World of Tanks – The Mouse That Roared

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

The T14 is not the greatest tank in the world. So when someone manages to get a result like this you should probably go out and get a lottery ticket.

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  1. I miss the old Tank reviews.

  2. OMG – absolutely awesome game 😂 & an absolutely stellar commentary by Jingles as per usual 👏

  3. “The gun is shit…”
    *Player proceeds to wiping out an enemy in a single volley*
    “The armor is shit”
    *Player immediately bounces a shell*

    Well timed Jingles 😂

    • He had gold loaded

    • DrakantoSpellbinder

      Firing mostly premium ammo against players who didn’t know how to put him out by firing at weak spots. Seal clubbing at it’s best. It was a thing back in the day when I was playing wot. And coming from a former super unicum at least if I created a new account that says a lot. In this battle you only had to give me that t-34 with the 57mm gun and he was smoked not to mention a KV-1 with the 85mm. No premium ammo needed. His side scrape is terrible at best…

    • DrakantoSpellbinder

      Btw since I am an old timer I do have this tank too!

  4. Cola, probably 7skill crew, gold spam, tier 5…not a seal clubber at all

  5. I’ve got a Steel Wall medal in a Stug III. If you play enough games, weird stuff happens. 😆

  6. Matilda replay please

  7. I used to love the T14. A number of years back it used to have pretty exceptional armour. Hull down, angled to cover the machine gun port you could bounce a great many things. But with the advent of more and more paper tanks and increase in gold ammo it’s passed it heyday. Was sad when I discovered War Chunder had thrown it in the premium section as well.

  8. Sounds like this tank got power creeped, back in the day when I still played it was always a favourite. The armour wasn’t amazing but it was solid and the penetration and accuracy, when you needed them was made up for by the excellent acceleration/deceleration that let you stutter forward and back to hide week points around the pretty solid rate of fire on the gun

  9. I’d say it was more of a tank that trains/teaches us how to play. Say what you will about the T14… it still has a few tricks up its tracks.

  10. Free to play, pay to win. Stat padder’s wet dream of a game. Premium consumable, large medkit, both tiers of premium account and a pretty good crew given he even had the artillery detection perk which I guess maybe means at least 3 skill crew. No way that gun handling would be stock by any stretch of the imagination. Clearly running improved hardening, so if you added vents and improved aiming in the other slots, plus BIA on the crew… that’s 0.38 accuracy. Throw in the gold spam, a reasonably experienced clan player and the seals were well and truly clubbed. Truly a super unicum in the making 🙂

  11. Say what you will, I LOVE the T-14 cause its like an oversized Sherman. Thing with it is you have to play it more like a medium, not a heavy. Think battlecruiser, not battleship kind of mentality. This match is similar to matches I used to have in it, but I stopped playing World of Toxics… I mean Tanks…several years ago so I cant say what its like now.

  12. With a title like that I was expecting a Maus reply.

  13. The T14 was my first premium heavy tank (received through an event; I never spent a single penny on that game, lol) and it was my first tank to rack-up 10 kills in a single match (with the last kill being a poetic ramming kill).

  14. Some of my best games was in the T14

  15. RNGesus smiled upon the Pancake as his favored child, and blessed him not just with a natural d20, but granted him favor with the one-armed bandit as well. To this, our intrepid hero grinned, loaded the skill, and fired at will, confident that our Lord would surely watch over him as he completes General Sherman’s noble work.

  16. Lars van warendorp

    Tbh, when the T-14 was released it wasnt bad, but nowadays its powercrept like mad

  17. I remember the first match that i played when WoT launched (Played the Closed and Open Beta, yes i’m that old), and there was an entire match of 30 T-14, because Betaplayers got it for free. It was glorious while it was so stupid, because T-14 actually has not an easy time to kill another T-14.

  18. Who believes we are going to see hundreds of t14 on random battles on next few weeks

  19. I got a steel wall medal in my Panther 1 and couldn’t believe it. Considering I was in a tier 9 match and there were 7 heaviea per side.

  20. Have no fear, Franz is here!

    When i see a sealclubber, i recognise a seal clubber…

  21. “The Mouse that Roared” is such a great movies, have not watched it in years… going to have to again.

  22. Darn that was amazing !!!

  23. The TOG intro always brings a smile to my face. Long live the TOG!

  24. I mean…
    Back in the day, when the philosophy with premiums (Type-59 nothwithstanding) was “better than stock, worse than fully upgraded, but gets preferential MM”, this damnable thing was actually not half bad.

    Now, we must remember that we are talking about the times when premium ammo actually cost real money and seeing anything with penetration approaching 100mm on tier IV was virtually unheard of, and highest pen on Tier V was, I think SU-85 with 144mm pen.
    On tier V, this thing was basically struggling only against KV-1 and T1 Heavy in some circumstances. It suffered more against Tier VI.
    Armour actually worked on it – simple armour scheme than now, and lower plate is counter-intuitively not garbage.

    But this was YEARS ago.

    Now, the average penetration went up by 20-30mm at least compared to ancient times, and that is not counting the premium ammo – anything relying on armour is virtually pointless these days.

  25. Hey Jingles, love your work as always. But when are you going to give us a Baulders Gate 3 video?

  26. आदित्यAditya मेहेंदळेMehendale #BringBackDislikes

    Gold cola gold cola gold cola gold cola

  27. So much gold spam. Not impressive

  28. Thank you Jingles for showing my replay!

  29. Shawnski’s Garage

    Haha, that was my first premium tank too. It is possible to have games like this, but that is what made it so frustrating. For every one of those you had ten forgettable games. Spam the gold, maintain cover and yea incredible. Or convince yourself how this is a beast and into the garage in the first 2 minutes.

  30. When I saw t-14 i had to do a double take at the tier thinking they put the T-14 Armata into the game at tier 5.

  31. If you spend enough time researching M4s, you will eventually come across a picture of one of these tanks in the ETO.

  32. Saving up my Twitch tokens to get this. Really looking forward to it now :/

  33. This was my first premium tank I bought in WoT

  34. It’s was an amazing game. Made more fun with Jingles commentary.

  35. This has to be the best T14 game ever..i usually bounce 15 shots and die within 4 mins.

  36. I’m so used to war thunder, when you said that the t-14 sucks, I was really confused. The tank in war thunder is incredible, I dont know how they messed it up here

  37. Christopher Johnson

    Buy me a lottery ticket while you’re at it Panc4ke. 😁

  38. A guns accuracy is a nominal value.
    The matchmaker will decide before the start of a game whatever handicap you will carry into that game.
    If you are winning too much, it will degrade your accuracy until you can’t hit anything, and therefore lose often enough to bring you back to a 50% average.
    Conversely, if it decides it is your turn to win, then you can’t miss, and penetrate with ease.
    The game is rigged boys, let’s call it like it is.
    It is in WG interest to “even” the battlefield, and so it constantly tilts the table to achieve the “best” results.
    Best, equals extracting the maximum cash from the pay-to-win punters – buy premium – and don’t let the cash-cows die too often… it is bad for moral.
    But also, string along the play-for-free players, keep them playing and not checking out(you need numbers after all), but not ever quite winning big either.
    Just like gambling psychology.

  39. Norman Finkelstein

    Wow, that brings me back.
    Me : I’m tired of getting beat up! I’ll get a…Tiger!

  40. ZeroPony Creations

    I recently ran Into one of these in my hetzer, it spammed gold at me and bounced every, single, shot.

  41. I can not understand how anyone can play and sponsor a Russian game. World of Special Operations.

  42. Michael Hildebrandt

    Had it, played it five times, sold it 😼

  43. The gun’s accuracy seemed pretty good.

  44. I used to love playing it when it only saw tier 5, then WG changed the MM and it just gets wrecked against tier 6 tanks. Yes, you spammed lots of gold in it for sure!

  45. Thanks Mr. J. for the replay! I remember this tank! I still have my account but, I have not played since about 2015! 😂 I also am primarily a scumbag! 😂 Arty party! ❤

  46. Hi jingles,

    They actually closed the museum at Aberdeen Proving grounds, they have been moving most of the relics to Alabama, I believe.

    It’s a shame, I really liked their tank grounds/museum.

  47. This tank was awesome when it was released

  48. The mouse that Roared, great Peter Sellers movie, the second movie The Mouse on the Moon starred Margret Rutherford as the Grand Duchess Gloriana one of the main characters that peter Sellers in the Mouse that Roared!

  49. The T14 is so bad wargaming basically gives you the tank for free in console. I remember playing a game in the luchs and after the game I was given a T14 as a reward… I immediately went to wargaming support and demanded my time spent looking at it, then traded it off to a tank I did like which almost didn’t change the price at all.

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