World of Tanks – The Legend Returns

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

The tank that was so badass it had to be and swapped for the MT-25 is back! Sort of…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. I still dont like this tank 🙂

  2. Retarded driving in the beginning omg

  3. Jingles you forgot another historycal fact about the t50-2. When the first version physics were introduced and handbreak turn wasnt even an idea this thing could pull it off anyway.

  4. I remember back in the day desperately trying to kill one before it went away; this was when the introduction of badges for killing off all tanks of a certain nationality were introduced…and I did! About one week before it went away.

  5. Jezuz Chirst, whenever I look at footage from old patch T-50-2 (when ur playing it) it more/less gives me epilepsy. Because when it goes 72 km/hr (or near to), it makes the screen be somewhat laggy, and jittery XD

  6. Naurava_Pottu Peruna

    Actually Jingles, the account has to be only 4 years old, if the account is 6 years old, you get the old looking model

  7. well you say it is mostly suicide to scout with t5 light tank in tier 9 now imagine a 60-70 % crew in a t4 tank in a t10 battle… then we´re talking about unfair matchmaking…. have fun with you pz 38 n.a.

  8. haha that’s my clanmate, awesome he was in a video

  9. Before they limited the speed to 65km/h and introduced physics, this was one of the most fun tanks. Shortly before all this they introduced the AMX ELC when they expanded the French lines. It didn’t handle nearly as well as the T-50-2, but it would move at 84km/h (100% crew, vents, BIA). I miss those days, and even with physics, I would still love to see that again.

  10. Right! Go find Jingles T-50-2 videos from a few years ago. 8-))

  11. Propper little monster they were. I frequently giggled uncontrolably while playing it.

  12. The scoring in this game is Strange…The T50-2 gets 8 kill, and at least 1/2 he killed ALONE. and still the KV2 on his team gets 1 kill and is 1/2 of the T50-2 score..

  13. I will sorely miss that 72 mph … :/

  14. Wasn’t T-50-2 good because of the different dispersion pattern they used before?

  15. my account was registered dec. 14 2014, for world of war planes, but i didnt actually play world of tanks till jan 2 2015, so i here by, missed out on the t50-2 by sheer retardation

  16. Ah, memories…

  17. God damn Jingles, that 5 minute windup to the word “PHYSICS”.

    Well, in the beginning the earth cooled. And then the dinosaurs came, but they all got too big and fat, and so they died and turned into oil. And then the Arabs came and bought Mercedes-Benzes. And then Prince Charles started wearing all of Lady Di’s clothes. It was horrible

  18. does it mean im 42 again ! no its not 1968 lol

  19. When I saw the title I thought you were going to make a titanic joke…

  20. You must have had a realy crappy isp cause even 15-20 years ago it was normal with good isp speeds to be that long ago, cause even on the countryside you got at least 16/1

  21. Whoa wait you’re in your 50s?

  22. Good times, remembering the cornering at 72kph,in the T50-2 or the track repair times of 3,2 seconds for the T-54, you could track them, but they were back to full speed, before you reloaded in the Jagdtiger. the UFOs especially in Packs were OP af.

  23. Christopher Vanoster

    Actually jingles, wot console still has the t-50-2 as a premium. It’s on sale now. Go buy on your ps4

  24. That player is running a aim bot lol

  25. $4K a shell insane !!!! WG favorite number.

  26. 0:13 Oh you dirty bitch, WORK THE BARREL!

  27. I must say, a very Kellerman like intro …

  28. Sold mine immediately. Thanks for the creds WG!

  29. Besides the fact he did carry a lot of premium ammo and used them all…It is only a tier 6 little tank..You would not expect a tier 6 to be so expensive on the ammo though

  30. God i could never hit the damn thing with my 20fps computer on a shitty 1080p monitor

  31. I remember when we were using the A-20 to do the scout runs and run down arty good times.

  32. Saw this video, logged in to the game to claim my free tank.. Watched video, heard “premium ammunition” mentioned… and…. yeah.. I’m not going to bother.

  33. snowisthebestweather

    Didn’t get into the game early enough to get one, but I did have a Chaffee back when it had the T37 turret, and that was a lot of fun.
    Shame what the Chaffee is now…

  34. actually Jingles you get it so long as you have been playing for 4 years. Its 6 years to have the style that makes it look like it used to.

  35. RIP NA accounts, no T-50-2 for us and I’ve got a 7, almost 8 year account

    EDIT: Nvm, took 5 hours to show up lol

  36. Ah Jingles, you are the “Vanilla WoW” of WoT. NEVER stop doing these, please! Miss you man, miss you…

  37. we got ours after 4 years on the Asian server

  38. after physics was introduced I played 3 battles and sold it.. Couldn’t stop rolling in the damn thing.

  39. Zzzzzzzzzx how fuckin boring is his voice. 1 minute of this video is 59 seconds too much. I now remember why I gave up watching his videos.

  40. I aced mine in 14 battles.. Its a shadow of its former self.. The btsv is the new T-50-2

  41. im not a light tank player so i got what was it? 600k free credits i think if i remember correctly.

  42. i rember wen i started some guy yolo me with t-50-2 xd i call him cheater cz i didnt know 90% of tanks in game then he show me 7 skill crew xd

  43. WRONG
    I got one for having an account 4 yrs old
    To the Salt Mines with you Jingles!

  44. Actually jingles the A-20 and T2 LT had the 72km speed at the time, as well as the hellcat which was introduced during the T-50-2 tier 5 lifetime.

  45. If this is being revived, how about the Waffenträger auf E 100? Maybe just for April Fools, but considering the existence of the Shitbarn in the game, it could be justifiable…

  46. old good t 50 2 <3

  47. 6 years ago before the physics patch this tank not only goes 72km/h but also almost holds that speed in turns, and with the lack of physics back then, this tank not only can accelerate quickly, but also does not drift , back then you can’t just push around light tanks, so tanks like lowë, t95’s tiger’s can get stuck to where they are. if this thing parks right behind them.

    The t-50-2may not be the like what it used to, but it’s still about 80% there. The first day this was given to us, about 6 of the t-50-2 ran rings around heavies, and heavies are panicking around this light tanks while they got plinks from us, they got heavy hits from the rest of our team. It was as annoying as it can be that day lol.

  48. This guy fires too much premium, jesus

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