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Today is going be all about position and gun depression something the T7 British medium the Comet is renown for; embrace the inner !

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  11. Happy Birthday! 🙂 and best wishes for the coming years and lots of luck
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  14. You still look like your in your early twenties.

  15. Well, happy birthday QB. Hope you have a great time today.
    And don’t worry, i’ll be 30 at the end of the year, 28 is not the end of
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  16. Happy Birthday QB! None of that funky powder for you today, turning you
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    Happy birthday mate, and yeah I know how u feel, it is getting real ?

  21. Congratulation on your 28th

  22. My birthday is on Monday

  23. How to enable those icons on 4:45 that shows you what modules you

  24. Sad is that you dont have time to answer on one question Quicky……

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  31. HAPPY BIRTHDAY QB!!! Keep up the good work and streams. I love them!;)

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  48. Hey it’s my birthday too tomorrow! HBD!!!

  49. Please dont apologize for your amount of videos, there is no need for that.
    You are very active on YT and I enjoy every video, long or short.

    Also congratulations.

  50. blames Obama xD aren’t u British?

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    hey, happy birthday man!!!
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  74. Maybe its just me, but when i got the comet after the cromwell, i almost
    sold it, although i really wanted me some centurion 7/1. i think its the
    worst tier 7 medium, along with the T43, and i find the panther to be the
    best… i know its a shit tank, but it has a gun that can actually hit and
    penetrate other tanks. maybe my memories are too bad, because i had that
    tank when i was a noobie… anyway, nice game and happy birthday :)

  75. Happy Early Birthday!!!! and many more!!!?

  76. I thought QB’s favorite tank was the Centurion or the Centurion 7/8. Oh and
    btw, happy birthday

  77. 9:29 “come on centurion, give it to me” you like that 20 pounder don’t ya?

  78. iJinkz League of legends

    you need 700subs for 300k and tomorrow is your birthday, that should be a
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  79. HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUICKBABY!! Been subscribed for about a year or so and I
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    happy birthday man have lots of fun :)

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  85. quicky do you know that you can send tank or bundles to other players by
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    right now

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  87. Happy birthday quicky!! hope u have fun !

  88. magical pineapple

    Its getting real now. Lol jingles…

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  92. I just got the Comet the other day. Got the turret, no 77mm yet but still a
    very very good tank. The other day I bounced nearly 2000 damage in a
    top-tier game just going hull-down, it was hilarious. Not quite as fast as
    the Cromwell but the turret definitely makes up for it and the gun I’m sure
    will as well.

    Not pertaining to the main subject matter of the video…
    1. Happy early birthday to you, QB!
    2. Skoda T-40 HYPE
    3. M4A1 Revalorise HYPE
    4. T-22sr…meh, another stupid OP CW reward tank

  93. happy birthday for tomorrow quicky

  94. Happy early birthday!

  95. Happy Birthday QuickyBaby

  96. incredible driving!!

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    P.S. You are getting old :P

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  107. i should try this with my 121

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  110. Lol, this was the only game I missed on stream.

  111. Congrats man

  112. Happy Birthday QB :)

  113. Happy birthday QuickyBaby!!!

  114. Happy birthday qb my birthday was today!!

  115. the comet is more like a scout / mid right ? because i love my panther as a
    sniper…and i plan to buy the comet soon…so no sniping more agressive
    right ?

  116. Happy bd for tomorrow :)

  117. kappy birthday quick

  118. Happy birthday

  119. How many Soviet T10 mediums now? 5 or 6 right??

  120. Happy birthday:)

  121. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

  122. Happy Birthday!!!!! :)

  123. Happy Birth Day dear QB i love you and all your movies. Ofc not in gay way
    Keep playing man I wish You all the best.
    EuforiaN_82, proud member of CSA goldnoob clan :-)


  125. ofcourse a new tier 10 filthy soviet medium. as they dont have enough yet.

  126. Happy birthday ^^

    Also, can somebody pls QB in his Comet? Take away is APCR or something, he
    is not balanced at all :P

  127. congratz, a lot of beautiful years wished and i hope for many more videos

  128. Happy Birthday braddah!

  129. Happy birthday QB!

  130. WOOW, We have the same birth date quickybaby 🙂
    I knew i liked something about you, something that seemed familiar to me 😀
    Hope you’ll have a wonderfull time, i know i will.
    And now i feel even more happy that one of my favorite youtubers shares the
    same date of birth with me :)

  131. Iago “Opi” Torrado Vázquez

    Happy birthday Quicky! By the way, isn’t the Panzer 38(t) a Czech tank? ;P

  132. happy birthday for tomorrow

  133. Keep tanking slowybaby!!!!! Jk! Happy birthday

  134. Happy birthday and greetings from Germany!

  135. Carlos Valenzuela


  136. time to G.T.F.O. :DD

  137. Cooki3C4T #minecraftgaming

    Happy birthday quickybaby:) hope u get the 300k subs today :)

  138. Another Tier X medium Russian tank.

  139. Happy Birthday and i new to this channel :)

  140. Happy Birthday hope you have a good one :P

  141. QB, would you consider doing Wot blitz replays? Happy Early Birthday :D

  142. Happy birthday

    * * * * *


  143. Hey, have a Great Birthday

  144. 2:14 jesus… look at the map: most of the enemy team was spotted by QB
    going mid or east, but some brain dead beings in his team are camping in 1
    2 line doing absolutely nothing. “team mates” these days…

  145. U look 21

  146. i had the same game in this map (same tank, side) with a total of 5 700 dmg:

  147. quickybaby u send you tommorow some gold for your birthday i love your vids

  148. Hi QuickyBaby! I love your channel and your videos they are such amazing! I
    am a new player to the game even though I played a long while back. Any
    tips for a new player? Happy bday early btw! Greetings from Belarus

  149. Happy bday quicky

  150. QB it’s not Skoda t 40 it’s Borat tenk

  151. Happy Birthday

  152. Škoda is pronounced like this:

    like s in the word shot
    like k in the word lucky
    like o in the word not
    like d in the word down
    like a in the word anvil
    plz pronounce it correctly it’s Schkoda

  153. Happy bday bro I was watching u since 98000 subs

  154. Joaquin Hernandez

    finally the super sherman

  155. Happy Birthday QB! And I’ve been wondering, is there any news about if the
    Scorpion is ever actually coming?

  156. Happy B-day Quicks 🙂 and keep teh videos coming they help so much when i-m
    working the graveyard shift :)

  157. happy birthday quicky baby xd

  158. TankingShots WOT Blitz


  159. Happy BDay for you, QB. You gonna do a Birthday Stream?

  160. More OP Russian meds

  161. RegeleAlb .Polaris

    Happy birthday ?

  162. happy birthday

  163. Vojtěch Morávek

    Happy Birthday :)

  164. Saw this on the Livestream. What an awesome game it was.

  165. Happy birthday quicky! :)

  166. Happy Birthday, Have a great day Quicky!!!

  167. Happy Birthday!!!

  168. Happy birthday to you~~a little blessing from Taiwan <3

  169. Happy Birthday QB!

  170. +QuickyBabyTV I love the british med line, I just need 10000 more credits
    to buy the cromwell, I heard that it is a very good tank.. P.S. Happy
    birthday in advance!

  171. It’s my birthday tomorrow as well …. but I’ll be 45 😮

    Happy Birthday QB!

  172. happy birthday!! Mein Freund! :D

  173. Happy birthday??

  174. QB,I think you upload too much gameplay where you are playing with comet.
    And happy birthday

  175. my birthday is tomorrow too 😀 haha happy birthday dude love your videos :)

  176. did he just say a 4th t10 russian med?^^

  177. Uuuuh a new tier 10 soviet medium tank. What is it this time? 5 mm less
    turret armor as the T62A and a 0,2 sec better reload? Stupid Wargaming….

  178. Happy birthday QuickyBaby!

  179. i love and hate the way you manage to get the Comet such an amazin game….
    i like all medium tanks but i do not get that lucky when driving my medium

    like always, i wish you the best QB and i’ll be wating the next
    video/streamming =)

  180. happy birthday QB!!

  181. Comet is Your fav tank?
    Its like less mobile cromwell but tier higher for me.

  182. wow my birthday is on saturday ^.^joint party?

  183. THeGameBoiOfGames

    Happy B-Day

  184. bartosz Spocinski

    Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  185. Happy birthday !!!

  186. HBD from France QuickyBaby

  187. happy birthday Will I hope you have a great birthday, I cant wait to see
    your new videos

  188. Happy birthday m8!

  189. LOL!!!! He blamed Obama for his loss………

  190. hey do you use arrow keys for turret turning or the mouse

  191. Happy Birthday QB!!! Hope you have fun tomorrow!

  192. Don’t worry about the duration. Watching you play the Comet is always

  193. Happy Birthday In Advance! nice video.

  194. Woot I share a birthday with QB I turn 20 tomorrow

  195. WAT NEW TANKS? i heard there were coming some cz tanks but i did not know
    about all of the others!

  196. happy birthday my friend
    btw…… when is the new tank coming out


  198. Happy early birthday QB!!

  199. Happy birthday QB

  200. Hi, Does anybody know the name of the song they used in World of Tanks’ new
    video “Update 10.0 – Rubicon”? Thanks.

  201. Happy Birthday Quickybaby! Have fun!

  202. happy birthday qb keep up the goos work :D

  203. Qb it’s my birthday tomorrow too!!

  204. Nah, the AMX CDC is much more of a mountain goat than this…

  205. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    I so wanted to do this with the M56 Scorpion, but then WG EU came with that
    stupid idea to sell it at 50€ so yeah, no M56 Goat action for me :(

  206. Happy bathday my dear and devious YouTuber

  207. Борис Гаганелов

    Happy b-day! You’re still not 30 so we can’t call you old yet. :D

  208. #birthdaybaby happy birthday man hope you have a lovely day

  209. Well qb the comet is the most retarded and shittyest(if that is a word)
    tank I have ever played

  210. happy birthday QB, I’m french and i love your video, continues!!!!!! <3

  211. Happy Birthday mr QB!

  212. The T-25 tier 5 premium is Czech

  213. Watching this and 1 October stream 18:56 😀


  214. QB, you prounced “revalorisé” very well the first times on your stream,
    just don’t roll the “r” :)

  215. Happy Birthday QB!

  216. Happy birthday!

  217. QB is 28!

  218. Happy birthday dude hope you have very good day of world of tanks

  219. ‫רועי אגם‬‎

    happy birthday!!!!!!! :D

  220. happy birthday quickybaby !

  221. Happy Birthday QB!

  222. happy birthday, so here is the big question? you and peper love each other
    , so KIDs QB, when?

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