World of Tanks – The Lord of Dreams

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

You may not get the reference in the video title, but at least no-one can accuse me of using this title before! Brownie points and half a day off in the Salt Mines anyone who understands the reference.


System Specs: i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. hey Jingles I was wondering if you could talk about the USS. Texas and her current situation

  2. Hey MJ , i think you need a new mic!!!

  3. Wooo up the australian

  4. Best replays with the best commentary.
    Daily Jigles fix, umhhh.
    Nice, ty.

  5. You know you’re over CoD when Jingles is the one who informs you there’s a CoD WW2 game coming out…

  6. In the immortal words of Charlie Brown, “AAARRRGGGH!” Jingles, the SU-14 spawned near that location. As you know, the only thing slower than a SU 14-1/2 is a Tog II. As a former 14 driver once you begin heading to a “spot” that’s it. There is NO adjustment of position . On this map and especially SWAMP, there are only a couple reasonable party positions where you stand s fighting chance. The SU arty in this video was in the ONLY good position on the south side of this map. The only good position for the other teams party is directly north at A1. Trying to arty from just about any other position (middle of map north or south)will get you sniped by an enemy LT, MT, or spotted for enemy artillery. Most teams will send someone up the valley on the west side where most heavies head. His only mistake was not going all the way in the corner and NOT firing once it became obvious NO one on his team was covering the west side of The map. He was always going to die there but could have possibly gotten one or two kills before he died. Been there. Been in those shoes many, many times. You’re fucked because no one on your team bothers to or knows how to look at a minimap. Not his fault.

  7. i hate it when jingles speaks quieter than a mouse thus forcing us all to turn the volume up to max which leads to some serious problems when switching to another video.

  8. jingles- “if the glass half full, or half empty?” the glass is being raped, jingles

  9. Hey Jingles i’m sure you’ve seen this already but WGNA is donating 100% of raised funds this month from the USS Texas packs to help repair the ship and stop it from taking on water as it is now, Would you be willing to mention it in your next WOWS video to raise awareness about it?

  10. Why is audio sampled so low?

  11. Favorite Jingles WOT replay is “Punching above your weight” – KV-2 getting 3 kills in a tier 9 game on the Paris map.

  12. 7:30 One has to compliment you on your consistency.

  13. Yeah I heard that Comet has a great turret….WRONG!

  14. Hey jingles I’m curious why you don’t have a 4k monitor, you can easily run it, I have relatively the same pc specs and I can run with a 4k monitor on high-ultra settings.

  15. LOL T-49 is tier IX on the pc now? Glad to be a console-peasant

  16. AWeebPlayingWarthunder

    Yooooo WoT has a fire warning for artillery players?! No more teamkilling dumb lights that drive right into my shell’s path!

  17. Just had the game of my life in my IS-2. Carried my team back from a 2-10 scenario to win with: 9 kills, my first Radley-Walter’s medal, my first Kolobanov’s medal, Top Gun, High Caliber, Invader, and Ace Tanker. As soon as the match ended I thought “I’m definitely sending this to Jingles” (this coming from a Certified Tomato, I was having a moment).Then I realized that I had forgotten to set Record to “All” before the match….and proceeded to play another match after it. So in the end, I still lost. Many obscenities were shouted.
    That is all, back to the salt mines for me.

  18. Replay from the Asian Server…..totally surprised it wasn’t full of stupid shit and filthy cheating turds.

  19. More lone echo????????

  20. Jinges pls

  21. 1:20 *”although one could argue that many of the “Light Tanks” are just smaller faster Medium Tanks but that’s a different matter….”* Gee it’s almost as if past a few EARLY more selective cases that is Kinda the Point eh? ^_< (*esp as you go past "Tier" / Generation 2 3 and 4 tanks eh) - oh and aren't like 90% of the "Medium" tanks past Tier 6 or 7 actually 'Early Heavies' and/or MBTs? lolz /)'gg

    • but yeah, *as Team Jetcat and Heliborne (better game than wot) helps to show us,*
      They REALLY Do need to add “Tank Squads” and Life/Ammo Respawns into WoT badly. Eh?
      Like just HOW much more fun esp for LIGHT tank drivers would it be or been if that early derp wasn’t anything more than an early hurdle to what could instead came to been a great game for all? ^-< That and getting rid of the concept of "Gold Ammo" in place simply of more Ammo Choices with Pros and Cons that are also Economically Balanced to be Fair to All PLayers Equally, and well who can say? People like myself who do not support Luck Based game design might return. /)'gg

    • *as for the **4:40** ‘ammo rack’ or such thing…*

      Ya know that kinda would make more sense or worked better eh like how for a time such in AW when hadn’t finalized it’s failures yet, *If an Ammo Rack is overly damaged instead of just exploding it Catches Fire such as to why and what is really more so the issue/case of issue.*

      Yes it likely explodes at some point too but it’s the Propellent getting set off what is going on, eh?

      So yeah……. could be that a penetrating giant ass HE shell might could have set something off like GAS in the middle parts from inside the fighting compartment, but having that more so as a thing for less RNG as a thing to happen to Racks would be something eh? Esp if given the idea of respawns.

  22. High tier HE is like cancer or AIDS in this game (just like SPG and stupid Jpn heavies)

  23. I feel like the commanders of the T49 and the Bat-Chat ought to have gotten out and high-fived each other after that.

  24. T49 hits rock at 4:32 and almost loses it. Decides to try it again two minutes later at 6:32 with more impressive results.

  25. I love all your content jingles and aside from the fact that I’m not a cod fan I flat out refuse to watch or play any games with a shitty loot box system. It’s the death of all games…. and sadly probably here to stay…. ugh

  26. A T71 CMCD. Never seen one of those before.

  27. Morpheus, the lord of dreams, sorry, I read only a few chapters of the Sandman back in the 1970s, and I believe that he in turn was a rejuvenation of an earlier Greek myth.

  28. I dont play WOT but why is that little tank runs like a fkin race car?

  29. lol yeah right, more OP T49 replays…

  30. Will you be uploading the stream onto youtube anytime soon?

  31. I’m so happy to see a ADs on your video.

  32. We will have to disagree on the light tanks, Light tanks since the nerfing suck! The soft gun stats on that 152mm gun is the worse in game. There is not one thing a light tank does that medium does not do better.

  33. Lmao, this is clearly the Asia server…

  34. Wooooooo! An Aussie replay!

  35. The title is a reference to THE SANDMAN a dc comic series that featured a guy named Morpheus , aka the lord of dreams.

  36. Morpheus plays on the Aussie and SEA servers….

  37. Send the 35 people who disliked the video to the salt mines! Or sacrifice them to the gulags so Stalin will guide your shots.

  38. Hmm, Asian server

  39. cmon jingles a new patch of wt and u didnt do a video?

  40. 6:37 Ah, the irony of an ISU-152 being executed by someone else’s derp gun. A bit less ironic these days, of course, but still.

  41. Can we have an “Experimental Channel” already?

  42. The cod campaign is fantastic. Brings me back to cod1 and cod2 days

  43. Lord of the Flies? Did I get it?

  44. Just to say… Jingles has about 200k more subscribers than Robbie Williams (y)

  45. shermandragonfly WOT & WOW

    how do I get a sexton 1 in world of tanks?

  46. Shankar Ramachandran

    Jingles, could you please be a bit louder? Okay, maybe a lot louder.

  47. stream Heliborne instead CoD (Cancer of Dogshit) ,its better !

  48. Coming from someone who invested in the game early, completely underperforms. There are so many faults that I honestly wouldn’t have the time to list them individually. However, if they overhaul all of the glaring errors, i still would consider it a fairly high caliber historical fps.

  49. I sent you 11 k spotting game in batchat 12t 😉 hope you enjoy

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