World of Tanks || The Mighty Tog II

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. Today I’m showing you something long and strong, ooooeerrrr, the MIGHTY !

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  1. QB commentating faster than a TOG could move XD

  2. at 15? isn’t that a tier 7?

  3. oh, is TOG 2 worth it? Every penny!

  4. QB why there r 3 T-34-85 I mean the original one and two similar tanks with different armour and gun pen with different names wtf is that now???!!!!

  5. There is O-NI

  6. O-ni is heavily armored tier 7.

  7. Well the bp is heavily armoured just angle correctly and ur invincible to most t 5,6 and some t 7 guns

  8. I like Tiger(P)

  9. my favorite heavily armored tank would be the black prince the only reason i like it when im the highest tier tank cause if you meet tier 6 or 5 tanks they cant do anything on my front (unless its apcr then im fucked)

  10. Quicky Baby do u play world of tanks blitz ???????

  11. The TOG II* is a meme. let it meme…

  12. I love my good old Black Prince. When angeld this tank is a bunker

  13. He has his clanwars winter camo on that… Just as I do Huehue.

  14. in the 2:19 damage log says he’s done 666 damage

  15. WG should give Jingles 1€ for every Tog2 they sell, he is the main reason the tog is soo popular today.

  16. funny thing is i am watching this while eating a hotdog.

  17. “while the tog is long and strong”

    yeah thats what she said >.>

  18. I love TOG II! Thanks QB for doing this video! You are the best!

  19. Aaa… it’s a lonely TOG.

  20. AMX 40 – hell well armored tank 😀 but for real. T29 😉

  21. Jochem Groenewoud

    i bought a tog but it didnt appear in my garage….i asked wg about it and they said it wass to big for my garage what a shame…..wg refunded all my money

  22. I lose my shit whenever you call somebody a Muppet.

  23. loved this 1 more off this fun

  24. black prince is pretty heavily armored

  25. TOoooooooooooooooooG

  26. how does it do when it reverse sidescrapes?

  27. Tog are my favorite arty target, you can land a small plane on that thing

  28. Togs are great for dying and blocking a route way. Also shielding someone in the cap.

  29. rip poshybrid 🙁 just noticed today that he has passed away

  30. Lol did he really put his clan wars camo on that ?

  31. That new HD model though, very nice. TOG got a muffler kit and everything.

  32. AT15A, get er done.

  33. VK 45.03, because Hitlerinium 😀

  34. 1, 2, Tog is coming for u

  35. bahaha “for the pure banter value alone.” love you brits 🙂

  36. Can u please do a tank review on the Centurion the tier 8 british tanks

  37. TOG arrives precisely when he means to

  38. O-NI the strongest tier 7 HT with good DPM on that top gun

  39. Tog can be competitive on smaller maps. Have used them to great success in Clan Wars on Ensk.

  40. t29

  41. TOOOOOOGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously though, one of the best “bad” tanks in WoT…because TOG isn’t just a tank. Its a party! You can’t not have fun when there’s a TOG in the game…although with the removal of cross team chat, its not as much fun as it used to be 🙁

  42. T29 the king of the tier 7

  43. We need more jingles in twitch

  44. Chimonakimi WoT-Console

    As repayment, you have to actually give us the TankBetter series instead of not replying to questions about it.

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