World of Tanks || THE MAUERBRECHER

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Mauerbrecher. Today I’m previewing an upcoming T8 premium heavy – the Mauerbrecher!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-127 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. It would be nice if we could make our own inscriptions.

  2. Same tank as standard, but costs more? LMao

  3. BSM Iron (Panzer) Lawl

    9:15 A KV-2 not mounting the derp gun?

    Hell is freezing over.

  4. literally looks like a maus chen with its turret twisted backwards

  5. Has higher dmg than most tanks of it’s tier
    QB “need more hit points”

  6. Premium tanks should be like standard ones but with full 100% base crews, and maybe a special kind of camo and so on.

    I do think that WG should offer a way to buy tanks that players hate grinding for.

  7. This tank is a joke when you compare it to VK 100.01(p)

  8. this thing needs more HP

  9. Great, another Tier 8 to hate. City maps and a cromwell facing those steel mountains. As if trying to pen russian troll armor wasn’t enough…

  10. Merry Christmas QB 🙂 ♥

  11. Only Russian premiums OP…freaking wargaming…..

  12. “…and the Vk 100.01 is an absolute tank.”
    ~Quickybaby 2017

  13. Медо Брундо

    Ein Berlin=One Berlin.

  14. It is a shit tank….lol….

  15. WG did this one right its a shitty ver of the VK 100.01

  16. I just missed a tier10 gameplay what we get 9 out of 10 times

  17. so it’s just a shittier prem version of VK100, BUT with premium income boost

  18. Wargaming nothing but money grabbers, they care not a bit about the players

  19. lol, curse of low tier players

  20. I kinda want this just because it seems like a perfect crew trainer and credit maker. I am all about the German tanks so this may be tempting to me. Even if it’s not the best tank, the VK is one of my favorite tanks so being that but not quite as good and a great deal we and credit maker (plus looking amazing) is tempting.

  21. lol is that bondage equipment for Peppy to use?

  22. I got 2 minutes into the video without realising that he had a green screen

  23. Trinlivisser Visser


  24. I don’t like the camos, it’s silly. A tank with any large paintjob is like a green racecar with red flames, lame. But if the tank was nice i’d buy it. This one is not though. It’s like the Wargaming took away weak spots from all other recently released tanks and piled them on this one for some reason XD

  25. they just need to remove that cupola and give it jp e 100 gun

  26. Omg they removed Hans’ bike! #walletclosed

  27. Get some green earphones and a green chair 😀

  28. I have full female crew but the voices are male??? WHY WARGAMING!

  29. Looks like wg accidentally switched the premium tank with the tech tree one..

  30. how to get wot codes? guys 🙁

  31. gawd you talk so much so fast… I need advil after watching 1 video

  32. Hi QB question do the special paint jobs on these premium tanks give you the same camo value as the camo you buy for gold. I have heard they don’t but cannot find evidence of this anywhere. keep the vid’s coming.

  33. Looks great. Like the new release. Agree with your summary. Will buy one? 70% likely.

  34. I have found with the t26e5 if its green and not a big flash paint job i get shot less …so for me i am not a fan of fancy paint skins …..and no i am not getting this tank …

  35. I think the 40ton weight difference is due to the double tracks instead of the single tracks on the VK 100, turret seems to be larger too!


  37. and still to weak againts KV-5..

  38. was it just me or was the sound out of sync with the video?

  39. ‘slightly worse than a vk’ lel this thing is utter garbage. Massive front weakspots on a tank that goes 20 kmh and terrible gun handling. This thing is a great tank to farm damage of off though so by all I hope all the idiots buy it so I can farm more damage!

  40. In the beginning of the video I thought he was driving backwards

  41. Patriot camo go too far? Oh hell no!!! ‘Murica!!!

  42. Hi Quicky

    Thanks for another fantastic review. About a tir8 new German super heavy, I agree with you and think that it should be sitting at 2000 hp health to have more of that mouse like experience for players that don’t play tire10 due to expensive gameplay. And I also agree on tanks weak spots, wee need those for premium tanks so game stays balanced and we do not fall back in that premium hate as Defender was first brought in game.

    Looking forward for of your vids…:)

  43. has more weight than the vk 100-> yet it has less armor, worse mobility nice balance XDDD

  44. Thank you QB, I am aware that this is off topic and that many of you won´t agree, will laugh or mock me, but please, call the Name of Jesus Christ .

    Please repent of all of the sins, praise GOD and pray to Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour to forgive and cleanse your souls and bodies, love Him and serve Him, love and serve everyone as He does to us !
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    Afișează mai puțin

  45. QB doesn’t Ace a tank in his first show and tell?? WTF??

  46. Quicky baby word of the day bi fa batcha bar!

  47. Basically a bad version of the VK 100 p. No thanks. Not interested in paying for something they copy pasted.

  48. Oh shit, last I heard that tank had a Hp/T of 4.something… Yeah, 4 Hp/T… A nice buff…


  50. Goodness they really milked the “maus” concept aren’t they? What next, Kubinka’s Maus as a tier X Soviet prem? xD

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