World of Tanks || the M4 Sherman

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – M4 Sherman. Today we’re looking at most produced western allied tank, the T5 American medium, the M4 Sherman!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents a toolbox.


  1. British Heavy Tech Tree Showcase – live now 🙂

  2. seal clubbing games? seriously QB?

  3. Euro 2016 Russia Supporter

    The iFidget

  4. Many of you calling luck, and you could be damn right. But have you not noticed that this is the better way to shoot the gun anyways? Could be good knowledge of the game anyways.

  5. “Hey everyone, it’s Quickybaby.” Can someone tell me what’s wrong here?

  6. 56 thousand were made from 1941 to 45

  7. that green tank lurking at the bottom of the screen all game…

  8. Someone’s been blowing RNGesus.

  9. That replay shows that rng for shooting is completely random….NOT!!! He must have been placed on the “good rigging” server bracket for that game session to get hits like that with a derp gun.

  10. Anyone notice the transparent tank on Quicky’s shirt?

  11. I can’t make my Sherman derp work lately it’s nice to see it still works

  12. That is some very Very lucky rng.

  13. I still think Pz IV H is better

  14. When an arty makes a tough shot, it is rng but when a tank makes an impossible shot, it is simply luck….or skill. hypocrisy at its finest.

  15. RNG vs enemy team

  16. Gold spam all the way

  17. You need to do a challenger video 🙂

  18. Dan-Andrei Ungureanu

    one of the best and funniest to play tanks in WoT. 3-marked it because i thought it was too good not to do that

  19. Rngezus promised to him to be lucky!

  20. Some of those shots were ridiculous, gg.

  21. Guy’s Blessed by rngesus.

  22. Who are the idiots that thumbs down this replay ! It was really awesome !

  23. hahaha the tank on his shirt is gone he has no inside

  24. Is there a way to improve your RNG (like with GOLD or so)? Also I think the PZ IV H is slightly better than M4 with derp.

  25. Wasn’t the T-34 the most widely produced tank of WW2?

  26. I suspect a programmer will get sacked from Wargaming because of this. How dare anyone pull off unaimed shots in a non Soviet tank. Wargaming management will be having a fit.

  27. your t shirt!

  28. I’m noob to world of tanks and I just bought the M4 Sherman, I’m happy that QuickyBaby made a video about it.

    p.s he is the reason why i played world of tanks

  29. The RNG is strong with this one! Play enough rounds with a tank and you will get RNG like this…

  30. 0:04 I don’t think so. You still have a derp gun hole into you.

  31. hey quicky … are u using HD version ?

  32. By far The Most Impressive one-man army vid for me. I thought this was just a regular lucky match like the ones before but Im fully blown when he starts firing shots without even fully aiming.

  33. Hey guys it’s Quicky Baby oh wait I have a hole in my chest I’ll be right back.

  34. I still think the Pz 4 H with the 105 is Superior. much better aim time and accuracy and dispersion values. I managed to 2 mark it and I’m a 200 ping player with 50% wins and less than average wn8

  35. Udayakumar Ratnasabapathy


  36. 0:47 for such a …. fs šp ss 😀 made my day :’

  37. nice tomato killer and pay to win player…

  38. GG but your account is broken. I had doubts but not anymore, Match Making and RNG are too kind with you.
    It explains a lot cause you have Unicum stats but not the skills

  39. Alexander kjellberg

    And i cant even hitt a fully aimed 103 -B gg rng

  40. want “hey guys” back 🙂

  41. He got the best defender medal and hes in a clan “NO CAP” 😀

  42. Hey, QB, your chroma key caught the tank on your shirt.

  43. He is aim hacking you idiot

  44. oh no qb. ur comet on the shirt is invisible!

  45. HE Noob….

  46. M4 Sherman or Pz. IV H…. Both are sure death at T5 until you get a KV-1. Then it becomes a firework fire party.

  47. All those snapshots looked very suspicious

  48. Another example of how the game helps those who pay!!!!!!!!!

  49. DrFanta - Tech - Games - and more

    good to see you are all better, commentary sounded a lot better.
    and also you have a hole in you

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