38. Hey Baby show me the your graphics and game settings please…..i mean make a video about it

  39. For casual players ranked is not worth it. Like most of what WG develops, it’s all geared towards the hardcore players. Not a big issue though, I still enjoy the game regardless.

  40. “I don’t think many people will be equipping them outside of Tier 10.”

    This is World of Tanks… Seal clubbers absolutely WILL be equipping them on their T67’s and the like. It’s really only going to exacerbate the seal clubbing problem no matter how you slice it, and there’s no way around that.

  41. Rank battles promotes players to 2 key. And they will soon get used to it.

  42. Hi quickybaby ive been waiting for a new video that i want to watch cuz you are really pro playing with every tanks

  43. *spams gold at a batchat* i thought you were better than that qb 🙁

  44. Berating and spewing profanity at teammates… That’s 95% to 98% of the chat on the North American server.
    And when you try to point out they are not helping whining over losing a computer game they toss out the cookie cutter response “Well I play to WIN!, I like to WIN!”.
    But that weak and pathetic response is in no way a justification for their lack of self control, dignity, or ability to take any responsibility for themselves.

  45. i dont know what you guys are complaining! getting rekt is easy enough

  46. The only thing i play atm is the test Server. Its not the biggest fun but the best way to get something for free from gonna quit the standard game if it stays like this.

  47. I just recently watched transformers so I thought the title was the last Unicron

  48. Rank game should have a very limited gold spamming

  49. Gold-spamming in a Russian medium …sickening 🙁

  50. Maybe call it “Playground for the paying customers”. And there is nothing wrong with it. But it would be nice a playground for the freebies too.

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