World of Tanks – The Pigs’ Ear

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We have a saying in English – You can’t make a silk purse out of a pigs’ ear. ARL V39 a pigs’ ear, and ToastyTurtl3 is going to have a damn good stab at making a silk purse out of it.

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  1. Hey Jingles Will you ever play Sprocket, it’s a game Where you design tanks

  2. At least the Churchill gun carrier has a good gun

    And literally nothing else

  3. I tried grinding the current mission marathon for the Foch and this tank was the reason I stopped!

  4. Jesus…. I thought I was over it…. but no…. you have brought the nightmares back. This explains the bizarre and terrible dream I had just before I woke and popped on here. This monstrosity was waiting for me. Forcing myself to grind this POS was self-torture.

  5. Squirrels are fun! 🐿️

    05:39 This episode sponsored by Jingles’ OnlyFans account. 🙊🙉🙈😬😳🤯

  6. Yep, I skipped this thing with free xp in my journey to the Foch B.. And speaking of terrible turkeys skipped with free xp, the German VK45.02A was another one that I noped right past to get to the MUCH better VK45.02B, which is an absolute monster when played right.

  7. M3 LEE would like to enter the “worst tank in the game” competition

  8. I remember when 2.3 seconds aiming time was considered good…..


  10. That Mutz player in the opening clip has a hilarious disregard for his own well-being and I salute it. Reminds me of BigDogg from back in the day.

    And given the stats involved on the ARL V39–narrow gun arc, long aim time, sluggish traverse–you’d think this was an artillery!

  11. Channeling your inner Critical Drinker at 5:20

  12. I still argue that the D.W.2 is the worst tank. Slow, terrible armor, terrible gun selection. No redeeming qualities at all. The ARL can atleast damage the things it shoots at without switching to HE.

  13. I asked this some times before, When are you going to post some gameplay of yourself again ?

  14. I actually did well in the V39. The gun on the tier 8 is 10 times worse with accuracy.

  15. 6th kill, Jingles?

  16. You keep complaining and making bad jokes. Meanwhile Dave here shows you, you only need a gun and a triggerfinger. Wp Dave. Fun game

  17. Hey Jingles, pretty much like yesterday, there is a fair amount of hiss and background noise, but only when you speak… did you notice?

  18. I used to be a console scrub and I loved that tank on it but now I’m on pc and I haven’t played it

  19. Worst tank?!?! I LOVE my Corndog TD!!!!
    @8:00 Go home Jingles, you’re drunk.

  20. worst gun in game is pz-II’s solothurn makes the french 25mm raccuri look bad as. its as if the solothurn was a single shot .50 cal

  21. Yeah no, this tank is wonderful compared to the IKV 103…At least for me.

  22. see, you say this was the worst tank in game

    try the challenger when the 17 is the best gun it can use. that thing is so bad that I sold my challey as soon as I was done

  23. Jingles whines how bad it is, and yet the guy did good, he better than most, yet Jingles will still find fault in his ability, what a way to tear someone down.

  24. It’s not that bad. I’d take it any day over Ikea 65 or Church GC

  25. I would say, the french Tier IV is taking the crown of worst TD

  26. I feel that the Churchill GC is worse.. just my opinion

  27. Man i’m old, getting a real Dave Allen vibe from the music in the intro.

  28. JonM16 here. Glad my replay was featured, even for the first ~40 seconds

    I contacted that 268 after the battle. Good chap. I’ll let him know that it got featured here

  29. Why? Dont know! Is jingles a critical drinker fan? More importantly, is jingles the reason the drinker showed up in my YouTube feed?

  30. Jingles has done 2 videos of this horrible thing but never of the amazing object 416.

  31. Fredrik Lagerström

    But, but… the M3 Lee?

  32. Terrible, but is it the worst!

  33. It’s a fat E-25? He ate too much and now everything about him is slower and more lethargic.

    Love seeing the Chonker E-25!

  34. Иван Средојевић

    Skill4ltu calls it Shitbug. 😂
    He means dung beetle and that’s the most real description i’ve ever saw about tank in this game.

  35. John Tamosaitis 2006

    Maybe I’m a masochist, but I actually liked this thing. On some maps it can be useless, but in certain situations it can be great fun to play.

  36. What, the worse tank in the game, utter rubbish this is a great tank!


  38. this is not a tank, it is a challenge

  39. Something is comforting about seeing older vehicles on the channel. I’d love to see some more. I really miss the “classic” WoT from 4-5 years ago. Really sad seeing the absurd powercreep that has occurred over the last couple of years.

  40. Mighty Jingles Classic love it

  41. well as someone who has made it to the tier 10 foch i can say: despite the V39s turdishness: it was worth it.

  42. Jingles
    Did you forget bout the british box tank?

  43. Remember when the worst tank in the game was the M3 Lee?

    Those were good days…

  44. Idk man the Sau 40 is pretty crap at tier 4, except for the derp

  45. This reminds me of my first game in the AMX40, in which I got a top gun.

  46. I mean….at least it has speed….and isnt a mile long….Us Churchill Gun Carrier guys would very much appreciate that speed on our tank.

  47. i never played french TDs, but i think Ikv 103 deserves the worst tank in the game title

  48. Sow’s ear, Jingles, a Sow’s ear.

  49. I will say the Churchill GC is still the worst tank in the game except it has an amazing top gun.

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