World of Tanks – The Mystery of the Missing Medium on Malinovka

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Notify the Scooby Gang, of our tanks has gone missing! Also incompetent top tiers, hero bottom tiers and scumbag . Todays' video has it all!

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  1. So i checked the leo stats.. he aint great. 43% winrate… all i can say is he is one damn good hider, and yes i check NA, RU, et ASIA, servers he is located on the EU server. 513 what ever it is.. This man is a damn ninja!

  2. Nikola Nikolovski

    The meow at the start 😀

  3. Putting to much responsibility on the shoulder of the three top tiers? What? Excuse me Jingles but don’t blame the top tiers for the incoppetance of the bottom tiers.

  4. Slow their experience rate to 25%

  5. He could have hidden himself at the base of the hill at C-3

  6. Maybe he managed to cross the lake and hide in K1……

  7. I have honestly never been so bored watching a jingles video before. Like how was this video entertaining. Big deal they couldn’t find the leo, but why did we need a 12 min video of jingles rambling about pointless bullcrap that nobody cares about, for 30 seconds of content that this could have been condensed to. I swear jingles’ content is really not up to the standard it used to be

  8. The hill OP bushes probably. Maybe he is hunting the impossible badges like “Survivor” and the other one? ?

  9. Patrick Mundhenk

    As for the theory of the Leo PT-A being the best player on the team: 68k games played, 43.8% Win-Rate. How bad would the others be?
    Almost 1600 games played in the Skoda T 40 and LEfefefefefefe and other premium tanks mostly. I dare say, that guy was botting hard.

    But if you’re being top on damage in a Tiger P in a Tier IX game, the enemy team must have been one of those I regularly end up in.

  10. It went up Stalin’s ass.

  11. zenzen333, 68k battles, 518 WN8……….it wasn’t skill, it was blind luck

  12. Its either a glitch or he is a hacker

  13. Probably fell through map lol. Wouldn’t be surprised.
    You can also turn ships into subs in WoWs when hugging map border and getting rammed.

  14. Now that’s a lot of Ms

  15. Dude can’t be that smart, he has ~500 wn8

  16. maybe he did a glitch and flew to sky.

  17. How-to Jingles WoT video:
    1. Lower volume during intro;
    2. Raise volume back up when Jingles starts talking;

  18. I reckon he has XVM and if its still possible, drove onto the island in the bottom left and hid there the entire game

  19. Not exactly torture, but wouldn’t it be nice to win anyway and give them a daily double of 0?

  20. shingshongshamalama

    Sorry, did you get a kitten and name it Akatsuki?

  21. I didn’t know Wargaming was introducing Invisible Tanks into WoT’s, It gonna be a real game changer I tell you. XD

  22. When are you going to show us more of Akizuki? Or is she just going to comment on videos now?

  23. Vladimír Hlocký

    He was at A0 😉

  24. UncleFestersWorld

    I think if this Leopard had participated, considering his master-class, ultimate hiding skills, it would have been a different outcome all together. However, as eluded to, XVM strikes again, as the worst kind of cancer in the game.

  25. Has this story ever happends or is it just a panzers fairy tale? I’m Jonathan Frakes.

  26. i think a0 very corner of the bush. 680m distance is it definitly there.

  27. Ok we need a video of a Leopard PT with a fully trained crew on all the skills. To try crossing to island K1, hide in the bushes at A0 and K10.

    Im betting the island is impossible to get too.

  28. Andreas Sjöberg

    at 1.20 something, was that YOUR or the kittens belly making a loud growl? (The backside of a good microphone…) about the ninjatank: He probably hid either on the island in the bottom, the one you can only reach if you can drive fast on top of water. There is a youtube vid showing how one could get there. If he did not go there, then he probably found a clipping-bug and hid INSIDE the barn. I’ve heard rumors of it but never seen it done.

  29. Maybe the driver of the Leopard PT A was John Cena. You never know.

  30. where to heck did he go this is intriguing! much hmmm (o_O;)?!

  31. Maybe the game got confused and thought the Leo pta was an e25

  32. With only 680m, he couldn’t go far.
    The only available answer is that he fell into limbo, because of a bug somewhere. How could still have a bug on Malinovka map, after all that time… I don’t know.

  33. My camo on my Leo pt is in the 50s you could roll right by me and never see me. I feel like this was my Leo but it wasnt

  34. I think glitch in the game – invisible ghost tank

  35. I’ve had such tragic battles this week. Maybe someone should do a failure compilation to er.. cheer me up 😛 (explosions are still cool right? Even if it’s your own tanks perspective?)

  36. He just warped to Himmeldorf. Or to Dragon’s ridge perhaps.

  37. Crashed out of game and auto drove into the top right corner?

  38. Its 3 in the morning but its still jingles time

  39. I want to know what Akizuki thinks happened.

  40. After watching the video 3 times (once at X2 speed) and watching NOTHING but the mini-map the last 2 times, it is painfully obvious that the Leo PTA went to A0 (zero) and set up behind the trees in the corner. Not a single tank on Alukat’s team got within proxy-spotting distance of that location. The 2nd time I watched it I thought the hapless Obj 430 might, but then he zigged to the lower ridge of the hill and headed down. The EBR 75 zagged at the windmill and crossed away from proxy-range towards the end and his poor view-range combined with the pretty exceptional camo-rating of the Leo PTA (if still and never firing) resulted in his start-to-finish stealth. The Island at K1 is MUCH less likely as the SP 1C WAS within view-range of that crossing and I am pretty sure that is more than 680 meters from enemy spawn, but A0 is not.
    About 99% sure I solved the mystery – but the commentary was exceptional none-the-less.

  41. If Agatha Christie played WoTs…

  42. Most likely, that leopard encountered a bug, and dropped off the map. There were bugs like these a couple years ago, where tanks somehow got through the “surface” and lost in the void below.

  43. That dude on the Leo has 68k battles with 515 average wn8 (292 wn8 on the last 30 days in 1485 battles). I guess he makes this (hiding game) for a living in WOT.

  44. old_rust_ bucket

    Have such players hanged, drawn and quartered.

  45. Abraham Baltazar

    Haha jingles forgot the 3rd worst thing the player is in a tiger p

  46. i looked up the leopard player, he is really bad at the game according to his stats

  47. I think he was abducted by aliens because he turned up 3 days later and couldn’t remember a thing!!!!

  48. 1:20 You hungry Jingles?

  49. Beware this video contains cute kitty noises.

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