World of Tanks – The Little Tank That Could

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Source: The Jingles

Look at the little tank, isn't it cute? Watch out, it bites.

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  1. WOWS on pc does give a small bit of exp for spotting. When I get spotting ribbons even if my personal damage dealt is low I usually get decent exp. An example, yesterday in a wows co-op, 7.2k damage dealt, 5 spotted ribbons and ranked 4th overall on the team. in a tier 5 battle. For those who don’t know WOWS, tier 5 top ranks usualy break 100k damage.

    • Coop doesn’t count.
      Come to PvP where the REAL battles are fought

    • @Legendendear co-op is perfect for learning a new ship, and I’m still just learning the game so I’m fine with it.

    • @Jaqui Greenlees
      In coop you learn how to NOT play the game.
      In coop you have to bum rush the bots if you wanna do anything.

      In PvP you die with that approach.

      The first 100 or so battles in random are just learning how not to die.

  2. Wow, awesome teamwork

  3. “It was considerd Overpowerd on release and was soon obsolete”
    The fact that this is a recurring theme when describing a tank is very telling isn’t it.

    • i play world of warships (and i played tanks a bit then stopped) on console and it is the most busted thing ever in world of warships consol you can have a pc tier 6 go up against teir 10 pc ships as well as cross play allowing you to fight tier 10 ships you cant even get on console in tier 6 or 7 ships

    • I got tired of chasing meta tanks. By the time I got them, they got nerfed.

  4. ‘Wreck of the ship’ Funny looking ship that EBR… Oh that ship…

  5. not to take anything away from this amazing game, but I think the t100 player here made two mistakes.
    The first is the obvious, backing into the S tank and losing all his hp
    But the second was the shot at 6:40
    This alerted the enemy tanks he was there for the benefit of a single shot of damage
    Now im no expert light player, but it doesnt seem to be worth the trade.
    The E4 even tried to come over and kill him a few seconds later, and arty just needed one good shot to kill him.

  6. A dead EBR, even on your own team. Is a good EBR.

  7. Destroyer Inazuma

    Good game! Any news from the Korean ELC AMX player?

  8. Nice display of individual competence and teamwork.
    And people still wonder how that leads to success…

  9. Ebr’s dont like being rammed.

  10. Stunning good play

  11. What I would give for spotting and spotting damage to be rewarded in WoWS…

  12. Fantastic.

  13. EBR? More like EB Arsehole, am I right?

  14. You don’t get much XP and credits for spotting in WoWs, but it’s still worth for morale boosting. Take a full stealth destroyer and spot from a deep flanking position and you’ll be showered with compliments by all the damage farming campers. Add a mid to late game cap and a few long range torp hits and you’ll also get a reasonable amount of XP out of it.

  15. The ebr grew some balls and then they got shot off. Also jingles didn’t notice the shit barn blind kill the grille

  16. apparently grille 14s have an afterlife in which they are hanging out in the back fighting the good fight ^^ (while being dead) Oh Jingles never change ^^

  17. “The EBRs Magical mystery Bullsh*t Armor”, quote of the day.

  18. I stopped playing the game over a year ago mainly due to the EBR rubber armor. Good to see that WG still doesn’t care to fix this ‘feature’. Guess I’ll waste my time playing other games instead of WoT.

  19. Love the teamwork, rare to see

  20. Holy shit the teamwork is beautiful

  21. Excellent battle and great tactical thinking. Clicking on the THUMBS UP pushed it to 2k, only the second time that has happened. Just thought it was cool.

  22. Jingles comments are great. Mighty Sniper played a great game. The team support is something I’ve rarely encountered when I use an LT for spotting.

  23. Would really be fucking nice if youtube would let me watch jingles videos in anything other than 240p

  24. Gerhard Wunderler

    a mighty game indeed…

  25. I have just discovered this channel and I am in love

  26. Nothing is better than taking a big derp canon and hitting an EBR 🙂 That’s the power of manually aiming, kids.. 🙂

  27. I haven’t had a team shoot like that in a few years lol. Good game but really good shooting from his team.

  28. Playing a Light Tank (not an Armored Car) in this day and age of WoT, requires infinite patience, knowledge of the maps, and that thing that most people DON’T see to have, Common Sense. Did I remember to mention the Infinite Patience necessary and the discipline to NOT fire even when one thinks it might be safe to do so?!? Gun and Ammo management is a skill that cannot be learned by charging straight into battle. You may get a few spots, but you’re going to DIE…

  29. Teamwork?!? In World of Tanks??

  30. Ya as a world of warships player I wish spotting was more rewarded.

  31. That T-100 LT is a sexy tank! you should have seen my 8k spotting game in the Tiger P (the only thing this tank can do nowadays 😀 )

  32. Russian game and should be boycotted

  33. Hey Jingles, did you read about Soviet tanks Jack-in-the box turret weakness reports coming out of Ukraine??

  34. 11:29 “Basically lost a 183mm gun for nothing.”

    Well our Friend in the FV did take out the Grille 15 moments before his death, whom the Gnome then says is alive moments later.

    A smell a Jingles moment 😉

  35. Obj 140: “I am going to kill that Progetto!”

    Progetto: “Say hello to my leetle freend!”

    FV4005: “Hurr hurr hurr!”

  36. Hey! Thanks for featuring my game Jingles!

  37. great match

  38. Um, *actually Jingles,* the shitbarn blindfired the Grille 15 before he died. So it was a trade.

  39. Nice ace in a class that is not great in the current meta

  40. Wow. It’s AMAZING to see the battle where people KNOW WHAT TO DO and WHEN!
    Really awesome teamplay!

  41. That last few seconds where the object 140 peeked, Went OMG there’s a Shit Barn at point blank range!, Shit his pants and backed up, was absolutely HILARIOUS! If there is something you NEVER want to see, its a fully loaded Shit Barn, FV215b 183, or Jagdpanzer E100 at point blank range after rounding a corner with its gun aimed right at you.

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