World of Tanks – The Mouse That Roared

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Underestimate the AMX 13 57 at your peril. It’s small but it’s FIERCE!

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  1. Hey Jingles you are a Naval Vet, right, so this Naval vet from the US is making a space RTS game using current naval technology and extrapolating it to the space domain, that means a lot of guided missiles, target detection and tracking and ewar, along with customizable fits for different sized hulls (from a corvette to a BB right now), its very different from all other naval/space warfare games out there, check it out.

    Its called “Nebulous:Fleet Command”

  2. Friedwald der Lebendige

    you mispronounce Mäuschen. you know how to say Maus, just add the german chen sound on the end. its (counterintuitively) not actually the german sch sound in that name

  3. lowest damage ace tanker i have seen in this tank

    normally I have to do over 3k to even get a first class Nowdays as the skill cap is so high on it

    Most fun tank in the game, the amount of times i have failed to get a Naydins on it isnt funny, adn it runs out of ammo lots of battles.

  4. Make-A-Woosh-Foundation

    back when we were “young and handsome”.

    now we’re only “and”…

  5. me, seeing the m12 showing good map awarness and even capping to win the game: oh hey, a good arty player, thats rare.
    the resultscreen, showing that the m12 didnt do a single point of dmg: u sure about that?

  6. Try exclusively playing a tank that is off the meta for 100 games and achieve an average WR! My general WR is 52.3 but when playing the British TD lines (Tortoise excepting) it drops to 48! I don’t claim to be a Unicom able to play everything like a boss, but WR is not just about skill or even luck (Match making) theirs a big chunk of it down to how s**t the tank is!😖. Keep up the good work.

  7. sorry Jingles, but you no longer play WOT. so you need to be educated on “winning” being down to the luck of which team you are on. as the MM is so F’ed up, that it is rare to get a finishing result of more than 5-15. it isn’t uncommon to see 1-15 on a daily basis in todays matches. even the Unicum Twitch players will get rofl-stomped by the luck of the MM. some of this is down to if you are lucky to have a wheeled scout vehicle and the enemy has a light tank. while the EBR is bouncing shots from a shit barn off its wheels, your light tank just gets one shotted. so yes luck does play a big part in the game now.

    • The Mighty Jingles

      Luckily for me most reputable schools that teach statistics don’t require an active World of Tanks account in order to send you an acceptance letter.

  8. Why is Jingles NEVER playing WOT anymore? As if he is traumatized.

  9. Dear Jingles,
    the “sch” in Mäuschen is not pronounced like the german “sch” but divided between the “s” and the “ch” sound. The name is a “cute” version of Maus like a “little Maus”. So it´s more like “M”-“oy”-“s”-“chen”.

  10. Ende der Fahnenstange

    That Shrek could have two shoted him in 4 seconds, that thing has 100mm pen and 400 alpha on it´s HE. It´s a beast, but you mus tbe aware to play it good.

  11. Meh, regular game for an above average/good player, not that special… the tank is tho, I love that machine gun.

  12. what a shit game

  13. the biggest problem I find with this vehicle is the reload is far to quick for a full mag.

  14. Decently played but god I hate it when people end a game (especially when it was tense until the end) that put ‘EZ’ in the chat after they won. If you steamroll the enemy 15-0 then sure, that was an easy win. But one of these games? What do you want to achieve by saying it was easy. When btw ‘easy’ is how you lose 75% of your hit points by wedging yourself between two dangerous tier 8s by being greedy.

  15. the reason I deleted wot , and bonus the team is still criticizing you.

  16. Who would have guessed…. The Darlaks are back in town :O

  17. For Brit, he likes his Frenchist shit🤣

  18. At 9:10 – a thing that would never happen to a wheeler, EBR

  19. I never underestimated this op tank it always kicked my teams ass and it always won

  20. Legacy got lucky – whenever I’m up and about in my 13 57, the ShPTK-TVP always load the overpowered 420 damage HE
    edit: Also, I regularly run out of ammo even when picking my shots. 5040 potential damage has been ‘not enough’ more than a few times.

  21. I absolutely dispise ppl who write “ez” or “easy” at the end of a match. To me there isn’t much more you can do to display what a massive twat you are. Just with those 2/4 letters you say “you all sucked, I’m the best, f*** all of you, bye”. WHY would you do that? Why spoil the victory? I report everyone who does that, every time.

  22. Alacrity Audio (Office)

    Are you in the photo, Jingsy?

  23. Alacrity Audio (Office)

    One of the micro-captures in the background perhaps?

  24. Alacrity Audio (Office)

    The one about to pick his nose?

  25. Alacrity Audio (Office)

    I thought you were a pro! I’m so let down. What do they say? “Never meet your [people who say they’re in a photo without narcissistically tagging them-selves]”
    luvya. jx

  26. “Shrek in hot pursuit” is the most terrifying phrase I’ve heard online today.

  27. I know I should think of the book or the movie, but the title will always remind me of the Steel Panthers scenario “The Maus that roared”

  28. 5:14 – Statastician here. Win rate is meaningful you say? I beg to differ

  29. Yeah this tank really is easy mode.

  30. I have never seen such driving and accuracy in fire

    • lol no that never happens its rng bs i have full gun skills crews and way way better dispersion tanks wont hit 3/4 of the time for him to put 2 in at 100+m on the other hand been snapped by obj whatever going 50 not looking turret turns and bang high roll

  31. Firefighting Guy

    Me and two or three friends took our AMX 13-57’s out for Wolfpack fun. We ran into an AMX CDC and ate him alive it was hilarious and shocking all at the same time.

  32. While certainly far from the most toxic thing to be said in chat, surprised you didn’t take him to task a bit more for that “ez” at the end.

  33. The Cromwell must ride like a Freightliner truck

  34. 11:15 why does LegacySK show up in his own hit list???

  35. I don’t think anyone underestimates that thing. In fact, most people consider it OP at top tier.

  36. “Grrr” said the mouse!

  37. Let’s do some basic win rate mathematics then … You are 1 player in a team of 15 … You can shit gold and manage to use your erection to lift Thors hammer for all I care. If the 14 other players on your team are sub-par your win rate is going to suffer.

  38. I always enjoy your wot videos Jingles. You’re the video game version of PBS’ Nature.

  39. Comment to feed the algorithm.
    When the algorithm fed
    It feed Jingles

  40. Some people have nicknamed the tank the mosquito due to its long barrel. Along with players driving them behind hevey tanks. Then sticking the muzzle through its rear plate. leaving the hevey tank to either tern its gun to deal with it and get shot by teammates to the front. Or let the bugger do 720 damage.

  41. Hey jingles,

    I really enjoy your content its always relaxing and to sometimes have a laugh but can you please shoutout potato quality in your next vid. He also makes awesome contebt but he only has 30k subs and i honestly think he deserves more with his quality content.

  42. The leo 1 on the xbox version can jump of small cliffs and land with no dmg. I dropped the height of a maus the other day off a cliff and took zero dmg

  43. Am I the only one disappointed this wasn’t a game in the once feared, now maligned, Maus?

  44. The Raging Tanker

    Oh look another video showing a scout tank not scouting but playing like an under armored medium! Now we will have to suffer again with No skilled wallet warriors thinking they can do the same thing! And newer players wonder why games are so one sided and over in under 5 minutes! How about showing us a replay of a scout tank playing it’s damn role?

  45. Arne Pietruszewski

    Bcuase it has an oscillating turret it has bad gun depression and elevation…..Jingles could you please take a look at the Kranvagn and repeat that with a straight face.

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