World of Tanks – The Lost Maps

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m looking at the lost maps of World of Tanks! Pearl River, Dragon Ridge, Province, and Northwest!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have played and I fully recommend it.


  1. do the lost harbour map next time

  2. Pearl River is now on Xbox as well as Northwest and dragon’s Ridge

  3. I would love to see dragons ridge put back in, i loved playing that one


    We still have all those maps on console.

  5. quickybaby pls tell wargaming put all map again :(

  6. thats way ppl stop playing/paying WOT, instead getting more, they are
    getting less. How fucked up is that. WG u suck.

  7. I hate it that wargaming has put out province. it was my favorite map. iI
    was so good the with the cruiser III.

  8. It is too bad that Wargaming seem to be taking out all of the variety in
    their maps. What we get now feel like copy and paste Dota (or league of
    legends) maps. Thank you for the look back when WoT was still fun. Port,
    the gulag, south cost, even an occasional older version of maps still in
    the game would be better than the Ruinberg, Himmelsdorf, Ruinberg,
    Derpinberg, Ruinberg, Himmelsdorf and then finally another map, that seem
    to be the current rotation.

  9. I miss many of them, so go on

  10. pretty sure they still have some of these maps on console

  11. Didnt even realise province got removed until this video… I find it very
    nostalgic as it was the first ever map i played on wot

  12. Provinz at tier 10?
    thats a old verry verry verry old fact.

  13. Nice vid

  14. I really miss Pearl River, as well as some of the other maps from that time
    period. Really don’t like the current maps to be honest, part of the reason
    i left wot to switch to wows

  15. when I think of I have to play 5 to 6 maps again again and again…
    especially for salient…

  16. Yeah, good thing we have 2 Prohorovkas and Malinovka. good thing we have
    now 3 versions of Ruinberg, good thing that now, we have 6 maps total that
    are rotating… retarded WG… so fucking glad I sold account!

  17. Φυτυρε Μαρινε

    I can not believe people are bashing on you for wanting to make 2 video’s
    to ‘make more money’. You are doing so well in entertaining hundreds of
    thousands of people and I think you should keep that up! I look forward to
    seeing another ‘The Lost Maps’ video, since I play World of Tanks and
    didn’t know where they went or why they were removed. By the way is ‘The
    Lost Map’ a reference to Jurassic Park: The Lost World? ^^ Great video
    Quicky, keep it up!

  18. Svetlana Veljanoska

    We want the MAPSS backk

  19. Aleksandar Stanković

    I play 90% of my games with one of my 5 TDs, and I always play on
    Prokhorovka, El Halluf or Sand River, ocassionally Malinovka, Monastery,
    Widepark and Fiery Salient. I got very good games on first two maps and
    Malinovka, others are downright bullcrap. And I miss province sooo much…
    Just kemp haus with T18 and you were good to go.

  20. Changed tanks: like the tier 10 T30 or the Fv 4202

  21. When you love being a Console player ;)

  22. I remember the features of te map, but the name of it, was forgotten, at
    least by me, of Komarin. As for Pearl River, didn’t they move one of the
    bases, some time? As I recall it, and have seen on some of Jingles’ videos,
    the one of the bases, originally, was at the grassfields across the stream.

    Other maps I remember, are Port, Severogosk, and Hidden Village

  23. I want more maps, bored of the same 5 all the time lol

  24. Fuck those, GIVE US THE GREAT WALL MAP!!

  25. why this maps wis wosted:(

  26. Sooooo many good memories of great battles in all of these
    maps……(except dragon ridge, which i think was removed before i even
    started the game…)…..WG keeps proving they are stupid, by not being
    able to fix “broken” maps and keep removing the most fun and satisfying
    maps “because the community said so”……Pearl river, province and
    northwest were the maps that you had to spend most of the time of the
    battle to win, not like the stupid maps we have now……Komarin was wierd
    yeah, but they could find out a solution! We don’t have so much of a
    variety nowadays, only the same kind of play maps, where the battle ends in
    2 fucking minutes…….Clap clap clap clap WG……QB of course do another
    video with this, you brought me great memories my friend :)


  28. What about Port and South coast, did you forgot them too?

  29. I used to love Dragons Ridge, they should bring it back. There used to be
    some crackin fights on it, some of the best overall brawling battles i’ve
    been a part of

  30. my fave maps of wot: Komarin, Pearl River, Northwest. Nowadays it’s just
    corridors hurr durr get a heavy or a TD, or prokhorovka.

  31. Will there be new maps soon? For me there are to less maps at the moment.

  32. plz do a video and explain what changes could be done in current maps.

  33. wot desperately needs more maps

  34. where is hidden village QB?

  35. Ahh those memories you guys

  36. All these maps are awesome…. Where are they now….???
    WG derp changing….

  37. QB, more of this pls. This needs to be highlighted so maybe WG wold do
    something about it. We need more maps, not less. Some maps are kin of
    doomed. But some needs just a litle bit tweak to make good. Next video talk
    about Hidden Village, Seapor, Severogorsk, South Coast. ps. I heard Dragon
    Ride was moved because very heavily armored slow tanks was being punished
    by sitting driving upwards for the first couple of minutes of the game.

  38. After Dragons ridge. Was gone i stopped playing Wot for a long wile

  39. i really hope they remove Windstorm, such a boring tunnel map that punishes
    aggressive play.

  40. Imagine a patch with Lost maps only :D

  41. all of these maps are mainstays on console.

  42. Hey this was great QB! I kept remembering great battles from these maps!
    Please make another one with the other list maps like Serveragorsk

  43. give dragon ridge and komarin back pls

  44. Province map was the best for low tiers…. 1-4 was awesome there

  45. Yes, they were unbalanced, and yes, they were sometimes frustrating, but
    its even more frustrating to get three maps in rotation whole evening.

    So much good maps disappeared, and no new maps…

    Kmh kmh, Ruinberg with snow is not new map, neither is Fiery salient
    different from Prokhorovka.

  46. There are so few maps actually in game…
    And because of the horrible map-memory system it feels like there are only

    some days I play 20matches on only 3 different maps.

  47. Port was pretty interesting too

  48. Mate “Lican” Man

    What about Severogorsk didnt play that map in a while..

  49. Dear QuickyBaby, this is the very first time I respond on a video of yours.
    Im a long time subscriver and I really enjoy your videos. I just wanted to
    say that i really like this video. It brings a lot of memories (good and
    bad 😉 ) to longtime WoT gamers like me. Good luck with your channel!

  50. The original Pearl river didn’t have that center hill location. The
    reworked version with the center hill was just about playable.

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