World of Tanks – The Lost Maps 2

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. Today I’m looking at more of World of Tanks! , , and !

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World of Tanks a online game which available as a free download. It one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. they are so many f**** unplayable maps in the game

  2. xD
    Almost every single one of these maps are on the console!

  3. thx QB for these 2 Video. i think they should bring most of the Maps back.
    i just did not like Komarin!

    Maprotation today sucks so much, please bring this maps back for more

  4. No wonder why world of tanks is becoming more and more boring as months
    pass by.

  5. some great maps …. shame the whingers cried so much they were removed
    Then they say WG doesnt listen … :/

  6. To be honest, most of these maps Wargaming removed *were* the maps that
    added some variety to the game and, given you were a competent player, were
    actually pretty balanced.

    Problem is that Wargaming has a habit of making every map suitable for
    people with the tactical insight of a brick which basically homogenises the
    map experience and removes anything that stands out.
    The current map rotation is starting to become *very* boring and it would
    be good if Wargaming would restore all these maps to the rotation.

  7. Best of Quickybaby

    Hey I uploaded a few of QB best twitch scenes 🙂 Check them out if you want

  8. lost tanks pls

  9. I want south coast back :'(

  10. 7:00 deja vu :o

  11. hey qb did you hear the news about the tier 11’s and 12’s ??

  12. i quite enjoyed all those maps (expcept the hidden village, that was simply
    terrible). So wg removed a lot of fun2play maps, but didnt remove those
    that piss off players the most.. like prokhorovka and its sh*tty clone,
    malinovka and many others. if WG actually gave a f*ck about map variety,
    they’d certainly reworked some of the old maps and put them back into the
    game. imagine a map with underground passes, like metro tunnels and
    stations that would not be fully built yet. but whatever, were just gonna
    get another boring corridor map for all those filthy E5s to dominate -.-

  13. I want to tickle you XD

    So much good and bad memoriesAlso remember to check my channel, thanks :3

  14. and now we have PARIS map :/ -_-

  15. ohhhhh south coast <3 they could just balance that op position, not to
    remove the whole map :(

  16. Gotta love console, we still have these. Port is so much fun ?

  17. This maps were so good, bring it back :(

  18. hidden village was more or less playable when there was no cancer in the

  19. I totally agree with you QB…although I like the Paris map ;-)

  20. TheAllegiantTraitor

    QB should make polls about future videos.

  21. TheAllegiantTraitor

    I would like to see some absolutely new maps.
    for example something from Alps. Similar to Mountain Pass, but with much
    steeper hills and only for MT and LT

    and maybe some bigger maps. 4km^2 and 30 players/team
    also the render distance should not be limited.

  22. TheAllegiantTraitor

    This video brings me memories of how big noob i was back then ❤

  23. Hi, totally agree, feel city maps quite boring and Paris, even new one, is
    gonna be fast boring.. loved port and south coast.. Thanks for ur videos.

  24. 2:03 “tank destroyers and players who dont like to drive a lot” – T95
    replay of ButtYus enough for Top comment ? Kappa

  25. They could do a new mode, like random battles, but with old maps. That
    shouldt be that difficult. I might even install WoT again.

    I dont care that they are not balanced. Tanks are certainly not balanced,
    and mm.. And they keep removing maps where 1 side has 5% more wins than the

  26. james ward-gwilliam

    this video made me sad as did the other one because its like all those maps
    i used to play when i played WOT are now gone. so many memories so many fun
    games and oh the bridges on port they were so useful for going back to
    decap if needed noone ever thought to guard the bridges in the end game. as
    for hidden village that map was out before jap tanks 😛 but OMG i loved
    being an ELC on that map the trolls you could do.

  27. vote for a lost maps weekend!!!

  28. Hidden Village crater the mountain make it passable, South Coast knock the
    top off the North hill a bit more maps the better. New maps baced on major
    tank battles:Kursk , Bockage with sunken roads and hedge rows and the
    battle of th bulge in Ardens forrest. 10 maps cycled each 24 hours.

  29. whats up with your replay side? i can’t connect…

  30. I would love to get the old maps back :(

  31. in console the maps still exists

  32. Maybe video about lost tanks like Tier V Chaffe that could play with tier
    X, or Afk Panter and so on.

    As for the maps, as QB mentioned, symmetry, that’s exactly the problem with
    new maps. Old ones maybe have some issues like South Coast, but when WG
    announced that will remove it I though “wtf? why? what’s wrong with that
    map?” Sure, back then I might not really care that much, but still gameplay
    was a lot better then on some Kharkow or Stalincrap maps now. I would even
    risk and say Komarin now would be more interesting to play on then those 2
    maps we still have in game. Symmetry is not a bad thing, but WG really need
    to learn how to make maps that will exploit players experience, and not
    just be fair and square for both sides, because that is almost impossible
    anyway, when we have tanks like Maus and T95 that are so slow, most MT and
    LT tanks can get in positions that will always give then advantage over
    slower tanks and on the other hand, most slow tanks will stay or not leave
    too far from base.
    Try to image how things would change it for example the rock from middle of
    Prohorovka/Fairly Silent was moved more to the 1-2 line so LT or MT could
    try to spot and if spotted try to hide behind them, wait to be unspotted,
    to then fall back and maybe go spot some other part of map? Or maybe some
    HT would try to push and use the rock to cover itself a bit so we would not
    have camperfest at the end of battle?

  33. Waffy The Clickbait

    If the Sturmtiger was added to the game even arty would shit their pants.

  34. All of this maps are still around if you ever play on a console

  35. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    Severogorsk was the map where my WZ-120 was one shotted – from full health
    – by the Death Star.

    I will never forget that moment. And it was quite a long ago.

  36. I don’t understand why WG hasn’t tried to rework some of these maps. It
    seems the PC version of WOT’s gets less than the console version. Don’t get
    me wrong some of the maps sucked but alot of the time it was the team not
    the map.

  37. why stalingrad is so rare.. i mean i have played other maps hundreds of
    time.. but its only few time i have played stalingrad.. also paris is quite

  38. fiery salient and prokhorovka both are almost same… wargaming should
    remove one of them but get south coast back

  39. Port was the first map what I ever played in wot

  40. How has it been 3 years since jap tanks came out???? I want my life back

  41. lol all those maps are on console.

  42. wot please bring back all maps get fed up playing on the same over and over

  43. Can you show some less played tanks on your channel, lower tiers are just
    as interesting as higher tiers, if not more.. Try and do anything in the
    Vickers Medium Mk3 I challenge you!

  44. I’m watching this as someone who hasn’t played in ages like “What? They
    removed that map?”

  45. All those maps are on Xbox!

  46. AEplays GAMING 100 SUBS

    Oh boy i got erection for nostalgias?

  47. Quickybaby can you make lost tanks- video? like the comment if you wanna

  48. Good old memories … :)

  49. WcGaming removed Soutch Coast and Port… loved these maps

  50. So they removed all of those great maps and there variety so we can play
    Murovanka and Prohorovka over and over again… Nice one WG ! >_< Fk symmetry i want variety !

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