World of Tanks – The Little Tank That Could

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

The ELC EVEN 90, a that did actually exist even if does look like something a tank designer dreamed up on an acid trip.

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  1. Classic example of the old saying “The French copy no one, and no one copies the French”. Their military has always had a way of finding interesting viewpoints and concepts to solve problems. Sometimes problems that probably didn’t need answers; but, hey, win some lose some.

  2. Sadly the children play area is under reconstruction, when i went there less than few months ago it was completely shut off and the tanks were in storage somewhere where you can’t see them, i fear that with the growing popularity of the museum they won’t allow people in again

  3. Loved playing this thing. Did stupid shit in it and survived lots.

  4. Carsten Rasmussen

    Best WoT vid in a long time 🙂

  5. Thank you for all the extra information! They make your videos so special!

  6. Absolutely broken, op spotter stealth craft.

  7. cant play tank warships or airplanes anymore since wargaming locked my account due to someone hacking my account buying gold as a gift and then sending it to another player who accepted it when i contacted them they refunded my money but locked my account untill i can send them proof of a purchase i made in 2020 with paypal… which i cant do because i have changed my paypal since then… so GG wargaminb.

  8. …This absolute madman isn’t loading a single round of gold? Respect to THAT guy…

  9. I saw ELC, and immediately thought it was Steve again. not disappointed though, great game

  10. My initial though on why the gun is offset on the turret is recoil-handling. If the gun was centered in the turret, the straight back force would be transferred into a sort of upwards tilting force on the turret-ring, and would likely push the whole tank backwards, and potentially break the ring. But if you have it offset, it will instead be transferred into a turning force on the turret, which could be dampened out rather effectively since the turret can turn and thus giving you the needed travel-distance to make the dampening effective. At least that is my theory.

    • Imagine having to turn the turret back at the enemy in game cause of the recoil effect of the off center mount. Lol

  11. Ah the Steven90, i love this tank, its rubbish in so many ways, but if you set the camo just right you can hide and spot from behind a blade of grass lol

  12. Upvote for style points on that last kill 🙂

  13. So… A new target for the “will the Chieftain fit” game!

  14. If the tank museum was in Saumur 40 years ago, I demand to know why my parents didn’t take me there!! 😛

  15. It’s a ridiculous thing, but would have ben hard to hit I guess… and you only lose two men when it is hit I suppose…

  16. And no one is going to mention he did all that with out taking 1pt of damage? No? Just me?

  17. Why, Jingles? We are French!

  18. Pattrick Humphreys

    The US Marines had something smaller (from the look of it) with the M50 Ontos with 6 105mm recoilless rifles. Granted it was nothing close to the Even 90 but did see service in Vietnam and in The Dominican Civil War facing off against the AMX -13 and winning.

  19. More TOG’s

  20. Putting the tiny little tank in the children’s play area? That’s a solid little joke on the part of the Saumur tank museum

  21. themasterofdisastr

    For anyone woundering why the french nuclear programm was so expensive: They had to create everything from scratch since the USA whouldnt help them bc unlike the US the French didnt use them as a 2nd-strike, but rather as soon as sb whould attack french soil, which the US didnt like.

  22. allo Jingles? This is Pierre. French tanks are best, everybody knows that !!

  23. I believe they developed this tank because someone with foresight saw a time in the future where a fellow named Wallst. would make this thing all but sing and dance. 🙂

  24. Thats a huge gun. That’ll be like trying to shoot a 50cal while riding a motorcycle.

  25. because honest gaming played a lot of games in the even 90 i call it the steven 90

  26. I thought the reload was by turning the turret thru’ 180 & the driver reloading it. *As a light tank player who regrets shooting the gun, I’d love one of these. It’s the only tank I’ve that I’ve used with a 5-game trial.

  27. Not meaning to be smart but the Russian T70 also had an offset turret probably for similar reasons, the gun is also slightly offset towards the centreline of the tank but not as much as the ELC (which is therefore not quite unique)

  28. In the 80’s, US tank units routinely ID’ed French tanks as enemy. Because.

  29. Jingles, a fun commentary along the history of the uniquely French ELC90.

  30. There is some odd stuttering on the video, and it’s not from the original video/replay. It seems like the game is operating on 120-130fps. I’m watching on phone though, but it’s not my device. If I replay the video, the stuttering is the same intensity and same spot.

  31. now you have a home all you need is a bert parked out front for rita too go shopping 🙂

  32. Just thinking….. in WoT AP penetration depends on bullet speed, and in WoWs AP penetration depends on bullet calibre?

  33. Panayiotis Michael

    I’d like to take this moment to press F to pay my respects, to the retired triple “Steven 90” platoons. Long live the KV-Trains.

  34. it seemed the small French tanks went beyond pre ww2.

  35. Reminds me a little of the VK 16.02 Leopard. Along with the Luchs, easily my favourite tanks in WoT.

  36. An automatic turret locking mechanism was engaged prior to the gun firing to prevent any recoil forces from being transmitted to the turret drive.

  37. Two man tanks where the TC is loader, gunner and commander…hmmm, isn’t that a French tradition? Design a vehicle, add armament, crew, figure cost then cut it all in half and go with that.

  38. I bought the Vanguard on sale last Christmas. Worth every penny! It’s so much fun!

  39. Its Aurori K 78. She likes it pronounced Aurora.

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