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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks – Manticore. Update 1.6 introduced the T10 British light tank but can up to it’s mythical namesake?


of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-7 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. WG really screwed the Brits with this line of tanks.

  2. I was not the one playing and this angered me so much

  3. how do you get the colorful text that is in some of your other videos?

  4. Just give 30 shells and 440 alpha, there, I fixed, now hire me WG.

  5. Gabriel Prado Silveira

    give the t9 390 avg dmg and the t10 490 and its good

  6. if the gun was build to world of war ships specs would be fun 2400 ap would 1 shot alot lol

  7. This thing needs either 440 alpha damage or significantly better camouflage

  8. Saw one video from TRUvoodoo giving a positive review of Manticore, mainly bevause it fits his playstyle. Very situational tank.

  9. love the vids qb but i had to hop off the WoT train the downward spiral of this game saddens me

  10. I think they may be going for more realistic roles for the vehicles. Lights aren’t dmg monsters but are fast and are for spotting.

  11. Man it poor

  12. The AMX 13 105 is my favorite high tier light tank. I feel it can make a big difference in the outcome of the game. And I have run out of ammo in it, but it has 33 rounds. Over 50% more than the Manticore. I just do not know what WG’s purpose of giving it such low ammo capacity was.

  13. The tank is not even mediocre it’s shit! The Manticore is more than enough evidence this game not dying because it already is dead and it shows in the developers will to actually put out good products. #FuckWorldOfTanks

  14. Its like a autistic bat chat

  15. The lowroll on the chinese tank ruined his winning chances, rng is to blame, not shell count ?

  16. Only thing he could have done was take more care getting in on the T95 after killing the 705. If he hadnt taken that 750 hit he *might* have been able to try ramming stuff at the end. I think he might have had enough time to break spotting and come at a different angle once it was only 1 tank capping.

  17. If WG wants to fix this, they’ll give it 500 alpha, 30 shells, 12 degrees of elevation, and give it its third crew member back.

  18. its like Wargaming are making all the British tanks so shit for no reason at all other then just hating the British… its the only reason I can think of, because they say they don’t want to bring out an overpowered tank to the tech tree, yet we saw the 268 version 4 which they did nerf but didn’t exactly do anything, then you have that 279 which is flat out overpowered as the only tier 8’s I can think of that can actually pen it frontally ANYWHERE is the STRV S1, UDES, T34, maybe some other TD I can’t think of, but I mean, the T34 with APCR has 297mm of pen, and its my most played tank in the game as it was my first premium tank I had bought myself, and used it to grind almost all the credits for all my tier 10 tanks and every tank before hand even though I own 18 tier 8 premiums now, its the one I mostly play, which looking at my service record, 3782 games played in my T34, and another 830 in my T34 Black Edition. But an example of them making British tanks trash, the FV4005 nerfs which made the tank unplayable unless you enjoy missing every shot you fire, and taking longer to aim then it does to actually reload the gun. All of those nerfs would have been fine if they didn’t touch the accuracy, but making it even more inaccurate then the FV215b 183 was the killing blow to the tank. 2152 battles played in my FV4005, 500 or so before it was buffed way back, but after playing 20 games since the nerfs, I ended up selling it, because again, completely unplayable, its a total joke. You enter a battle with the 4005 and all people do is laugh at you now because you are not likely to hit them at all… Sold it for the normal 268, which has become my new favorite tier 10 tank. the reason the 183 is not my new favorite is because its armour is pathetic, its slow, and is still fairly inaccurate but at least can come close or actually hit an enemy tank at 100m or more, however the 268 with its really nice mobility, highly accurate gun, decent DPM, second highest gold pen in the game at 395mm, and troll armour, its just so good, but there is no surprise there, because its a Russian tank, in a game created and run by Russians who make most of their tanks a little better then they realistically were, and Wargmaing has no problems at all releasing an overpowered Russian tank, but when it comes to any other nation, British even more then others, make them disgustingly horrible, and maybe buff some statistics but not because they want to.

  19. Can you do another video on jpather2

  20. Duh, no shit it’s frustrating. Stupid vehicle anyway. Should have 25 rounds of ammo.

  21. At first, i thought, another gold spammer, but then I understanded why he full gold… And i feel bad for him

  22. The regular Obj 268 is the worst tier 10 vehicle in the game. WG ruined it years ago and still haven’t fixed it.

  23. Please subscribe my channel. It’s big help for me.

  24. Thanks for the video QB. I’ll be passing on these tanks.Random battles in WOT are frustrating enough without further adding to it by playing tanks that are so severely limited.

  25. Lecture or Ticket but not Both

    In other news, new soviet medium tank with 4K DPM, 270 pen standard, and only 200 mil front plate

  26. QB, please do check out Truvoodoo’s ‘I love my mant-eye-core’ if you want to see one positive feedback on this tank.

  27. It’s WG logic apparently that they would even put a horrible tank like this out.

  28. I call it the “Munt-icore”, nothing in any reviews can justify this lines competitiveness. Has WG just outsourced this line to some junior programmers or did the cleaner do it during his break time?. It is insulting and commercial suicide, so what is the ” beef”?. Surely it cannot be “political”?, I know Russia and the UK have poor relations, but this is ridiculous. Unless WG are bringing a new Cathedral City map and Chemical Shells?.

  29. you know the tank is bad when qb talks about other tanks than the actual tank he is playing.

  30. I thought lights were meant to spot and get assist damage? Seems like QB wants them to play like a medium or something. Dont need a lot of ammo. Just play!!

  31. Wargaming is so tone deaf about their own game it ain’t even funny

  32. The M3 Lee has better DPM than the manticore. ‘nough said

  33. They should add a piece of equipment or something that allows you to carry 10% more ammo or a consumable that lets you replenish part of your ammo.

  34. I have fought them a few times, and I absolutely love killing them. They are so totally useless that even my bad tanks feel OP.

    It’s like, instead of getting the older, shit tanks up to snuff, they just added a lower rung on the ladder so they can say “We don’t need to buff that tank, at least its not a British light!”

  35. It is obvious what WGing is doing. They are going to wait for 6 months and then buff the crap out of the line so it will be OP and then people will drop a crap ton of free xp on the line.

  36. So of the tank lines, the British line is the only one I have nearly completed (only missing the arty and FV4005). I like my British tanks, and I was really excited to hear that WG was adding a light line. Bottom line though, I cant do this. The line is not fun and it feels more like WG threw it together without putting any thought or care into it. Some people are completionists and will slog through the grind, and hats off to those determined players, and also thank you QB for putting the time and energy into helping those determined few.

  37. 50% more damage with more pen and faster shell speed with no nerfs to fire rate

  38. People trash talk, yet I’ve just watched one get 6 kills and near 10k damage.

  39. Pavel Medek aka Meddy

    When I see this tank with its cool looking absurdly large gun I kinda like it. This, together with low ammo capacity and I have to say that something like 490-590 Alpha makes sense to me. PS: thumbs-up for Sapien gameplay. I can just hope to achieve a similar skill in the future.

  40. Soo sad to watch

  41. To those people still asking if the British LT’s are worth it? where have you been these last few weeks, living under a stone. How many CC’s reviews do you need to tell you that they are crap. WG are taking the piss and people are still grinding them. I’m a Brit and the British HT & MT were the first lines for me to grind (btw what a mistake that was, should have been the Russian lines) but there is no way I’m grinding this new LT line. If WG pull there fingers out of their arse, admit they fk’ed up and rework the line, them I will grind them but not until then.

  42. I’ve got tier 4 tanks with more dpm

  43. Mohammad Aiham Alchalati

    I think that WG has started to go bankrupt at all levels, especially with ideas since it started making all premium tanks OP. That’s shameful

  44. classic cancer in chat

  45. Watching your vids with british lights with your commentary gives a perfect example of british politenes and tact while expressing a huge load of complain and frustration. That’s quite an achievement! As a non-brit I can only try to understand your emotional state with that insulting tech tree… Great work as always, QB. I really hope wg will finally start to correct this broken game, someday. Cheers!

  46. you forgot the panzerwagen qb

  47. British light tanks haha garbage!

  48. What was going through T95 mind:

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