World of Tanks || The New Kid – TVP T 50/51

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today Pompous_Magnus is going demonstrate the power of the T10 Czechoslovakian medium the TVP T 50/51 who is “”.

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World of Tanks game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. carnt wait for this tank to be nerfed i might get it then hahah se what its
    really meant to be like

  2. 7:00 gotta love the spotting mechanic

  3. Looks like a tank for the wallet. -50k+ standard account in a game like
    this?? no thanks

  4. Goodbye Batchat, you can now rest in peace with your long-fallen brother
    the 50B, previously gangraped by the T57 Heavy.

  5. World of Slow Historically Inaccurate Tanks.

  6. what an amazing game!

  7. Still no ace??

  8. tank is awesom

  9. This was a good game, rely well played.

    Regarding killing a T49 quick.
    I think the T57 Heavy could do that in 4 sec and have one round to spare,
    but if it rolls low it will take the whole clip and 6 sec. But that is a
    Heavy tank.

    I don’t know how fast a WT auf E100 could do it. But the B-C is slower.

  10. I actually played with pompous a while ago he is definitely a good player

  11. hey.. I want to upload a video on quickybaby’s site but it wouldn’t let me
    what should I do

  12. got it and it is wonderful, great autoloader!!!

  13. It seems similar to an AMX 57F but at tier 10, only wished it wasn’t so
    ugly of a tank and I’d grind it from tier 4+

  14. I can only say one thing: OP! Nerf this monstrosity or, better yet, remove
    it from the game. Why would you put such a beast in the game anyway? Oh,
    wait… cause greed!

  15. Not OP at all this machine XD Either the Batchat needs a serious buff to
    the gun or this thing a serious nerf.

    But I guess this is the classic WG marketing technique at work, make the
    new T10 (borderline)OP and have everyone spend free-XP and gold to unlock
    it ASAP earning tons of cash. Then in 2 patches nerf it to a normal level
    and then everything is good.

  16. Had it since day one. Love it.

  17. I think I want this as my first tier X…

  18. This replay shows one more overpowered autoloader. 1100 damage in less than
    5 seconds, a Obj. 140 can’t shoottwo rounds in this time. I think, we have
    enough autoloader in this game, we don’t need more of this kind of tanks.
    Btw. and I don’t thnik, that tier 8 tanks must meet tier 10. The
    differences of firepower and armour are to much.

    Yesterday I nailed a full IS-7 with my WT on E100, his only mistake was, to
    meet me. 2.150 damage in 10 seconds and one shell left.

  19. it has almost no bloom after shooting, so thats 98% it will be nerfed…

  20. CHRoOMAX - Randoms Videos!

    That could have been me, at least as far as the name is concerned:D

  21. I’ll take the 4 round magazine with the quicker reload over the batchat

  22. QuickyBaby Road to 1 million

  23. So I played with my friend and. i got seven kills and when I see the last
    enemy, a one shot, then my friend shot me… I was so sad I did not get the
    eights… ps: this was in a BOX TANK

  24. Way too OP tank. Nerf please.

  25. not meaning to be rude but you say only the tvp and the wt e100 can do
    burst damage with 2 seconds between shots but the t57 and amx 50 both have
    2 seconds between shells and do more damage than the tvp (just speaking my
    mind trying not to be rude)

  26. Looks like a great tank. Burst damage is amazing, especially when used
    right and your tank is alive towards the end.

  27. Doarme la pc si mananca,poponar ce sa ii ceri?

  28. Nice auto Med Pack keybind mod, definitely not an illegal mod being
    showcased….. Well done QB

  29. This tank is distilled essence of Batchat… looks like a solid choice,
    maybe some small balance tweaks. My biggest issue is that its just not a
    sexy tank to look at, like your Objekts or British mediums are. Just my two

  30. “only” 310 mm lol

  31. How are people able to complain about mediums when things like arty, WT,
    and 183 are in the game???

  32. great vids as always later

  33. Nice work pompous

  34. Kv2 kill in one second 152 ftw


  36. “American servers get better bonuses”. Wanna’ know why? We’re 1/27th the
    population we used to be at the start of beta. Also clan wars means nothing
    as the top seven clans share the same teamspeak and rig it to rake in gold.
    They have raked in a near net of 7 million gold from start of beta. Don’t
    let the clan names fool you, they’re the same guys from back then. Enjoy

  37. I shit my pants when the arty shell splashed him

  38. Hey, I think I met you on highway Magnus in my is3!

  39. It’s “Ssun Doo Boo Chi Gay” – Sources: I’m a Korean. QB makes it sound like
    its “Thunder Boo Gee Gay”

  40. It’s like a Lorraine and a T-62A made a baby

  41. MrImmortalityPrince

    When the Leopard 1 was first introduced and seemed a very capable medium i
    immediately grinded out towards that. But the Japs arrived and now this…
    I’m asking myself should i still buy the leo 1 once i gathered enough
    credits or just wait for another new tank.

  42. Thanks for the vid QB. Nice Christmas tree by the way.

  43. This thing is absolutely OP in skilled hands. It’s basically a mobile
    version of what the T57 used to be. But instead of armor, it has speed.

    You do the same damage in 4.5 seconds as a Jagpanzer E100.

    And you can just float around for angles with high pen.

    I want the hell out of it.

  44. can someone pass the link to sondobujigei video? the one he mention at 0:35

  45. Man…what a monster game Magnus had there, well played! Great action and
    great commentary as per usual from QB. Thumbs-up!!

  46. Pier Paolo Montanari

    @QuickBabyTV hi QB great work like everytime! did u notice at 3:57 he pull
    back just a bit between each shoots at that poor t49?

  47. OP tank Tier for tier

  48. Wait, quicky did you took this replay from World Of Tanks Best Replay?
    because i have watched this replay yesterday, well damn a good tank.

  49. LOL Sundubu jjigae is a Korean soup

  50. This Tank is totally over the top … far to short gap between shots and
    the aiming time is also to good. Considering how the T57 got rebalanced and
    the Bat Chat b4 it I cant imagine this tank will stay like that, It will be
    the same story WG always tells bring out an OP tank let ppl grind it or
    even free exp to it and then nerf it after some time – same old story. I
    wont go for this tank for sure and I will focus it when I see it on the
    battlefield because its probably the most dangerous medium tank you find

  51. Pew pew pew pew BOOM!!!

  52. What are your favourite tanks at each tier

  53. I’m not too excited to see platoon wolf packs of these. Obj 140 platoons
    are evil as is.

  54. In my opinion this tank can have an explosive gameplay like the one we seen
    similar to a wt 100 and the t57 h or a bat chat. However I don’t think this
    tank is super op because it has no armor can’t clip any t10 , t9 or , t8
    heavies low pen bad camo and low hp. People will say this tank is so broken
    but the way I see it is this tank can barely stand on its own if rushed
    crew will die constantly due to he round spamming will get ripped apart by
    Russian med if they have good hp this tank will bounce a lot of the rounds
    it shoots. Now decent players in this tank will probably to good in this
    tank but will find it frustrating when almost everything will pen them and
    bad players won’t be able to much with this tank like they can with a t62a
    so overall I thinks this tank is tricky to play and can be frustrating at
    times but if you’re a good player you’ll be able to to pretty good in this
    tank and if your bad this tank will suck to you

  55. Always enjoy your videos. Saves me lots of reading time.

  56. +QuickyBabyTV So what is your opinion on that “consumable auto-use” mod
    clearly seen at 2:48. Should this be allowed?

  57. Just wg at its best, release op tank, wait for people to spend money, nerf
    it and repeat. Gamebreaking vehicle

  58. Sadly this tank will be nerfed very soon. WG has a habit of releasing these
    tanks being a bit over powered, they make big hype about how good it is.
    This encourages people to buy gold to convert free XP to get it as soon as
    they can. Once the hype dies down they end up nerfing it. It’s a stupid

  59. It figures. Just as I unlock and buy the Batchat, a new challenger appears
    out of nowhere. Whatever, I love my new Batchat.

  60. atleast the batchat was real, world of papertanks, jesus christ man the
    italian tanks are still waiting to be put ingame, they were real

  61. QB can you make a e50m review, please?

  62. so his reward for a great game is losing credits? he fired a reasonable
    amount of HEAT rounds even if he didnt utilise them very well.

  63. No way North American server, all European clans, plus i know some ppl and
    they are defenently not from/in America.

  64. its obviously going to get nerffed it was clear on the test server it was

  65. well he got that tank FAST

  66. That gun looks really good. I have a few French auto-loaders and most of
    the American ones, and none of them aim as fast as that.

  67. more overpowered tanks introduced into game,

  68. Snooter Nacxious (Snooternacxious)

    WHAT a game!!! GG!!!

  69. This is why i don`t play this game anymore…….. Broken tanks in every
    single Tier.

  70. but hey when i see this on the battlefeild il just fire up the e50m and go
    ramming. just like how BC dies under the tracks of the 62 tonne monster
    going at 60 kph or 76 kph down hill! with 150mm of sloped armor!!!

  71. i personaly think that the batchat is a shit medium anyway.
    sure its fast at 65 kph but the other meds have around 50-60 kph. but the
    thing is you wana be a light tank with great speed or a medium tank with
    good speed balanced with armor and gun. the batchat gun just sucks hard.
    yeah its got an autoloader but the gun still sucks hard. long ass aim time,
    inaccurate, long time to unload, long time to load, crap gun depression.and
    add the RNG with it aswell.

  72. power creep?…wot power creep?? lol

  73. well im guessing that this tanks gunah get nerfed soon when alot of people
    get games like that:D just like the wt e100

  74. could someone send me a direct link from where you can watch the top wot
    replays and suggest a page from where you can see the armor of any tank in
    a 3d model? I’d be really thankfull o(^^o)

  75. I think it will be nerfed within 6 months when hard working people have
    finally unlocked it, payed huge amounts of credits, grinding hours and
    maybe converted XP to free XP to get the tank only to face Wargamings
    famous rebalancing based on statistics. I have seen this so many times
    before. WG are experts on hooking you and then rebalance the tank to the
    famous targeted 50%. When a tank has a very novel features like this one
    does it will not last.
    I hope you all have fun in yours while it lasts. I will eventually get
    there but I won’t rush to get it. Will wait and see first what WG will do
    to the tank.
    Merry Christmas everyone!

  76. i love to shot this tank with my wt e100 (15 cm cannon)

  77. Meh WG will let people grind them, make there money, then nerf the time
    between shells just like they did the french tanks…

  78. I played the TVP T50/51 on ct and i ben amoracked 30 mores.I think the mane
    on this tank is also the amoracking I don,t explode form the ammo rack but
    i benn amoracked many times

  79. I love how everybody goes “yea it’s op, gonna get nerfed”
    Isn’t that what everybody said about the Japanese heavies? Two patches
    later, no nerf yet.

  80. Sadly another incredible super-med 🙁 And an unbelievably well played game,

  81. killing last enemy with last shot in the tank… :>

  82. Wg logic:
    Step 1: Release broken autoloader at tier X
    Step 2: Wait for people to spend $100 for free xp
    Step 3: Nerf the tank
    Step 4: Start planning the next autoloader.

  83. This tank is really good … its a little bit too good :)

  84. oh great, another USamerican thinking that because his mother or grandma or
    whatever was german he is german. *Facepalm*

  85. just wait for patch 9.14 to nerf this tank to

  86. 6:24 Pun intended? lol

  87. i like the concept of this tank. it has a very stronk (yeah, stronk!) Gun,
    but the armor and health is bad. so if youre getting spotted youre dead!

  88. 4 rounds left….enough to kill everyone here XD

  89. Ralle og Keddes Krudt

    Hi, QB
    I got seven kills with my T67. Would you take a look at it and make a video
    or just write to us. In the video look at the comment and look at the
    comment just when i kill a
    Here is the link 🙂

  90. Alexander Krikorian

    The tier 9 kinda obsoletes the Lorr 40t completely. At least the batchat
    has the camo advantage, but the lorr is the same but with less pen, alpha,
    worse shell reload, longer clip reload, longer aimtime, worse accuracy 😛
    WTB better lorraine 40t aka tier 9 czech tank

  91. I call HAX

  92. Just what thegame needs, another OP tank that was never built in the real

  93. But The TVP is amazing

  94. sigh, T110E5 has some of the best frontal armor in the game now so what
    does the Fing idiot do? pulls out sideways in front of a auto loader…..

  95. Hey QB? Could we see more TD and Light tank replays? We mostly just see
    mediums and strong heavies. It’d be neat to see “underdog” replays.

  96. For all you wondering if the bat chat or the TV p is better, just remember
    the bat chat can take out the TVP and any tanks below 2000 hp with its clip

  97. The video in which QB kills flying arty with E75 in ending of every
    video… I watched that long time ago and I want to watch it again but I
    can’t find it, anyone know that name of the video?


  98. I bet he Free XP’ed all the way

  99. Hit with a nerfbat, soon….

  100. put 8 garbage tanks in a row and then put 2 OP tanks at the end of the
    line, way to make people spent free XP. Well done WG it’s not a money grab
    at all.

  101. Are you going to make a video about the AMX 50 100?
    That would be really nice

  102. I disagree that the NA server has better specials right now. Really, the
    only things we have are a set for the Czech tanks and a really poor TD
    mission. That extra XP he got was for this:

    Czeched Out for the Holidays
    Ends Friday, January 1, 03:20 PT

    Place in the top 5 XP earners in a winning battle.

    Must be in a tier VIII or higher Czech tank
    Random battles only

    Which the majority of players won’t ever get, because most players don’t
    have 500,000 free XP to spend on skipping to the tier 8 Czech tank.

  103. i hope they dont nerf it before i get it

  104. Nine kills? Check. 10,000 damage? Check. Premium account? Check. Make a
    profit on the match? Nope.
    I know its been like this for years, but Wargaming really needs to redo the
    credit earning in this game. If you carry a game this hard, you should
    NEVER lose money unless all you fired were premium shells. This is why I
    don’t play WoT when I don’t have any premium time (like right now); its
    almost impossible to make money once you get to T8, or even T7 with some
    matches. I love the game, but I hate having to feel like I need to spend
    more than the $100+ I’ve already spent on it, just to keep progressing and
    making money at a reasonable pace. Couple that with the retarded matchmaker
    and even more retarded players that seem to make up 70% of the player base
    (closer to 80% on Xbox), its a wonder any of us keep playing the game.

  105. min 2:52 how the hell did he heal so fast, i call hacks for that

  106. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    TVP is so op

  107. Lame tank

  108. So what exactly does giving a “like” do for the YouTuber?

  109. Nice video as always QB. I was wondering if you could find a FV215B replay
    cause im curious to see how it performs to date.

  110. I think WG should buff the Bat chat after the release of this tank
    otherwise it will fall behind the T10 mede comparing to the T-50/51

  111. T92 can kill a T49 in less than a 4.5secs :d

  112. damn someone on my server is at tier 10 in the Czech line. they just came
    out a few days ago

  113. i love how he just slammed that Object.

  114. OFC Na has better specials at any given time NA’s mission board people have
    to scroll down to see all the missions then you go to EU OH! tnx top of the
    tree and that’s it.

  115. I hate that ur face cam is allways blocking the chat:D It would be so nice
    if i could see the enemy team raging :)

  116. Ok this tank seems…..a little unbalanced.

  117. Well damn, that makes this Vehicle look very capable indeed, when comparing
    to the Bat Chat, not only does it look a lot less forgiving (smaller clip
    reload time and better aim time), but also more flexible

    Now, nobody is going to argue that this completely outclasses a BC, since
    there are times where you will need to do the whole 1950 average damage of
    the Bat Chat’s clip and you wouldn’t have time to get 2 clips off in the
    TVP T 50/51. I just think that since this has less of extremities that the
    BC, it’s going to be more consistent in the hands of good players.

  118. I can definitely see some kind of nerf coming either to the aim time or
    reload speed.

  119. its like a t57 more mobile , more accurate 😀 but the line is so bad to

  120. wot gonna nerf this tank :)

  121. Great work on the video! 🙂 Can you do a review for the tier 5 czech tank
    the Skoda T 25?

  122. well QB i think for this game no one can possibly complain that tanker was
    a “no skill gold noob”

  123. Was a cheat his instant first aid kit ?

  124. Wow, another tank that can 1 clip tier 8, how nice. WOT has added way too
    many of these shits and they need to nerf them. I’m starting to hate tanks
    like this more than arty! +Why would they remove the T18 and the T82? Sure
    the T82 derp gun was a bit op. But the fucking t18? Now these new american
    tds keep getting 1 shotted and 2 shotted to oblivion whenever I see one
    higher than a T2 match! Wtf War Gaming!

  125. Mahou clan. No wonder…

  126. +2 matchmaking, so much fun

  127. woh woh woh… wait a second. Are you sure about the damage indication QB?.
    i thought the dmg indicator, marked from where you were hit not from where
    they’re shooting you. what…. what. What i mean, is that if you get
    splashed from an arty shell that landed behind you, the marker marked
    behind you, not from where the arty shot the shell that splashed you. Have
    this changed?

  128. The sando huyige medal

  129. I litterely just watched this replay on the world of tanks best replays
    channel xD.

  130. Went over the finances +1

  131. Ahhhh Pompus Magnus

  132. A perfectly balanced tank obviously…
    Oh wait…

  133. The power creep is real

  134. Why didnt he get a mastery badge??

  135. whats about AMX 13 57 GF ?

  136. congrats on the win. You just got this tanks a nerf next patch lol

  137. so hopefully that tank will be nerfed next patch because it does seem
    extremely overpowered

  138. that sudden accent change at 5:11

  139. the Tier 3 Czechoslovakian tank is quite like the TVP T 50/51 but at tier 3
    and only having 3 round auto-loader

  140. Are the 2 white stripes on the gun, the gunmarks of excellent?

  141. This is even more op than the WT auf E100 used to be. What did Wargaming
    think when introducing this tank?

  142. BatChat25t kann da einstecken 🙂
    Bin schon auf dem weg, habe tier 6 erreicht . der ist genau so ein Biest
    für sein Tier :)

  143. And the result of this replay: This tank needs reload nerfs

  144. Totally OP, expect all the padding whores to be out of their OBJ140’s and
    in to this A.S.A.P. How much money are Wargaming going to make from all the
    free XP being converted!!!!!!

  145. Aaron elliott-gratton

    How is the stb 1 review coming on?

  146. the TVP really is an absolutely amazing tank. too bad it’s probably going
    to get nerfed into the ground before most of us will get our hands on it :/

  147. Dont cry guys, this thing will get his own nerf sooner or later :)

  148. Anyone else see this replay on World of Tanks Best Replays too? Literally
    just watched it a few hours ago but it was more enjoyable having Quicky
    commentate on it at the same time imo

  149. Hey Quickybaby, dont know if you are reading this but I have question for
    you. In your Belarus Vlog video, you have clip of the song Bleed by
    Meshuggah. Are you fan of such extreme sound? Personally I’m huge fan of
    the band! :)

  150. Wait is the 300k comp still going? If so why didn’t he win anything?

  151. Well i think the BC-25-T is totally balanced, but this new Tank is more
    than OP

  152. MAHOU is still an asshole clan. Good players but damn they are assholes,

  153. I guess the T50/51 is like the Leopard 1, just the T50/51has no pen. and a
    high DPM.
    P.S. Could you please make a new Leopard 1 review, the old one is now
    totally irrelevant because of all the new updates… And what about WoT

  154. The batchat… just better in every single way

  155. i think its too OP

  156. you never show the chat i sometimes wonder if some of the unicums are
    arseholes like i see so often ingame

    pompus played that well just sucks that its more or less a 10k damage cap

    i dont like knowing the odds hah

  157. Pompeii The Great!

  158. whaaat a tier 10 in a week????? im playing this game for a year and only
    have tier 7

  159. One of those game plays that makes you want to get that tank

  160. another tank line with better autos than the french…

  161. I saw that replay !

  162. does anyone has a 500 gold bonus code?

  163. Gods Pillar (RICH KING)

    i saw this replay yesterday lol when i was on the website. funny because
    yesterday when i was watching it i was thinking what if QB did a commentary
    for it and what do i find out? QB made a commentary for it lol

  164. Played against 3 of them in a platoon. Decimated everything on the field.
    It fires silly fast and made my Leopard look like a total joke and
    unplayable against tanks of this type. This tank will have to be nerfed.
    Rate of fire needs to be slowed down.

  165. when will u buy new mic?

  166. I love how disappointed he sounded when he found out about the American
    server getting a better special lol

  167. 666th like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  168. im pretty sure this tank is going to be hated a lot in some time. imagine 2
    or 3 of these things in a game, that would be terrible.
    I think wg has overdone firepower a slight bit on this tank.

  169. love how people are practically fawning over this thing because of the
    replay.. the player is in MAHOU.. which means he’s at east twice as good as
    quickybaby, and in the top .01 percent of the NA server.. of the thousands
    that watch this, there will only be a few dozen that can replicate it. to
    put it in perspective.. quickybaby’s recent WR is 64.98% with a 3587 WN8..
    pompous has a 69.25% recent WR with a 4230 WN8.. essentially a dark purple
    unicum vs a light purple unicum. don’t go flocking to this machine thinking
    it will do this for you.. you need to not suck in order for it to perform..
    which eliminates 99% of the playerbase

  170. ofc the TVP is great, it has a log. instant OP

  171. OnceUponATimeThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.TheElongationOfThatUsernameWasPlainlyLegendary

    TVP OP!
    Pls Nerf!

  172. 7tormsComing Schaub

    I hope so much this Czech tank will get nerfed like shit.

  173. But great video!

  174. When will people receive the gift tank on eu server?

  175. @0:35 The what of the tank?
    Sun du burjeegay?
    Can someone please clarify what QB said?

  176. Don’t worry, this tank will be nerfed until we get it through a normal
    grind… Every new tank is OP in the first few months…

  177. How many millimeters of armor does that log on the back add?

  178. Can you please make videos with you playing?

  179. This is why I hate auto loaders. They break the game in my opinion they’re
    way too op if they aren’t within the first few players dead.

  180. Někdo z Česka/Slovenska? Líbí se mi poslouchat české hlášky posádky v
    tanku. :)

  181. Is there any mod that makes a BOOM! HEADSHOT! sound whenever I ammorack a
    tank? That would be pretty cool

  182. This game just shows how horribly broken this tank is. This is literally Wt
    auf 100 levels of broken. Great gun handling, great gun depression, great
    speed and an overpowered autoloader. They made the same mistake twice:
    Making a tank that does huge amounts of damage in seconds. Such tanks
    completely ruin the gameplay.

  183. so what is the batchat useful for nom ? less manouevrable, less accurate,
    more aimtime, longer reload, longer intra clip, same speed, less
    depression, more alpha. great

  184. man, he must have grinded super fast o.o

  185. Better replay than any 300k contest winner!

  186. Mahou is a clan that rigged the t22 to a lot of clan members, to let you

  187. Plz do wot blitz vids

  188. Yeah….ONLY 310mm pen on HEAT shell. Big problem….wtf dude!

  189. Is that 2 marks?? or is it just something on the barrel normaly

  190. mahou is the weaboo clan of NA

  191. Absolutely amazing round. I wish I could play as good as this :D

  192. I am pompous_magnus and all i do is win. -DJ Khaled

  193. it was a very nice replay. gg wp

  194. see this vid on a replay today in youtube

  195. This tank is broken ?

  196. That T49 right now is like WTF….. cheater!!!! haha

  197. That tank looks good, and that player is exceptional. Great video as always

  198. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Obj 140 used a HEAT… -.-

  199. That tank is so awesome, I think it will make people forget about the Bat

  200. Made me start the grind xD Spent my free XP to t6 o_0

  201. you have to love his name – pompous magnus

  202. I was like how could he have victory marks cause I have 100 battles with it
    and still not even 1% and than I got it he is from russian server. and btw
    for this tank is normal 4-6k dmg so not big deal to have 10k. I would say
    it’s about average but this tank can do more. At the other side well

  203. Lol. Historical reference name. Lol. And plus, Pompey was kinda
    self-absorbed to just call himself “Pompey the Great”.

  204. QB when will you have a new intro? i see you doing a competition on
    developing a new one, how is it coming along?

  205. Maybe OP with blue-purple players :)

  206. QB power

  207. I’ve been playing with Mag alot he is in alot of my battles and Ive
    platooned with him a alot

  208. I’m pretty sure this guy a hacker, do you see how fast he switches to
    targets, and do you see how fast he heals his gunner after taking the first
    hit from the T-10


  210. Yuo king !!!!! Tenks!!!

  211. Merry Christmas all.

  212. under 301 yay

  213. all moust


    So i am supposed to fell proud right now ?

  215. lucifer cerverus krianka

    I was here first 1 minute after upload yaaaaaaay

  216. What do you think of the TVP T 50/51 now that it’s been out a week?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  217. Great video, as always :P

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