World of Tanks – The Little Tank That Could

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Source: The Jingles

Today present the little tank that could, even though technically it almost certainly shouldn't.

“Trainwreck” by Martin Carlberg, used under license.
All licensed from and


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Awesome

  2. Pew pew!!

  3. *Father Jack Voice*


  4. As this thing was comming out.. we had 4 amx standing in front of each other until they all had no ammunition 😀

  5. When in doubt, scout with your face

  6. Jingles, that was a well done video! I positively loved it. Good music, humor, crazy premise. You outdid yourself!

  7. Memories. The funniest thing that happened to me is a similar situation was in a top tier Tiger and had forgotten to resupply ammo when I unlocked and mounted a new gun. As luck would have it, my team lemming trained the other direction. I let them know I had no ammo and would do what I could. As it turned out, the opposition was pretty evenly spread over 3 corridors and I only had to defend against 4 heavies, a couple of which were same tier. I basically tucked into a rock and would poke out to point the gun at a random one of the four tanks and then pull back to dodge incoming fire. By making them all think they were my target, none got up enough courage to put their brave pants on and charge me. The flank held, I gave no ground and only lost about a quarter of my health by the time the team pulled up the back side of the strength of the opposition. If I recall correctly, one of my team member stated, “That was impressive, but your still a noob for forgetting to resupply.” To be fair, for that game, I couldn’t argue against him.

  8. This was the most interesting WoT replay in a long while on this channel.

  9. I don’t have to beat you. I only have to _outlast_ you.

  10. Seriously good laugh, this one. Bravo, Dave.

  11. hey, off topic I know. but Jingles just spotted a submarine in my last battle of the boat game, and I actually looked for it. pls

  12. That was ineradicable a6zero Wow you are real magic

  13. The armor on this tank was made by a wizard. It’s why I kept mine

  14. the difference, in tier 10 everyone shoots gold only…

  15. PZ II J french version

  16. Jingles, is that the typical genre of music you listen to?

  17. My kind of scouting. Go somewhere your team isn’t welcome and see who lines up to take a swing

  18. Someone needs to edit in a ‘QUACK!’ every time Dave bounces a shot XD

  19. Let’s hear it for dave! 🙂

  20. The Mighty Jingles featuring the Mighty Duck ? Great video mighty One.

  21. Everyone should paint their ducks to look like ducks!

  22. I wish I knew about angling armor when I had this tank. I might have enjoyed this tank if I did

  23. That was a sexy display of awesomeness without firing a single shot.

  24. You need to call it 780 damage combined 😉

  25. why only 10 on each team ??? is this something new ?

  26. Well, actually Jingles, they racked up 10 kills, not 9.

  27. Honestly, I don’t know why wargaming allows people to join a match with zero ammo…
    To be fair, tier 10s get hit by up to 100% pay2win ammo

  28. Pointy Haired Jedi would like to know your location.

  29. Reminds me of a game i had as a Luchs commander, facing my first ever O-I when it was introduced. We were the last two survivors in our teams, the O-I was out of ammo, i had plenty shots left (dakka luchs gun). i tried to shoot him EVERYWHERE, had no real clue about weak spot hence that O-I was brand new. He finally managed to push me off a cliff, that bastard ^^

  30. Where are the end plates? Did he get the Ace? I need closure!

  31. the music reminds me of Sous Vide Everything

  32. Okay, wow, I don’t think this is how you do recon by fire…. matter of fact its the exact opposite of recon by fire…

  33. LOL — Love this one. While I never had such a fantastic result in the AMX 40 .. I did have a few games blocking over 1500 against same and lower tier tanks lol

  34. That made my day and it’s 1am. Dave just became a legend.

  35. best heavy tank

  36. Hold my beer! I’m going right now and re buying my old AMX40 I sold years ago!

  37. Trigger Me Timbers

    Thumbs up for no gold fired…..

  38. I like the historical accuracy in this game. French tanks are faster backwards on retreat than charging forward… 😀

  39. Best 5 damage ever!

  40. Your crew is deff.

  41. YES another Dave

  42. wait, what?! NO AMMO!?!?!

  43. Dave – any Dave – the unsung hero of the salt mines.

  44. could have been nice to see how much credit he did make in the end lol

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