World of Tanks – The Object 252 – Idiot-Proof

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Coming soon to World of Tanks, the Object 252. A premium tier 8 with a solid chunk of health, the best alpha damage of any tier 8 heavy and Stalinium armour. Any fool can drive it and do reasonably well. It’s 100% idiot-proof.

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System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. and u forgot to mention jingles that if u shot joining to turent with hull u can the is week spot as well as 4 caliber rule works the as well

  2. a virtual tank that cost an AAA games…

  3. Do they delete is-6 completely from the game and replace it with this tank or will we still have have it in our garage, but never will be able to buy it again?

  4. So what you’re saying is it’s Jingles proof?

  5. did you really say, “German tanks are very Boxxy”??? 😀

  6. “Idiot proof” is all Russian tanks in this game.

    Yet some morons still don’t push in their KV4s…

  7. This thing is going to be an ABSOLUTE nightmare to fight against in tier 6-7s. I sure hope this tank will have a balancing factor besides the tiny “weakspots” that require Rng to hit.

  8. Would you recommend it over the IS-6?

  9. North Atlantic Terror Organization

    Fck you, Stalin did more for the Soviet people than anyone else.

  10. Shit loads of players will buy this tank. Give it short time and WG will nerf it!

  11. 15:45 everybody is looking at the new boy in town

  12. first map isnt live oaks jingles ?

  13. Jingles actually played WoT??? I can hardly believe it.

  14. Ban it Nerf It, it ammo racked that t34-85 just like arty could. If it can one shot tanks, applying Jingles law, it needs to banned and everyone must cry to War Gaming. My point is, everyone loses their mind about Arty, but when a new Premium comes out that has such OP armor and gun, nobody says anything.

  15. More god damn Wargaming power creep..

  16. Idiot proof….

    you haven been on the NA server, have you?

  17. Jingles, top tip when fighting t29s, t34s and t30s, despite the extreme sloping on the top of the turret, there are patches of armor, decent sized, that are 30 mm thick, and i think 37 mm thick, so you can overmatch the roof of the tanks I just mentioned by firing at them with a big enough gun. I get lots of giggles whenever i do 390 damage with a russian (well chinese, since I play the WZ-111 alot) gun to a t34 by firing at his roof armor, when he thinks he is invincible in a hull down position.

  18. I thought it was funny that all the turrets were pointed at you at the beginning of the round.

  19. Jingles, don’t you think you got a bit carried away with how easy it is to play this tank? We understand that you like it and most likely wg likes it, since it will make quite a decent amount of cash for them. But do you really think this is good for the game in general?

  20. Shut up and take my money WhoreGayming

  21. So WG has no problem with displaying communist symbol on a premium “premium” version of this, but when it comes to swastikas it’s a big no no.
    Yea, stronk soviet logik, dah.

  22. It’s basically an IS-7 at tier 8. Easy to play, forgiving, big alpha gun.

  23. With soft stat(aka fictional stats, like HP and reload) improvements, this thing could make a decent tier X heavy. I think that says all you need to know about the levels of Russian bias present on-board this battleship on treads. Hell, it isn’t even slow like the German heavies or Japanese heavies are for this level of armor, nice and Russian bias. :3 Gotta keep all them Russians playing happy, even though barely any can afford it, because Communism is so great(omega sarcasm).

  24. Actually Jingles, not ALL Soviet Heavies are idiot proof. I mean, yeah the KV-4 has some ridiculous armor thickness and I loved playing it, but unless I angled the armor and/or sidescraped, the armor was pretty much useless against other tier 8’s and the occasional tier 7 firing premium

  25. Great…… soviet symbol ingame. Like noone will ever take offfense by it. Adding totalitarian states symbols that mass murdered its own people. Different from the nazis? Just add the swastika while your at it retards

  26. Soviet heavy tanks ” a lot of health” yeap IS7 2150HP that is a lot

  27. jingles why dont you start doing reviews on tanks again? that is what brought me to your channel and i have been a fan ever since

  28. On my shopping list 😛

  29. Great. Another fucking tier 8 Russian Heavy Tank we totally didn’t have enough of those. Just add this to the list of vehicles I don’t bother engaging because it looks no different to me than the IS-3 or IS-6 which I already have problems penning from the front unless I’m in one of my high tier TDs. “Heavy tank frontal armor softspots” Should be called “Hypothetical bullshit meant for people that have the accuracy and penetration to actually pen the softspots while the rest of us are utterly fucked”

  30. great another fucking op retard tank

  31. 15:30; “Everyone, look, new tank! :o”

  32. Great my T34 gotta worry about another tank

  33. back to the usual over expensive premium tanks…

  34. Very nice tank, I hope we get it on the console version eventually…Soon we have an op running to get the “Fatherland” a IS-3a with a soviet red camp attached

  35. its not idiot proof, it’s just broken and overpowered. a slight angle and both the lower and ‘weak’ part of the nose will have 240+ armor, and wtf are you gonna do in tier 8 meds against this? and when you’re lowerplate-down, you’re basically invincible

  36. Exposes side armor in E100 and… Laughs maniacally

  37. I’d believe this BS about wanting to do away with preferred match making tanks if they didn’t keep selling/giving them away after removing them from the store. I don’t think we’ll stop seeing E25s and other such tanks during the yearly advent calendar anytime soon.

    And if they replace the IS-6 with this I’m sure it’ll be much the same. You wont be able to buy it right now, but if you wait long enough they’ll sell it again so they can make all the money, balance be damned.

  38. Guys, I’m (almost) a pro light tank player. 65% winrate on LT per session, 2000-20000 wn8 per battle, and lots of gun marks on all kinds of LT. I’ve started my light tank school project, where I explain how to play LT supereffectively. I would be so happy, if you paid a visit to my channel, I really need your support! If you don’t play light tanks, you miss a lot.
    Sorry for ad, really looking for your support!

  39. Jingles is talking about “it is going to replace the IS6” so…. i have an IS6. Do i get the Obj. in my garage and the IS6 is gone? Or is the IS6 only replaced in the Prem. store? When they just replace the IS6 from the store, it become very rare. I don’t know how they are going to “replace this tank” xD

  40. Jingles I think you should get some rest and recover from you sad loss you had. It will take a while to get over it, if ever, and you shouldn’t focus on us, we don’t mind 😉

  41. Next OP armoured tank. WG you lose control.

  42. I am in love with this tank already if only I listened in school and could spare some money because I actually have a decent job :/

  43. I’m waaay to old for school and – as I am a 51% player – this is just the tank for me!
    After a dozen or more frustrating battles in German heavies (maybe except fot the recently buffed Löwe), I’ll get into this one and get rid of all the frustration 🙂 Yay!!

  44. I hope they buff the t34 after this, they have just taken away one of its claims to fame. Best in class alfa gone, All it has left is its outstanding pen

  45. why didn’t wg just upgrade the IS-6’s Gun? and make mm meet tier 10? change IS-6 to object 253

  46. Take my IS-6 back, never let me play it again and give me this tank WG. Or we will riot.

  47. Remember when premium tanks where slightly weaker than tech tree tanks?

  48. oh god another OP russian bias pay to win tank that gonna cost a lot of other players money cause they will have to fire gold thats just gonna bounce and by the looks of it no tier 7 or tier 6 will be able to pen that thing good job wargamming on continueing to break your own game in the name of making profit. Premium tanks were suppose to be weaker then the reg tanks counter part but not for russian oh no not for them

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