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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Leo. Today I’m looking at the T7 Swedish medium tank the Leo and boy does it look tasty!

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  1. Quickybaby can you do a review on the Tier 7 Swedish TD? I can’t seem to
    find what’s going for it as the gun and even camouflage is worse than the
    tier 6 Swedish TD

  2. how did you upload the e25 video then?

  3. Wait, you carry less shells with the 75mm than the 100mm? WTF

  4. 0:06-maus?maus tank or…

  5. lol thank god quickybaby survived Vodkatown

  6. First off no disrespect but where the fuck is MOSCAW, I find it very
    offensive and it pisses me off

  7. You broke that IS-3…

  8. wait… you thought 15 degrees on a slow tank is more novel than the first
    medium at tier 6 with autoloader, 1 sec between it’s 3 shots, and 8 sec mag
    reload on a fast tank with 10 degrees depression? No, I think the skoda is
    miles ahead on novelty when it was introduced, and it rivals the tier 6
    meds unlike the Strv 74.

  9. That Leo Di Caprio pun… lmao.

  10. Nonehasthisnamekek1

    Im the super tomato strv m42/57 in this game on QB’s team. I was freaking
    the fuck out!!!.. (I gotta get better at this game -_-)

  11. it has the Strv 74 gun so

  12. i’m on the UDES 03 and it’s awesome

  13. Is it me or i there’s a lot of screen tearing in this video ?

  14. Prankstergangster 22

    tier 4 soon 5

  15. whats wrong with that gun!!!
    167 dmg low role to 327 high role XD

  16. i cant connect to test server what should i do it says try again later?

  17. get well soon QB

  18. awesome video, even if you are sick everybody support you

  19. get well QB !

  20. I was on the livestream

  21. good t-shirt

  22. can i get this t-shirt

  23. I love the ide of Personal Revers, but i wish you could buy the 100% exp
    boost 2hrs, and not only 25% as i took T7 Leo to Emil 1 in one day whit

  24. Currenly have the 4th highest damage game uploaded to wotreplays with the
    Strv 74

  25. Haven’t played any Swedish tanks yet but I wii for sure after this
    video….thanks QB

  26. A tanker wears a shirt with Chinese characters which means battle

  27. hyperborea gorgona90

    putin hacked qb :-p

  28. QB, now you have seen the real Sturer Emil in Kubinka – still don’t want to
    play it ;o)

  29. I can’t play untill war gaming refund me two e25 packages as their shop
    bugged :/

  30. Yo QB I am stick too and today I have my first driving lession, so I feel

  31. QuickyBaby Please rest a bit :)

  32. Hahaha u have a cold, i have one too 😀 The only thing i hate about winter

  33. sick voice is sexy voice

  34. i need advice i have 11127 gold i will buy on christmas few premium what is
    better idea cdc with two tier 6 or fcm with type 64 only


  36. QuickyBaby i see you still didnt review the M103 the tier 9 american heavy
    even though its one of the oldest most reliable tanks in the game.

  37. Yes, you won, but you left the 50- 100 behind to die.

  38. The xp and credit boosters are very helpful. I unlocked 3 tier 6s and a
    tier 7 from around half xp in a few hours.

  39. tier 3 😛 I’m focusing on getting the 140 right now

  40. Greets from Poland (even though I’m French…) ! FIrst time ever I turn off
    adblock on youtube, and it has to be for you. Dedication and quality for
    your viewers, it’s rare ! Every and each of your videos is a source of
    knowledge and help, your voice is soooo sexy (hehe), and I can’t stop
    watching your vids ! Keep up the good work :D

  41. get well Qb!

  42. magnus bo vejlø Rasmussen

    l look what game then you stream on twith
    and how Are you doing fly cam ????

  43. Qb did u catch a cold ???

  44. At the start is-3 was just so retarded

  45. i have not played swedish so much i’m in only tier 4 both lines :D

  46. why did you use free exp to get to the tier VI? It took me an hour to get
    to tier three with both swedish tanks, the medium and the tank destroyer.

  47. sickybaby 😉 get well soon

  48. those coughs without sound look like surprise blow-jobs to me quicky :D

  49. Hey QB how can we send you replays ? your replay website is down ans there
    is no contact info, I have a nice game in the tier 7 TD which apparently
    isnt very liked by players ; if you want to do a review on it. I think its
    the third in damages on WoTReplays currently for this tank :

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