World of Tanks – The Power of Sound

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Major sound effect changes to ? Color me curious!

Live streaming with standards!


  1. there is a chance that world of tanks will get much better soon. Wargaming
    hired most popular YouTube critics of the game full-time and gave them a
    team to reform what. is worst about it.

  2. buddy, wot is not suppose to be realistic, only looks realistic. this game
    is made for balancing according to tier and tank and its arcade. go to war
    thunder it have realistic. and for many players this game is perfect tank
    arcade tank game, maybe not for you.

  3. I dont understand why people are complaining that you are playing wot, i
    say: Play whatever the fuck you like to play and we will watch what we want
    too watch :)

  4. Please keep playing world of tanks, I LOVE IT!!!

  5. you want a realistic tank simulator? Try steel beasts, one of the most
    realistic tank simulators out there.

  6. I agree that sounds are important. For me they are as important that it
    decides which game I play out of the four: WoWs, WoT, WT, AW.
    I’ve stopped playing WT, and never really played AW because of the weedy
    sounds. They don’t have the grunt, the bass, the heaviness, the body of the
    sound like what the WoWs and WoT have. Those two games have much more
    immersive sound effects.

    And yes, I’m the type of guy who doesn’t listen to MP3 and I’m not using
    desktop speakers neither…

    I really wish for the patch for WT and AW that brings them on the same
    level with the wargaming products.

  7. YOu should show us your garage before gameplay to see new HD models!:D but

  8. Miss you doing wot videos. I always enjoyed your reviews and commentaries.
    Hope this is the first of many more to come.

  9. 3:49 “penetration” OH yes.

  10. It makes me sad that one of my most favorite you tubers shut ur favorite
    Then he comes crawling back to smack u in the face…….
    I’m disappointed u just played again because for “SOUND” that is the most
    stupidest crap I ever heard……..
    Jingles looks like a god compared to this…. What ever

  11. Been a while since u did one jerk

  12. this is the worst update i saw after 27k battles….

  13. The console version, which I used to play a lot got new sound effects last
    summer… The ones on PC are probabčy better right now, I am not sure, but
    stuff like this gets added first on console version, for example, they
    added the weather maps, they now added an effect where mud, sand or snow
    appears on your tank after driving through it, it is something that
    Warthunder has already, but something that they wont add on PC version for
    probably a long time… I guess the american team that works on console
    version can put a lot more time in details, since they dont have to develop
    the core game…

  14. yes love world of tanks!!

  15. What what What ?? Thanks for the update more MechWarrior Online please

  16. so u reurned to wot when a new patch releases huh sidestriffe? what
    douchebaggery..uve alr lost interest in this game… so pls dont bother
    making a video of Wot… its Pathetic mate

  17. MrStealthyninja84

    What pc do you use for gaming?

  18. YAY WOT!

  19. Wait does this mean that you might be continuing you Wot series?no?! Dang

  20. Man finally brought back WORLD OF TANKS!!!!

  21. The controls for the PS4 version of World of Tanks interesting but not very

  22. Holy crap, SS playing WoT again?!

  23. To be fair i don’t think any game developer will make a realistic tank game
    any time soon, considering how WT tanks are doing and AW + WOT already take
    the arcade market it’s a risk too great, Anyway i suppose you will take a
    look at WOT again when they fix arty right? by that time Half-Life 3 should
    be released.

  24. So, does this mean you might play WoT and upload it to your channel again?

  25. Yep I adore the sounds now

  26. I hate the new engine sound, but the rest I like

  27. Oh how I miss SideStrafe with his Wot videos 😉 

  28. The most recent patch of war thunder actually made things sound good.

  29. WG took very long. WarThunder had awesome sounding tanks from the onset.
    Same goes for WoWS, they had awesome sounds from the start.

  30. I am glad to see you enjoying some aspect of the game.

  31. yay 6 years later and they get the sound to where it needs to be. Congrats
    WG, now back to Armored Warfare I go.

  32. I miss your voice over top of WoT…. And jingles

  33. Iv pretty much quit playing World of Tanks, Ill pop in ever few weeks play
    1 or 2 matchs then quit playing the game, go back to Armored Warefre PVE
    because I hate PVP…..and talking about War Thunder I haven’t touched that
    crappy game in what year in half…

  34. Yes! World of Tanks at last. I always enjoyed watching you play WoT so

  35. yep, the sounds are better than before. Just not a fan of some of the
    engine sounds. A few are like a lawnmower. And I’m sitting here dreaming of
    the realistic tank sim too SS.If only…. :(

  36. Good sound really does make a difference.

  37. Came to the channel cause WoT time ago
    Good to see driving some tanks

  38. world of tanks-very nice but no realistic battles. warthunder-have some
    problems but haves that realistic simulator. 2 great games that needs wat
    eatch other have … wat if this 2 can fuze in 1 game? wel it bicome the
    greatest ww2 game over or not.hmmmmm i think so but its gest my opinion(sry
    for my RIP ENG).

  39. Oh, it’s been a while

  40. With Warthunder getting worse and worse with every patch, is this an
    alternative? I used to play it for a couple hours *ages* ago, but I thought
    the gameplay was way too arcady,

  41. …shame power creep & cateering to clans killed it (and that MM
    lol…never again)

  42. It was so nice to see you in WOT. Wish you were still around, you are
    missed by those that respect and know you.

  43. More World of Tanks content??? I always loved watching your WoT videos,
    they were so professional and instructive.

  44. yes,wot

  45. Sounds good

  46. I went back to this game after this update came out and I realized exactly
    why I hadn’t played it in 6-8 months. First off, artillery, second the
    players. The god forsaken people who play this game. How is it every match
    I load up, my team is filled with idiots who can’t aim, can’t evade, can’t
    cover et ceterea? Whilst the enemy team has players that are so much
    better. I haven’t played in months, so how is it I can on average do better
    than 3/4th of my team? Most die without doing damage and 70% don’t do their
    tanks HP worth of DMG.

    I was even playing with a platoon and the result was still the same,
    frustrating game play with little to no reward. Without premium you make
    such little money that it is absolutely unreasonable. Say what you want
    about War Thunder, but it’s progression system does not make you feel like
    you need to buy premium to advance.

    Also gold rounds, just no. Never.

  47. Dunno about the engines and such but those guns really didn’t sound like..
    what I expected..
    A little disappointed. Ah well, haven’t touched WoT in 3 years.

  48. both games suck tho

  49. who are you and what have you done with sidestrafe

  50. I’ve played this game like a motherfucker.

  51. I went back in after nearly 6 months to check out this update. Then I left
    again after remembering how much Arty wrecks it.

  52. The guns above 122mm sounds like super lazer cannons but below that
    everything sound like handguns

  53. So u r the one who killed me

  54. thee sounds are really nice to have the old sounds had been driving me nuts
    and are part of the reasons why i quit playing but having sounds for the
    different guns and engines is really nice

  55. When i heard those sounds in the previews i actually cried because wot
    sounds now more realistic than warthunder… im currently installing it
    again but i know ill regret it. lets see if the immersion can carry bad

  56. miss the old days

  57. do more wot and war thunder vids pls

  58. Yes! Its back!

  59. when i first play world of tank i learn from you and mr jingles i know you
    like world of tank like you use too but i did learn a lot from yall kinda
    hope you play tanks again.

  60. good to see you back on the tanks dude, originally watched your vids for
    wot. awsome as always :)

  61. So that is where you have been hiding for the last week. Should have known.
    I have to admit the game sounds fantastic, but it is still to rage inducing
    for me to go back to it.

  62. Panzerwelt mit SideStrafe, ‘sounds’great to me…I’ll show myself out

  63. Don’t do world of tanks you scumbag. Leave it to the professionals.

  64. Vincent Kempers (NM)

    Wow Wow Wow, Who are you and what did u do to SideStrafe? and is this guy
    going to stream more aswell? 😉 Keep up the great work, still loving it

  65. War Thunder > World of Tanks

  66. OMG!!!! Sidestrafe is back!! :D

  67. World of tanks this is new :)

  68. a sidestrafe world of tamks video? BLASPHEMY!!!!!

  69. Welcome Back!

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