World of Tanks || The Mighty Luchs – The Beginners Dream

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Source: Havoc’s Guides Reviews and Moar!!

Here we are and I am giving you one massive reason to play World of Tans, If you are a beginner the this way please… see what i did there
●Download Here for Free!!

●Would like to be a HavocX Academy’s Instructor?
Ask for a recruitment officer 🙂

●Looking for a Clan~?
Must be over 16 Years Old
Must be in Teamspeak when ever in game
Must not be a pain in the arse
come to my Teamspeak;
Ask for a recruitment officer 🙂

●1 to 1 Mentoring Book Here
●Plan your World of Tanks Team Strategies Here!!

●Watch me Play Live!!!

●Looking for replays with-
(Replays MUST be the latest version of WoT and meet ALL requirements set)

●Hall of Fame Rare Medals Or Base XP over 1600
●Its Moron Time – People on your team being Dicks
●Really Funny things in game LOL moments
●And Thug Life moments

●Please title the email with one from above and put in the time stamp of what there to see

Please send replays you would like featured to:
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  1. i like the Luchs of it

  2. love that little shit.(load sucks)but otherwise. :)

  3. Great tutorial, love that spot by the carousel. The Luchs really gets your
    heart racing!

  4. Could somebody explain all 3 of the view range circles? What I understand
    is that the inner circle (green) is your view range and the outer circle
    (yellow I think) is the max view range for the game… is this right? And
    whats the middle one?

  5. Thank you for addressing the strategy on this encounter map. So frustrating
    when your teammates go up the valley in great numbers. Happens too often.
    Keep up the good work!

  6. Jeroen De Vleesschauwer

    indeed nice luchs play ?. Some technical issues: only 30 fps?

  7. free damage is free damage. lol

  8. David vs Goliath

  9. what mod for aimming

  10. HAHA I agree with you completely about this excellent German line! I still
    remember the tier 7 Awesomepanther rocking it around Port and Pearl River
    just dishing out 40 tons of justice on enemy lights and meds. I’m already
    at the Leopard and it’s just glorious.

  11. sir havoc, i own the world of tanks university club on Xbox1. I’d like to
    make one of your members the admin. please reply so i can help you expand
    your community

  12. the mighty cute tank

  13. So much damage, I know this was a very good game, but I find it amazing
    that I struggle to do this kind of damage in my T29, 3 tiers higher, with a
    much much better gun.
    I know this isn’t the common game, but still.

  14. is this a pay to win game? i just downloaded and noticed the whole buy gold
    or premium thing going on..

  15. if u everake Q&A question is where are u from

  16. Good vid man.

  17. what modpack you use? i want that wn8 counter too but cant find it

  18. Havoc's Guides Tutorials Reviews and Moar!!

    lol was supposed to put this on unseen until i did the description LMAO

  19. Good to see you back, Sir :)

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