World of Tanks – The Object of My Affection

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I was tempted to create one of those clickbait thumbnails for this one, you know the sort of thing – flashy lettering giving away everything that makes the replay remarkable, like a trailer that gives away the whole plot of the movie. They work too, videos get a lot more views with a clickbait thumbnail, but nah, not my style. Enjoy the suspense.

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    EDIT: The 25TP is fantastic, the armor is shit and the turret sticks out like a sore thumb but the gun is great. Most people seem to do really bad in it, so marking it is kinda easy!

    Pay attention to 6:02 in the replay, the house there saved me.

  2. Perfectly executed.

  3. Cool name til he apologized for it.

  4. Ram killing an arty is payback.

  5. Big respect to that 25TP. Don’t often get a competent and reliable teammate like that at low tiers… Or high tiers for that matter.

  6. Love your channel but I had to give you a thumbs-down for showcasing the replay w/the in-game name that you did. You should have used better judgement. Anybody who would use that nick, whether it was a bet or not, should not be displayed so prominently for others to see.

  7. what a missed opportunity, he could have called himself ShootHimInsteadThanks with a much better abbreviation

  8. That Player is wrongly named, because he clearly annihilated the majority here xD

  9. bigger tiers.

  10. Math IS hard J Man’
    That really cracked me up (5:98)

  11. Love that you do more mid tier battles. Almost every other YTer does only high tier battles. thx.

  12. The Lesser Weevil
  13. Let me comment for the algorithm, in appreciation for your restraint with the thumbnail. Great game but dodgy name.

  14. F for the 25tp

  15. What the artillery didnt drown himself …. bad form

  16. social3ngin33rin

    Pay2win wins again

  17. “Make a bee line”
    As he runs over the bee hives

  18. Bounty Equipment. Hmmm. I wonder which field mods he has.

  19. Press 2 for skill

  20. Yeah, with a username like that, I’m not going to watch this video. I think even you know this is a bad idea Jingles. ‘A bet’ yeah ok…

  21. Maybe it’s time to consider this title for a wows video on German battleships:

    of secondary importance

  22. If it makes you feel any better about the guy’s name, just pretend he’s targetting Tom Cruise movies.

  23. Minority annihilator? Really? Oof.

  24. HyperionGamer100

    Minority annihilator – def a weird name

  25. Pz III/IV doesn’t have spaced armor, it has sloped armor. Oh Jingles, never change..

  26. Ha he makes a Bee line while driving over a couple of Beehives!

  27. Merriman Devonshire

    Minority Annihilator? Surprising this video was not demonized just saying those two words together, but… Ad for Bayer on 23JUN22

  28. F for the 25TP

  29. i dont believe that “for a bet” story for a second.

  30. Ivanovitch Ivanovsky

    Minority Annihilator…
    That name amazing! Definitely going to have to write that one down for future use lol

  31. looked like a good game

  32. what a joke.. anyone who needs premium ammo in any tier lower then 8 does not deserve to be playing tanks & should go back to eating crayons!!!!!!!! anyone who thinks yeah tanks should have gold ammo at tier 1-8 you need to learn how to play….as for tier 8 only reason i say have gold ammo then is because 99.9% of time you will facing a tier 10….if it was up to me i would put a 5 shell gold ammo limit on every single tank in the game & stop this got no skill never mind just chin smack the 2 key….

  33. CrazyWarriorsCatFan 🇺🇦


  34. Lol minority annihilator man he beat mine call ice bro

  35. Think wasn’t immensely fun game th watch. The teamwork was unusual and it won the match.

  36. They actually nerfed the AT2 now unlike the rest of the line which are well armored that AT2 is basically butter unless you are a poor tier 4.. It is no longer 200mm armored.

  37. Always ram kill an arty? Laughing to the Kamikaze medal as a higher tier light tank rams me in my leFH18B2.

  38. Minority annihilator?

  39. The higher i play the less team means .

  40. Same for me. Hate playing it, love the commentary.

  41. jingles wtf is wrong with you. picking some fascist for a replay. unsubbed

  42. 4:08 “Minorityannihilator makes a beeline for the base”

    Oh my god, the timing, they were running over APIARIES lmao, you can’t make this up 😀

  43. Hearing Jingles say “Minority Annihilator” lmao.

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