World of Tanks – The Little Tank That Could

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

I do like a good tank battle, and I mean an actual light tank, not one of those Russian pocket mediums.

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  1. Hey I’m an arty player and I have NEVER drowned… deliberately.

  2. Wtf is this guy’s ammo load… 20 HE and no HEAT? The T92’s HE round is garbage, lol. He clearly plays it a lot because of the progressive decals, so why such a bad ammo load?

    • He’s probably good enough to not need gold. Or he straight up just refuses to spend money on a game. Either way he doesn’t use gold

      You can pen most true light tanks from the rear or aiming down into the engine deck with he. There are some tanks that don’t work though. Like leopard, thicker armor and even worse laughably bad he pen of 14 I think. Could also just be a cheaper tracking shot method than standard ammo

  3. Can someone explain to me the Pros of Arty suiciding?

    You still pay for Ammunition, Repairs etc right? Is it just spite?! XD

  4. Light tanks can be described as “Fuck around and find out.”

  5. Owi… Jingles. I’ve played this game since it started and I play artillery quite a bit and I have never drown myself. I play to the end and have many times been last man left and fight to the end or respect by letting them have the kill.

    • Back when I played wot. I was the arty player who’d kemp bush like td and end up failing to realize someone had parked in front of me. Then killing myself with splash

  6. Nice battle! Well played!

  7. i mostly watch Jingles’ videos on my phone, and pretty sure this is the first time hearing Rita on the background. lol

  8. If I was arty and someone might get their top gun ya so just keep swimming swimming….hahaha

  9. I haven’t played the game in like 6 years or so. Yesterday, I tried it again, just to see what has changed.
    It was really weird. Pretty much all the battles I saw were crazy, chaotic slug fests, where nobody really seemed to use tactics or play carefully. It was like a mosh pit and all the battles were over in a few minutes. It was like that recurring Monty Python joke, where a women’s club reenacts historical battles and then it is just them charging at each other, hitting each other with their hand bags.
    That is how those battles felt and weirdly enough, it was worse at higher tiers. In the lower tiers people seemed to use cover more, for some reason.

    Every tier 8+ battle felt as if none of the players knew the maps. Everyone was just rushing forward into a fur ball. It was like playing War Thunder Arcade Air Battles, but with tanks. I never saw something like that back when I still played the game.

  10. Nice to hear Rita in the background… 😀

  11. I never drown myself when playing arty – it is like cheating

  12. Gonna be honest. I thought this said world of togs, and then I got pretty dissapointed when it wasn’t

  13. Kudos to Aurorik for going for a third mark without gold ammo in a T8 light

  14. How does this guy have 2 marks on his gun …

  15. As an ary player I have never drowned myself……I will go down fighting at all times. I’ve seen many a turret top drown themselves too: far too many. It’s just shit players that throw themselves off cliffs or go for early baths.

  16. It annoys the hell out of me when i see arti players drown themselves instead of going down fighting, yh they might be denying the enemy damage and kills but thats it, as in the end its still costing the arti player credits and xp either way, players like that are the reason anyone who players arti gets griefed,
    i like to play arti every now and again and i never kill myself because im the last one left, i go down fighting and if i can take a player or two out then thats a bonus, ill always end up earning more credits and xp that way then drowning,

    • @Mr. Bunk You must be the fella that drowned himself. BTW, that doesn’t negate the FACT that getting more damage and/or kills, especially when both tanks are one shottable, can win the game, and definitely will earn you more credits/xp.

  17. One think i really like about T92 is being able to turn 360 degree without moving the tank forward or backwards, it’s a niche but i really like it

  18. SPG drowning themselves should be an account bannable offence.

  19. The amounts of times anyone would’ve died in this vid but he didn’t amazes me.

  20. Whah happen with you re volume Jingles? is lower and lower

  21. I play a fair bit as Artillery, though I much prefer light tanks. Oddly, the only times I have drowned were when my driving skills turned my light tank into a crap submarine. Not yet screwed up that bad in an SPG, but then they travel so much slower.

  22. Reminds me of that time I got 7k spotting in my T92

  23. In WotB, this is a tier 9 lt equipped with a 152mm gun that can fire missiles lol

  24. Was expecting the T92 artillery

  25. The Artillery player must have ran out of glue and remembered he had to suicide.

  26. Is it me or am I hearing Rita streaming in the background at times? I was hoping for a Rita moment.

  27. From the decals on the front he plays this a lot and given his ability to avoid being spotted when firing I’d say he’s got a great crew. So top tier, great crew, good tank and running food. Welcome to world of advantages.

  28. Can we talk about the enemy arty coming to the other side just to drown?

  29. Now I just imagine Jingles and Akizuki spending a saturday afternoon on Hello Kitty Online together

  30. One thing i love about the T92 is the penetration of the APCR rounds, most other tanks lose 20% penetration at distance, but the T92’s APCR only goes down 2mm of penetration at 500 meters.

    Great for that reliable side shot into a heavy tank on Frontlines.

  31. Personaly I fight with artillery to the bitter (or sweet) end. Once I run out of ammo (in Hummel i think) and won a battle by crushing enemy last tank (SPG/SPA if memory is correct) that was taking a nap on side in ravine on the desert river map close to enemy (west) base.

  32. Jingles, agree that this match with the T-92 was well played with great skill displayed. Fun too!

  33. Matthew Alexander Sayers

    I hear Rita in the background of the video.

  34. I can send you an old arty replay where i win a 2v1 against a scorpion and a ferdi in my T6 soviet arty if you are interested

  35. Jingles can you put up some Elite Dangerous please?

  36. Sir Jingles…Turned on YouTube this AM, saw your T92 video and decided to start WOT and play a game in my T92. First game of the day. Result..9954 spotting and 334 damage on Prokhorovka in a tier 10 game. It wasn’t an Ace tanker, only a 1st.

  37. Well at least this tank actually existed, unlike all the paper tanks out there.

  38. Carefully Jingles ! Not all Arty Drivers are a Bunch of Cowards who drown themselfs on Purpuses !

  39. Talking about the Walker Bulldog, my dad was a Walker Bulldog platoon leader back in 1962-64 in Korea. I showed him the Bulldog in World of Tanks, and did explain it was an arcade type game, not a simulation, but when I explained that the ranges we were fighting at were in the hundreds of meters, he outright laughed. “At less than a kilometer, we’d have been dead. We’d never get that close to another tank.”

    He did have very good things to say about the M103 which he described as “an absolute monster”.

  40. Jingles it’s the 13th of November tomorrow! Neptunes Inferno!

  41. Craig and Terri's Adventures

    First, I play arty, and have never suicided. Second, what was playing in the background of this video? I could hear dialog for something, and male and female voice.

  42. As a war thunder player(main germany), I absolutly despise this dreadful sardine can.

  43. Jingles: *Has 640k subs
    Also Jingles: *Has 50k view per video on average

    Mr Jingles, you see what I am trying to say?

  44. I had one of those artillery players as a teammate in a carrier in WoWS the other day. The most annoying thing about it was that we could still have won the game if he’d bombed the enemy destroyer instead of himself.

  45. Wut? Light tank doing light job? Wut game ez dis?

  46. You apologize to that lovely (destroyer) kitten and play hello kitty online right now!

  47. I swear I see Arty suicide I would have report them

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